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'Ding…Congratulations on leveling up.'

'Cultivation State: Earth celestial upper level.'

Feeling the surge of power in his body from leveling up, Lin Fan was even more confident of his chances now.

The strongest BUFF was the strongest indeed. Even the experience points gained from slaying these weak creatures were way different from before.

But it was a pity that the BUFF could only sustain for a single day.

If it could last for a bit longer, Lin Fan was sure that he could definitely reach the top of this world in just that period of time.

"Human! I'll see how long more you can hold on!" Flapping out hard, the boned wings behind Gu Tao's back seemed to be tearing through the void. With a bright flash of light from his longsword, he appeared right in Lin Fan's face once more.


The razor-sharp longsword was flashing with brilliance and boundless power, as it sliced out towards Lin Fan mercilessly.


'How could this be…?!'

Gu Tao was stunned. To think that the human could stop his move!

Lin Fan fended Gu Tao's longsword away from him with his Eternal Axe, grinning coldly, "You can go to h.e.l.l."


Wielding the Eternal Axe, Lin Fan slammed down hard at Gu Tao.


One swing after another, Lin Fan cleaved down relentlessly.

Gu Tao was blocking the blows with his long sword. But to his surprise, the human seemed to have gotten stronger than before!

"B*STARD…!" Gu Tao howled, wanting to burst forth with all of his strength so that he could repel this human. However, his face changed as a red flash of light appeared.

'Nine Five Legendary Brick!'

Wielding the Nine Five Legendary Brick, Lin Fan slammed down at Gu Tao's head.

Gu Tao had not expected this human to pull out an unknown weapon all of a sudden! Even though this weapon did not have an aura, Gu Tao could tell that it was definitely far from ordinary.


Gu Tao used his hand to block away Lin Fan's Nine Five Legendary Brick from touching him.


'True Origins Crushing Kick!'

Before Gu Tao could finish his words, his face changed as the action in his arms came to a halt. That malicious looking face turned blurry all of a sudden.

That was a realization of pain.

"How…could…this…" He stared at Lin Fan in absolute disbelief. To think that this human could be this despicable!


In that instant, an unbearable pain surged up into his head. An earth-shattering cry rang out from Gu Tao's mouth. His knees buckled under his weight, hands clutching his crotch. He glared at Lin Fan begrudgingly, "You…!"

"I'LL CHOP…!' Lin Fan did not have the time to waste bantering with this guy. Therefore, he just swung his Eternal Axe straight down at Gu Tao's neck.

'Ding…Congratulations on killing Earth celestial full cultivation ancient race tribesman.'

'Ding…Experience points +60,000.'

'Ding…Congratulations on leveling up.'

'Cultivation State: Earth celestial full cultivation state.'

"HAHA…!" Lin Fan reared his head into the skies and burst out laughing. Indeed! He could level up with a single slice! Who else could dare to face up against him…?

Lin Fan lifted Gu Tao's head and called out, "Who else wants to step forth…?!"

Suddenly, Lin Fan's imposing figure became ever so frightening in the eyes of the ancient race tribesmen.



"d.a.m.n IT…!"

The ancient race tribesmen soldiers were in a state of confusion right now. They had not expected this outcome at all! To think that the centurion, who was the strongest in their eyes, would be slain by this human with a single cleave of his axe!


Each time any of the other races from the thousands of worlds out there caught sight of the ancient race, they would be petrified and scared witless. No one had ever dared to behave impertinently before them!

But, this human had dared to come to their base along and kill their centurion right before their eyes!

Everything…everything was way too surreal!

Everyone from the skies stared at the scene below with their jaws agape as well.

Even though this centurion might not be someone that could compare with them, they also knew that Lin Fan had just only ascended into the Ancient Saint World recently!

To think that he would already possess the strength to take down a centurion!

They recalled back to their own experiences back when they had just ascended to this world. They had to live a miserable life, and trained up for many years before they could even match with a centurion!

And the most shocking thing was that Lin Fan had dared to perform this feat right in front of an ancient race base!

There would be few with guts like him in the entire Ancient Saint World right now!

"Mistress, he…!" Yang Kun exclaimed in disbelief. At the same time, he could feel his blood pumping. Even though he had aged considerably, these were the sort of things that he could only dream of achieving in his very own dream world. But, he never managed to muster up the courage.

While the ancient race ma.s.sacred the other races brutally, these were facts they could only accept and not dare to fight against.

But, the sight of this scene right now had their adrenaline pumping madly!

It was as though a large pent-up amount of hatred had been released from their hearts!

"I'm seeing it…" The woman nodded her head. Her eyes sparkled as well, acknowledging the incredibility of this scene right now. However, it soon changed into a look of worry.

It was because she knew that this issue was far from over. The true horror had yet to begin.


Suddenly, thunder crackled in the skies. A frightening and repressing vile aura burst out intensely from within the base.

"Who is it…?" A nerve wrecking holler came forth from within the base.



It was as though there was an ancient and dangerous creature that was hidden in slumber within the base all along, which had just woken up from the provocation of an outsider.

That tremendous aura shot forth from the base. In fact, it was so strong that even the Heavens were trembling against it.

Lin Fan's face changed. He could tell that this aura was horrifying, truly terrifying. Compared to the centurion from before, the difference was practically that between an ant and an elephant.

Lin Fan had thought that the other end would just send out yet another centurion. But by the looks of it, he seemed to have attracted the attention of the strongest being that resided within the base.

This was going to be a tragedy real quick.

Based on the normal novel routines, wouldn't there normally be a few small little generals before the main character grew stronger with time?!

Why the h.e.l.l did the death of a single centurion trigger an existence like this?!

Lin Fan's heart skipped a beat as his fingers shivered slightly. If he continued waiting the way he did, he would definitely die right here.

Lin Fan took in a deep breath, pushing down that rising sense of fear in his heart. He then hollered, venting out all the rage in his heart.


Lin Fan was not going to leave. He was going to avenge Xuan Er.

Back in the Xuanhuang World, what sort of opponents had he not met? What sort of adversities had he not managed to sc.r.a.pe through? How could he be afraid of something just like this?

But, if he were to be frank about it, he did feel pretty nervous within his heart. However, none of those feelings were displayed on his face.

It was as though he was making a statement.

'This is the sort of c.o.c.ky character that Yours Truly stands for!'

None of the people up in the void had expected something like this to happen. The woman's face was especially wary right now. The force of that aura that emanated from that base was definitely out of her expectations.

"Xuan Er, come back…!" Suddenly, the woman saw her own disciple being revealed out of the void. She was caught by surprise as well. But it was all too late.

"UNCLE LIN…! HURRY UP AND RUN…!" Xuan Er appeared in the void all of a sudden and shouted out towards the figure below.

"Huh…?" Lin Fan was stunned, as though he was hallucinating. He seemed to have caught sight of Xuan Er in the void above!

"Xuan Er…!"

"UNCLE LIN! HURRY UP AND RUN! IT'S DANGEROUS…!" Xuan Er was gripping her little fists and screaming out at Lin Fan, as though she was using up all her strength.

"Xuan Er, don't worry. I'll be fine. You just watch me from above. I'll definitely seek vengeance for you." Looking at that cute features on Xuan Er's face, Lin Fan rubbed his nose.

To think that such a cute little fox kid would die just like that. That was b.l.o.o.d.y heart-breaking!

To think that he would be in such depression that he would hallucinate about Xuan Er. But then again, Xuan Er loved him so much. She would definitely be watching silently from above.

Upon hearing these words, Xuan Er was stunned, "NO! UNCLE LIN! I'M NOT DEAD! NONE OF US ARE DEAD! PLEASE HURRY AND RUN…!"

"Not good! Run…!" Suddenly, the woman's face changed. She could feel a divine consciousness piercing through the Heavens and locking onto her! Flicking her hands hurriedly, she brought Xuan Er and the rest out of this place in an instant.


"Huh…?" Lin Fan stared blankly at the skies above.

He had just seen some people…

Even though Lin Fan's heart was overwhelmed with joy momentarily, he did not know what was going on. But one thing was for sure. Xuan Er wasn't dead…!

At the thought of this, Lin Fan chuckled to himself happily. But this smile didn't last long, as it was replaced by a flabbergasted look.

He had realized a big issue…

What the f*ck was Yours Truly supposed to do with this situation here then…?

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