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"Tired of living? HAHA…! Ancient race! Yours Truly shall put his words out straight up today! It's either you guys or Yours Truly who's going to leave this place alive today! Who's afraid of whom? Yours Truly shall use your lives to compensate as a tribute for everyone in that small village!" Lin Fan hollered out as his aura erupted out of his entire body.

Even though the ancient race tribesmen had the advantage in numbers, most of them were just cannon fodder. The only issue now was that Lin Fan did not know what the highest cultivation state amongst them was.

Even though he had declared a death bout with them, Lin Fan knew that he wouldn't die right here. After all, Rebirth through Blood should be able to help him fight them to the death.

At the same time, he could always retreat within the Heaven and Earth Smelt to hide.

Even though Lin Fan had made up his mind to fight them to the death, he had planned his retreat path as well.

After all, how could he just die right here? He swore that he wouldn't call himself a human if he didn't ma.s.sacre the last of these ancient race tribesmen.

Those figures who were floating in the voids were entirely stumped by Lin Fan's words.

'To think that it's because of us…!' One of the men who had acted as a villager looked down at that lone figure below in disbelief. He had not expected this human to head here to challenge the ancient race to a deathmatch all for the sake of vengeance!

As for the village chief, Yang Kun, his heart skipped a beat as well. That elderly face of his could not help but crease up even more upon hearing Lin Fan's words.

"Since this human takes us so seriously, wouldn't you please save him, Mistress? There are so many ancient race tribesmen here! He's bound to die!" Yang Kun implored.

He did not wish for this human to die in their hands.

At the same time, his Mistress was a human too! How could she just watch her fellow human race member die like this?!

The woman looked down. Her face was bewildered right now as well, as though she was contemplating something.

"You guys don't understand…"

"Mistress, your powers are beyond the Heavens! It's definitely not impossible for you to rescue this human from their hands!" Yang Kun begged out once more.

"Master, please save Uncle Lin! Xuan Er begs you!" Looking at Lin Fan below, Xuan Er's face was anxious right now as well.

"No, the issue is not as simple as you guys may think. If I really do strike out, things would definitely be bad. And the outcome is not something that you guys can imagine." The girl replied with wariness.

"Master…!" Xuan Er tugged at her sleeves nervously. At the same time, her feet were twitching nervously with panic.

Below, Lin Fan took in a deep breath, "Trashes, cut the trash talk. Yours Truly shall chop all of you down today!"


Suddenly, Lin Fan's figure disappeared from where he was standing.


Within the void, the Eternal Axe's flash burst out, bringing with it boundless power as it rippled through the battlefield.

"Hmph, insolent…!" The centurion of the ancient race tribesmen, Gu Tao, snorted coldly on seeing this man's bold move. Those ma.s.sive pitch-black muscles expanded rapidly as the sword in his arm danced in the skies. As if it were slicing through the void, it struck out in the direction of the axe's flash.


'Earth celestial full cultivation state.'

Lin Fan could make out this man's cultivation state. It was higher than his own state by 2 levels. Even though it might be tricky, taking him down was not something that was entirely impossible.

Lin Fan glared at Gu Tao. Like a streak of lightning, he flashed by and headed behind to kill the cannon fodder within the army.

"All of you useless cannon fodder… Go to h.e.l.l!" Lin Fan hollered out.

'Three-headed and six-armed Faceless Sky Demon!'

'Firmament Sword!'

In that instant, the three-headed and six-armed demon flew out, as an uncountable number of sword wills appeared in the skies, shooting out at the army.

Gu Tao hollered in rage upon realizing that this human had dodged him and was heading out to slaughter his fellow tribesmen.


"HAHA! Once Yours Truly is done with these ants, I shall take you down! I'll chop…!"

'Ding…Congratulations on killing utmost celestial middle-level being.'

'Ding…Congratulations on killing utmost celestial upper-level being.'

'Ding…Congratulations on killing utmost celestial lower-level being.'

At this point, Lin Fan was like a death G.o.d. Wherever he pa.s.sed by, nothing was left alive. In his eyes, these ancient race tribesmen were nothing but ants.

Even though the experience points were limited, they were still pretty useful thanks to the BUFF.



These ancient race tribesmen soldiers had not expected Lin Fan to be this strong! They didn't have any room for resistance!

"YOU B*STARD…!' Looking at the scene before him, Gu Tao flew into rage and darted towards Lin Fan.

This guy's cultivation state was higher than Lin Fan.

If Lin Fan were to face him head on, he might not be a match for him yet. But, something like dodging was pretty easy for him nevertheless.


Slicing down with a single blade, Gu Tao's force seemed to have sealed the entire area's void forcefully.

But…to think that the human had vanished suddenly! That caught Gu Tao by surprise. But just as Gu Tao was searching for his presence, tragic cries rang out from another side.

By some unknown means, the human had appeared at the other end of the battlefield, and was still slaying his ancient race tribesmen down mercilessly!

"S-strong…!" Looking down at Lin Fan from the skies, Yang Kun could not help but gasp out.

Yang Kun had thought that Lin Fan would definitely stand no chance against the overwhelming forces of these ancient race tribesmen. To think that this guy would find so much comfort in the battlefield! It was as though he was a fish that had just discovered water! With every pa.s.sing second, ancient race tribesmen were going down!

The woman's gaze at Lin Fan was fluttering as well. She realized that she had underestimated this fella here. However, she could not help but shift her gaze back within the base, revealing a look of worry.

Even though things were fine now, if the ruler of this base were to head out, things might not continue to go on as smoothly.

"You d.a.m.ned human! How dare you kill so many of my ancient race tribesmen? I shall have you lay down your life here today!" Looking at how many of his fellow tribesmen were being slain, a burning rage was boiling within Gu Tao.

"GO TO h.e.l.l…!"

Suddenly, Lin Fan frowned. He had noticed the sudden surge in the centurion's aura.

'HURGH…!' With a cold roar, Gu Tao's pitch-black body expanded ma.s.sively. It was as though something was going to burst out of his back and was struggling continuously within.


Suddenly, with a maddened howl, a pair of slimy wings burst out of Gu Tao's back.

"HUMAN! YOU DESERVE DEATH…!" Gu Tao's voice was hoa.r.s.e right now.

Seeing this sight, all the ancient race tribesmen soldiers erupted in cheers.




Suddenly, Lin Fan could feel a dangerous aura darting towards him. He gripped his Eternal Axe instinctively.


For some reason, Gu Tao had suddenly appeared from the other end of the battlefield right in his face, and was already in the midst of slashing down with the sword in his hands!

Lin Fan frowned as he leaped backward. To think that this guy would be this strong!

He was not that far away from leveling up right now. He might have a chance if that happened.

Suddenly, Lin Fan's aura turned blurry as well.

'Nirvana Finger!'

The void rippled as the ancient race tribesmen who were before Lin Fan discovered to their horror that their bodies were tearing apart.


"B*STARD! HOW DARE YOU CONTINUE Ma.s.sACRING MY TRIBESMEN…?" Looking at how the human was seizing the opportunity to slay more of his kind, Gu Tao leaped down with a ma.s.sive cleave.


Taking on the full blow, Lin Fan's mouth spewed out fresh blood. However, he let out a cold grin at the same time.

He had done it.

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