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'The time limit is 1 day, right?'

The ten-men squad of the ancient race laid around butchered up by Lin Fan. The stench of their blood permeated the entire place. Under the frightful aura of Lin Fan, all the beasts started retreating silently as well.

But as for Lin Fan, his spirit was still extremely heated up right now. There was a burning rage that was swelling within his heart that he direly needed to release.

Wielding the Eternal Axe in his hands, Lin Fan looked into the distance from the mountainous valleys.

Right now, the only feeling he had in his heart was regret. He blamed himself for everything. He knew that he was wanted as a fugitive by the ancient race, yet he had resided within the village. He was the one who had brought their untimely demise.

A streak of light burst out, tearing through the skies into the distance.

From the bodies of the ancient race tribesmen, Lin Fan obtained a map that indicated a base site of the ancient race right up ahead. With all the frustration pent up in his heart, he knew that he wanted to murder every single ancient race tribesmen right now.

Furthermore, now that he had the BUFF on him, even though it was just limited to a single day, he had to make the most use out of it and level up. That way, he could tread forth with even more confidence in the future.

However, he was surprised that he had not b.u.mped into a single ancient race tribesman along the way.

'How could this be…?'

Wasn't the Ancient Saint World supposed to be populated and ruled by the ancient race? How could it be that he had not b.u.mped into a single one of them all along the way?

Usually, when he did not wish to b.u.mp into them, they would appear one by one like a bunch of dogs. To think that now that he was trying to seek them out, it was as though they had vanished entirely.

From what Lin Fan could garner, the BUFF given to him by the system accorded him with more experience points per kill, and perhaps some other benefits.

However, if he used it on low-level beasts, there would practically be of no use at all.

After all, the difference in cultivation states affected the experience points gained way too much.

Any one of the ancient race tribesmen that were earth celestial cultivation state and above were the target groups that Lin Fan was hunting for right now.

Floating in the air, Lin Fan looked down at the Earth below. He hollered out in rage, "YOURS TRULY IS A HUMAN! WHO THE h.e.l.l CAN COME AND KILL ME…?"

This holler was like thunder that boomed out across the lands.

However, no matter how hard Lin Fan tried to shout out, the surroundings remained silent and quiet all the same, without being affected at all.

Lin Fan frowned, 'I can't wait any longer. If this is the case, I'll have to level up in the middle of combat then!'

Lin Fan did not know the number of ancient race tribesmen that resided within the base. However, he wasn't afraid in the least bit. The only way he could vent out this hatred in his heart was by taking the cheap lives of these ancient race degenerates.


In an instant, Lin Fan disappeared from where he was as he darted ahead once more.

Right after Lin Fan's departure, a group of figures appeared in the skies.

"What's that fella up to?" That devilishly seductive woman looked in the direction Lin Fan darted forth. Her brows creased, unable to comprehend the actions of this man at all.

"Master, what's wrong with Uncle Lin? Xuan Er feels that if we continue to deceive Uncle Lin like this, Uncle Lin would definitely not like Xuan Er anymore in the future!" That cute and dazzling Xuan Er tugged at the woman's exquisite silk linens.

The original village chief of the village looked sharper than before in terms of aura, despite still looking elderly with white hair.

Looking at the way Lin Fan was right now, he could not help but feel a little worried. While he felt that his Mistress's actions might be a little off, he couldn't disobey her orders at all, as he was just an underling.

The woman looked at Xuan Er and patted her head gently, "Xuan Er, are you blaming your Master now?"

"Xuan Er isn't…" Xuan Er shook her head hurriedly.

The woman was feeling bewildered as well. What in the world was he up to?

There could never be growth with stagnancy.

She had wanted to use this small little example to rectify Lin Fan's view of this world, so that he could understand how weak he was in the face of things. But why did this guy seem so hurried, as though he was in a rush to do something?

The Ancient Saint World was divided into eight different districts. Each of these districts were helmed by one of the eight utmost beings of the ancient race.

This district they were in right now was once helmed by the Ancient One. Back when the Ancient One had fallen, there was naturally no leader in this place anymore. However, it has been ten thousand years since then, and he had been replaced with a new utmost being in his position.

Even though this new utmost being was comparatively weaker compared to the other seven, he was still a force to be reckoned with.

Even if he were to appear in this district, he would have to tread with care. Otherwise, if any strife were to occur, the consequences would be unimaginable.

"Mistress, that area ahead seems to be a small base of the ancient race." That elderly village chief spoke up.

"Hmm?" The woman was stunned, "Yang Kun, what are you implying?"

The village chief, Yang Kun, looked back at the woman with uncertainty, "Nothing, Mistress. It's all just a guess of my own."

"It's right, don't bother with it. That's impossible. There shouldn't be anyone that silly in this world. Even though it's just a small base of the ancient race, the ancient race tribesmen within amount to millions of them. This is undoubtedly just courting death." The woman denied those thoughts immediately. Such a thing was definitely impossible.

"Master, can we please follow and check it out? Xuan Er doesn't want Uncle Lin to be hurt…" Xuan Er wrung the woman's slender hands and asked endearingly.

"Alright…" The woman nodded her head.

Lin Fan was rushing forth like a maniac. Finally, he caught sight of the small base. This small base was akin to a dynasty back in the Xuanhuang World, with high walls in all four directions.

Suddenly, Lin Fan could sense a blood stench being emanated out. This blood stench originated from the base.

Those pitch-black walls of the base were filled with bloodstains, and there were bodies of different races hanging on them. It was as though they were announcing to the world that the ancient race were still the rulers of this world, and the other races were nothing but meat waiting to be slaughtered.

A series of tragic yells and cries rang out from within the city walls, piercing the skies.

Even if Lin Fan were quite a distance away right now, he could hear everything clearly. These were the voices of different races. All of those people were being tormented right now.

Upon hearing these voices, the image of Xuan Er surged within Lin Fan's heart once more. Even though he had not witnessed for himself the torture that Xuan Er had undergone when she was killed by the ancient race tribesmen, he could imagine it in his mind.

It must have been h.e.l.l.

'HURGH…!' Spinning his body around, he burst down like a meteor that had broken through the stratosphere in the skies.


Lin Fan landed from the skies right in front of the city walls.

Looking at this base of the ancient race, Lin Fan did not have a single strain of fear in his heart. That was because he was being supported by a source of energy inside him.

"ANCIENT RACE, ALL OF YOU BETTER COME OUT TO RECEIVE YOUR DEATHS…!" Lin Fan's holler was like a typhoon ripping its way through the entire base.

Standing there, he gripped his Eternal Axe ever tighter.

One should bide time and wait for the opportunity to seek vengeance. But to Lin Fan, that was just an excuse made up by cowards and weaklings.

"Who dares to be insolent…!" Just then, a voice boomed out from within the base.


The ground shook as the towering doors of the base slammed open suddenly. From within, a dense amount of pitch-black ancient race tribesmen gushed out in an orderly manner like locusts.

These hideous and ugly looking ancient race tribesmen line up with discipline beneath the city walls. With just a single glance over, there were at least tens of thousands of them right now.

The combined aura of their fiendishness was like a dark beam of light that pierced through the Heavens above. Standing there, Lin Fan could not help but gulp down his saliva. His hands were sweating right now.

From within that army of ancient race tribesmen, an exceptionally towering figure walked out.

This ancient race tribesman looked way more formidable than any of the others. His aura was bursting out, running rampant in a berserk manner. Catching sight of the figure before him, he burst out laughing maniacally.

"HAHAHA! I am the Centurion of the ancient race, Gu Tao! How dare you act so impertinently alone? You must be really, really tired of living!" Looking at that lone human before him, Gu Tao could not stop his guffaws.

Right now, everyone in the skies were absolutely dumbfounded.

"How could it turn into this…?" The woman stared at Lin Fan absolutely flabbergasted. To think that this fella would really come and throw his life against the ancient race!

Just what level of silliness should one have for them to do such a thing?!

Anyone in the right frame of mind would definitely not attempt something as crazy as this!

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