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Within the mountainous valleys came a series of eerie voices.

A small little team of Ancient race tribesmen walked in the mountainous regions. That horrifying aura caused all the surrounding beasts to shiver in fear, hiding from this group of people.

"HAHA! To think that instead of that stinking human, we would find a village for ourselves instead!" One of the towering Ancient race tribesmen guffawed with his hideous features. Something was dangling on his fingers, which he had robbed from the village.

"That feeling of slicing those ants with a single blade was exciting indeed! It's just a pity that their cultivation states were way too low to do much for us." Another one of the Ancient race tribesmen laughed coldly. To him, ma.s.sacring villages like this was just another casual event, just like having a meal.

Out of the thousands of races of the worlds out there, he had butchered a number of them thus far.

"But where the h.e.l.l did that human go to? If I capture him, I'll be sure to devour him viciously."

"Oh, but one of the women from the Wings race just now was pretty feisty! But a pity that she was a weakling and went down after just a few hits."

"HAHA…! You think that's strong? Our deca.n.u.s here took down the village chief with a single slice!"

To this ten-men squad, every single thing that came across their way would just be ma.s.sacred and robbed. Nothing was left alive after they pa.s.sed by.

The leader of this group was a deca.n.u.s of the Ancient race. He was ordered to capture that human. However, upon reaching the woods, he found nothing but the bodies of his Ancient race tribesmen. After searching in this region for a few days, he came across a village instead. Now, that was something interesting to them.

"If that human were to b.u.mp into our dear deca.n.u.s, he would definitely be so scared he would s.h.i.t his…" But before this Ancient race tribesman guard had finished his sentence, an axe swung through the skies and cleaved his head off cleanly.

All the Ancient race tribesmen stopped in their tracks, stunned.

"Who's there!" The deca.n.u.s surveyed his surroundings warily, shocked by that axe that had swung out of the void from nowhere.

"Deca.n.u.s, there…!" An Ancient race tribesman caught sight of a shadow in the distance and exclaimed out.

"Okay…!" Looking at the figure in the distance, the Ancient race deca.n.u.s frowned before bursting out into wild laughter.

"HAHA! Seems like we can spare our efforts now! Someone has sent himself to our doorsteps! Human, you must have devoured some tiger guts to dare to lay your hands on my fellow tribesmen!" Looking at the figure in the distance, the deca.n.u.s remarked icily.

Upon hearing the words of their deca.n.u.s, the other Ancient race tribesmen were elated as well.

Human…? Could this be THAT human that they were ordered to hunt down?

"Human! Cease and desist! Surrender now, or I shall devour you personally…!" The Ancient race deca.n.u.s called out.


Just then, that figure from a distance appeared right before their faces.

"I'll make sure I'll have you begging me to spare you some mercy and kill you later on." Lin Fan seethed the words out. This was a rage that he had felt long ago.

He looked around. Every single item that these Ancient race tribesmen were holding belonged to the villagers.

"Human, just you alone…?!' One of the Ancient race tribesmen guard barked at Lin Fan.


A flash of light.

The four limbs of the guard who had just opened his mouth were severed entirely, as black blood gushed out from the wounds.


A tragic cry rang through and pierced the skies.

The Ancient race deca.n.u.s tightened his face and sent out a tremendous punch, "HOW DARE YOU…!"


That punch which carried immense and boundless force found itself slamming on Lin Fan's body.

"Hmph! Human! You've gone beyond your place! I shall have you regret that today…" Feeling the sensation of his punch landing on its target, the deca.n.u.s was overwhelmed with joy. However, his face changed in the next instance.

"How could this be…?!"


Another flash of light.

That pitch-black arm of the Ancient race deca.n.u.s flew up into the skies, as the same black blood sprayed all over the place.


The moment the Ancient race tribesmen guards saw their deca.n.u.s's arm severed with a single move, they were completely stumped. However, these were warriors who were used to combat. There was no way back.

"None of you shall dream of leaving today." Looking at these Ancient race tribesmen, Lin Fan did not even harbor a single thought of toying with them. The only thing he wanted was to hack them to death.



"MY LEG…!"

"d.a.m.n YOU, HUMAN! I'LL FIGHT YOU…!"

With raw power, Lin Fan suppressed the entire squad. Even the deca.n.u.s of the squad was nothing in Lin Fan's eyes.

At this moment, the forest was a frightful place to be in, with tragic cries ringing out all over the place.


The Ancient race deca.n.u.s's face was filled with fear. To think that even the ten of them wouldn't be a match for this single person! And to think that this human would sever all their limbs, leaving them as a motionless log!

"Hmph, you want to die? Not so easy." Looking at these lifeless logs that were covered with blood, Lin Fan's lips curled into a grin.

He leaped into the skies and entered Stealth mode, waiting patiently.

The Ancient race deca.n.u.s could not understand how this human would suddenly decide to spare them. However, he suddenly realized what was happening as he screamed out in fear.


They belonged to the Ancient race. Therefore, beasts would naturally fear and stay away from them. However, given the state they were currently in, why would any of those Ancient beasts fear them?


Suddenly, a wild howl appeared from the forest.

"Killing you is too much of a mercy for you guys. Today, you guys shall slowly experience what it feels like to be gnawed to death by beasts." Lin Fan laughed coldly.

One by one, the beasts appeared before this bunch of Ancient race tribesmen with their brutish auras. These Ancient beasts were the most sensitive to things like the scent of blood.

"NO…!" All the beasts lunged out towards these Ancient race tribesmen.

"HAHAHA…! ALL OF YOU DESERVE DEATH…!" Seeing the scene below, Lin Fan could not stop laughing wildly. And just as an Ancient race tribesman was being devoured, Lin Fan would swing down with his Eternal Axe, killing them.

'Ding…Congratulations on killing Ancient race deca.n.u.s.'

'Ding…Hidden BUFF activated.'

'Ding…Experience points +10,000.'

'Ding…Congratulations on leveling up.'

'Cultivation State: Earth Celestial Middle Level.'

"HAHAHAHAHAHAHA…!" Looking at the tragic state of these Ancient race tribesmen, Lin Fan's laughter was maniacal. "Xuan Er, rest in peace. I'll definitely seek out revenge for you."

Within that ruined village…

Tablets were laid all around the village.

As for Xuan Er's tablet, it was surrounded by fresh flowers. This once lively village was now eerily silent.

Just then, the void rippled.

"That's an interesting fella indeed." Just then, a figure appeared above the skies in the village. Looking down at the tablets laid around, she smiled casually.

"Xuan Er, how long more do you want to lay there for?" This figure in the skies was fleeting. It was as though her body itself was filled with a seductive charm.

If Lin Fan were present right now, he would definitely be stunned by these words.

One by one, those tablets began to vibrate. Those supposedly dead villagers crawled out from beneath their tablets.

Looking at her dirty clothes from the trench dug for her, Xuan Er pouted her lips a little unhappily. With a gentle shrug, all the dust and dirt disappeared in an instant.

"Master…!" Looking at who it was in the void, Xuan Er floated up happily to the other party.

"What's wrong? You're missing that Uncle Lin of yours?" Looking at this disciple of hers, the woman smiled cynically.

"Master, Uncle Lin is a good person. Why must we lie to him? Uncle Lin must be really sad right now!" Xuan Er's mouth was still pouting, evidently a little displeased.

The woman looked at her disciple before looking back into the distance, ignoring her question. However, she was laughing coldly in her heart.

"Young man, wasting too much time on bullsh*tting. If I don't give you some motivation, then you'd really just take your own sweet time."

But what this woman had not expected was that this fella would take such a liking to her own disciple. That was pretty unexpected.

But that was good as well.

Since he said that he was the hope, then he had better show some achievements. The state he was in right now was definitely far from enough.

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