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Today was a very meaningful day for Lin Fan. The profession of teaching was so sacrosanct; every word, every movement would affect a student's future development. Thus, Lin Fan was very serious.

And now he had unlocked the teacher profession, which made Lin Fan a bit curious. Just what use did it have?

'Profession: Teacher

Effects: Every word, every sentence will greatly influence the students who hear them. Your each word is sacred for students…'

Lin Fan scratched his head when he saw the description. He still didn't understand just what use the teacher profession was for.

Although he didn't understand the use for the teacher profession, his current situation was clear. As an honorable teacher, he needed to prepare his next lesson for these cheeky eager students.

Lin Fan had read many novels before. Although he didn't remember them clearly, he was still able to talk about the earlier chapters. He was right now talking about chapter one of "Fighting Through The Sky" to bring these students that had lost hope of the future a full bowl of chicken soup for the soul.

The students looked at the new teacher up at the podium. Just what was this teacher doing? And just what is this "Fighting Through The Sky"?

Lin Fan gave a light cough, "In the far distant continent of Doqi was a very small city, and a young boy called Xiao Yan…"

The students didn't understand what the teacher was talking about. Just where was this continent of Doqi. But as the teacher continued his story, they gradually became immersed. The teacher's voice was spell-like and directly touched their hearts.

Lin Fan looked at the students and nodded in satisfaction. It seemed the effects weren't bad, so he continued his lesson.

"Xian Yan was a genius… proud and confident. People admired him and envied him, but no one could surpa.s.s him. But one day, the acclaimed genius Xiao Yan lost his cultivation base overnight and became useless, and the people who had tried to curry his favor before turned and mocked him. His past glory was all gone in just one night…" Lin Fan was confident of his eloquence. Although he didn't remember the plot in detail, just talking about the outline was still doable.

He continued on for a while, then stopped, and the immersed student then looked anxiously at Lin Fan.

"Teacher, what happened next?"

"Yes, teacher, what happened after Xian Yan became useless?"

The students became impatient seeing the teacher not continuing.

When Lin Fan saw the students'expression, he knew the effect had been achieved. He then smiled, "Don't be hasty. Now you all can discuss and say your opinions."

"Zhu You, you start first." Lin Fan pointed to a round-faced boy sitting in the back.

"Teacher, my name is Zhu Di, not Zhu You."

"Hm." Lin Fan frowned, slightly unhappy.

"Okay, teacher, my name is Zhu You. My opinion is that after this genius Xiao Yan became useless, he felt very sad and lost hope in life." Zhu Di said after thinking.

"Yes, you are right. He had become even more useless than all of you, becoming insignificant in his family, losing everything he once had. He lost all hope, and for three years suffered countless humiliation and ridicule. But the tragic days were far from over, and something even more devastating then happened…"

"His former fiancée…then withdrew her engagement. Alright, now again say your opinions." Lin Fan then stopped before getting to the main point and instantly pointed to a student.

"Cao Tian Jiao, you answer."

The students were a bit exasperated. Why was the teacher like this and kept stopping halfway, this made them restless.

Ciao Tian Jiao looked at the teacher while feeling a bit down. His name wasn't Ciao Tiano Jiao, but after seeing the teacher's expression, even if it weren't, it would be from now on.

"Teacher, I believe this is a great disgrace for any man. Aside from public humiliation, he even suffered the humiliation of his fiancée breaking off their engagement. If it was me I…I…" Ciao Tian Jiao felt it was injustice, but when he started talking about himself, he then stopped.

"If it were you, what would you do?"Lin Fan asked with a smile.

Ciao Tian Jiao looked at the teacher and then scratched his head in embarra.s.sment, "I think I would accept it. I am not good enough for the other party after all."

When Ciao Tian Jiao said this, the surrounding students began laughing.

Lin Fan motioned them to settle down and continued the story.

"Then, Xiao Yan using his blood as ink and wrote a letter canceling the engagement. Life has its ups and downs, but don't look down on poor youths… this saying expressed Xiao Yan's inner rage and resentment. At the same time, it also carried the full fury of his past three years." Lin Fan's tone also changed with the scene.

The students listened, and at the end, their hearts felt like they had been moved, as if an invisible force had begun a.s.saulting their heart that had lost all hope in the future.

'Ding… teacher profession experience + 10.'

Lin Fan then realized that his experience had increased. He paused in a bit of confusion. It hadn't increased earlier, but why did it increase now.

It seemed he would need to carefully inspect the teacher profession later.

"The expression 'don't look down on poor youths' is so accurate. I will also work harder from now on. So what if my talent can't compare to them, at the very least, I have to live up to myself." Zhu Di clenched his fist, his plump face flushed red.

"That's right, I will also work hard from now on."

Lin Fan paused, was it that easy to make them regain their confidence? This didn't make sense. Was it perhaps the effect of the teacher profession?

Lin Fan didn't understand, but continued on, "Xiao Yan suffered such humiliation, so he wanted to become stronger> But he had become essentially useless, so how would he achieve that? Just when Xiao Yan didn't know what to do, a mighty and powerful master emerged, who was swayed by Xiao Yan's unyielding heart. He believed Xiao Yan had potential, and took him under his wing, and a.s.sisted with his growth…"

Lin Fan then summarized, Xiao Yan worked hard and raised his cultivation base, then reattained his position within society and regained his glory. Of course Lin Fan had changed several areas of the story, as just using the original plot wouldn't do.

After Lin Fan finished, the thirtheen students were now br.i.m.m.i.n.g with motivation. Boys and girls clenched their fists and were flushed red, feeling an unlimited power towards the future.

After the lesson, the previous dead-like atmosphere had disappeared. The depressing att.i.tude now replaced with an unyielding confidence.

Lin Fan was satisfied, he had been thinking of saying more, but who would've thought just this little would have so much effect.

"Alright, the story of Xiao Yan is finished. Now, after hearing the whole story, what do you all think the main point is?" Lin Fan crossed his hands and smiled confidently at the students.

"Teacher, I think the most important point is to have an unyielding heart."

"To be strong, endure humiliation, never give up."

"Work hard and strive."

Lin Fan looked at the talking students and shook his head, disagreeing with their words.

"Teacher, what do you think the most important point is?"Liu Miaomiao asked in puzzlement when she saw the teacher shaking his head.

Lin Fan looked at Liu Miaomiao, "Liu Shuishui and everyone else, what you said are also important. But I believe the most important point is that Xiao Yan met a good teacher, a good teacher just like me… What do you think?"

Lin Fan felt that this group of students wasn't particularly smart. It lost all meaning if he had to say it, to not even know the main point.

Liu Miaomiao froze, apparently caught off guard.

Lin Fan shook his head, "You see, Xiao Yan had become useless. How could he rise up by just himself? It's all because he met a good teacher. That's why this teacher is crucial to why Xiao Yan was able to regain his glory. Without the teacher guiding Xiao Yan, he wouldn't have been able to achieve all the later stuff. Do you agree with what I say?"

Liu Miaomiao and the rest reevaluated their opinions after hearing the teacher's a.n.a.lysis, feeling that the teacher's words made sense. After everyone glanced at each other, they all immediately stood up respectfully and then bow to Lin Fan.

"Teacher, please take care of us. We also want to become like Xiao Yan. We don't want to be looked down on by others for our entires lives."

"Please, teacher."

Lin Fan nodded very in satisfaction. They were worth teaching; they understood the story's most important point. That wasn't an easy task.

'Ding… congratulations teacher profession, experience + 10.'

'Ding… congratulations teacher profession, experience + 10.'

'Ding… congratulations teacher upgraded to mentor.'

'Ding… congratulations unlocked mentor.'

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