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"d.a.m.n IT! All of you d.a.m.ned beasts deserve to die!" The leader of the six Ancient race tribesmen smashed the head of a beast into smithereens with a single punch, sending blood spraying all over the skies.

"Deca.n.u.s, what's up with these beasts? How are they so daring to attack us?!" Another Ancient race tribesman asked with fright.

If not for the fact that the Ancient race tribesmen were born with innately powerful bodies, they might have already fallen after being surrounded by these many beasts!

However, it was soon to be quite the tragedy for those three Ancient race tribesmen who were at the utmost celestial full cultivation state only.

"I've got no idea. Just kill our way out of this…!" The leader of the Ancient race tribesmen broke into a cold sweat. Waving out his hand, the entire void rippled. However, this did not repel off the beasts in the least bit.

And by the looks of it, all of these beasts looked absolutely frenzied.

"DECa.n.u.s, SAVE ME…!" Suddenly, an Ancient race tribesman called out tragically. He was being held down by a beast. Immediately, the beast pounced on the back of this Ancient race tribesman and engaged in some forceful grinding.

"ARGHHHH…!!! SAVE MEEEEEE…!" The tragic cries continued relentlessly. In fact, the Ancient race tribesman was not only held down by that single beast. He was surrounded by a couple of other beasts, as though they were waiting for their turns!

"BRAZEN…!" The deca.n.u.s of the Ancient race tribesmen felt his heart jerk at this scene, and he struck out with immense force. By the looks of it, all of these beasts had gone entirely bonkers!

"DECa.n.u.s, SAVE ME PLEASE…!!!" Yet another member of the three weakest Ancient race tribesmen was caught by a beast. This time around, it seemed like it was a male beast!

And of course, the result of this was even more tragic than the other Ancient race tribesman from before. In fact, there were no words that could describe the extent of cruelty. Once this scene was etched into one's mind, one could never erase it for the rest of their lives.

An a.n.u.s being torn wide apart, leaving nothing but traces of the debris of war.

Far in the distance, Lin Fan was still hard at work, fanning diligently. To Lin Fan, this was all an experiment. If this could really work out, then he would have a new killer technique to employ in the future!

"Hurry up and toss them out faster! Toss out ALL of the pills!" Holding on to his gigantic fan, Lin Fan swung with all his might. This was like a category ten hurricane. In fact, the ground was about to be ripped apart by it.

Lin Fan did not know how things were going on ahead. But now that everything had gone silent, he was a little speechless. Could he have failed?

That should not be the case though!

Obeying Lin Fan's words, the three-headed and six-armed Faceless Sky Demon tossed out all the Biggras in one go.


One by one, the Biggras burst out into small explosions. Taking in a deep breath, Lin Fan summoned a gigantic gust of typhoon and brought all the mist into the distant forest ahead.


Finally, Lin Fan stopped the movement of his arms. His arm was starting to feel sore now after that intense exercise.

Looking ahead, Lin Fan's heart was filled with bewilderment and exasperation.

'Brothers, make some noise! Just a little bit will do! At least give me some motivation to carry on!' Looking at the silent forest, Lin Fan was feeling extremely helpless right now.

He looked over at his Faceless Sky Demon and sighed gently, evidently disappointed. The Faceless Sky Demon looked back at Lin Fan blankly, wondering what that entire ritual earlier on was for.



Just then, a tragic wail rang out from that dense forest ahead.

"Holy sh*t…! What's happening? That cry sounded so tragic!" Just as he was about to accept failure, Lin Fan was startled by the sound.

He then leaped up and burst forth towards the forest.

"YES! It worked…! Yours Truly is a genius indeed! That's one small step for Lin Fan, a giant leap for mankind!" Lin Fan's only thoughts were to enjoy the show right now. This was definitely going to be spectacular!

"AHHH…!!! DECa.n.u.s…! SAVE ME! THESE BEASTS ARE HUMILIATING ME…!!!" The two utmost celestial Ancient race tribesmen who were captured were wailing out from the bottom of their hearts.

The only feeling they had right now was the stinging pain in their a.n.u.s.

Looking at the scene unfolding before him, that hideous looking deca.n.u.s of the Ancient race was incensed.

"YOU BUNCH OF…!" However, just as the deca.n.u.s of the Ancient race tribesmen was about to lash out with insults, a nimble little Ancient beast darted into a shadow and leaped right in the face of the deca.n.u.s.

Using its nimble long claws to grasp the head of the ugly deca.n.u.s, its body started humping that hideous face repeatedly.

"f.u.c.kER…!" The deca.n.u.s immediately grabbed the nimble beast in his hands. With a single pinch, he decimated the beast instantly. It was a horrifying sight as the meat and blood splattered all over.

'Huff…huff…' Watching the entire scene, the deca.n.u.s was filled with nothing but a fiery rage in his heart. What the h.e.l.l was going on with these beasts? Why did they all seem to be going insane?!

Looking at the way his underlings were being treated, he was even more furious about everything.

"THE ANCIENT RACE IS THE n.o.bLEST OF ALL RACES! HOW DARE YOU F*CKING BEASTS DO SUCH A DARNED THING? YOU'RE SIMPLY…!" But of course, these beasts did not give the deca.n.u.s the chance to complete his sentence. Just as he was howling madly, they leaped over towards him again.

To these Ancient beasts, these ugly Ancient race tribesmen were the most beautiful creatures in this world right now.

"ARGH…YOU s.h.i.tS…!"

"LET GO OF ME…!!!"



Tragic wails.

Fearsome howls.

Cries of excitement.

All of these different sounds formed a perfect harmonic, which permeated through the skies.

Lin Fan leaped above from the forest. What happened to that utterly violent voice from before?

But when Lin Fan arrived at his destination, he was greeted by nothing but utter shock.

Every single thing he had known in his 21 years of life had been utterly destroyed in this one single moment.

The ground itself was trembling in fear under the ma.s.sive happenings above it. The beasts were all huddled up together in small groups! As for those beasts that couldn't squeeze in, they were busy poking the ground!

By the time Lin Fan's gaze turned to those Ancient race tribesmen, he could not help but take in a long, cold breath of cold air.

"This is…cruelty beyond the Heavens. This sight is just…"

"Oh, you beasts…you degenerates… Just what sort of a b*stard could commit such a sinful act that could shake the very foundations of morality itself…?' Lin Fan muttered in exasperation.

"Biggra, oh Biggra... To think that you're so ruthless! This is indeed a disruption of the world's harmony…a disruption indeed…!" Lin Fan had not expected things to turn into this wild orgy mess.

If one did not have a firm heart as he did, they would have long been puking non-stop at the sight of this scene before them.


'Other than those that were killed, there should be 20 beasts here! Not bad, not bad. It's just a pity that there are only two Ancient race tribesmen left. Seems like the other four died a death that couldn't have been any worse earlier on. But no worries! Let Yours Truly release you guys from this nightmare!'

Lin Fan took out his Eternal Axe. Entering Stealth mode, he burst out forward.




'Ding…Congratulations on killing earth celestial lower level beast.'

'Ding…Experience points +500.'

'Ding…Congratulations on killing utmost celestial upper-level beast.'

'Ding…Experience points +50.'

These beasts, who were consumed entirely by Biggra, had already long lost their sanity and sense of wariness. Right now, there was only a single thought in their minds: They wanted to release that pent up happiness within their bodies.

By the time Lin Fan chopped down the final beast, his experience points had increased by 2,500.

'Not bad. Seems like this small little wave of beasts brought me a decent amount of experience points. As long as I continue working diligently in this manner, leveling up is just a matter of time.'


Flicking his robes, Lin Fan sucked in all of the Demonic Qi within his Demon City.

He then came forth to the last two remaining Ancient race tribesmen. Looking at the both of them, he shook his head helplessly.

"You are…!" The deca.n.u.s raised his head to look at who it was. His face was filled with rage.


Lin Fan slammed down his Eternal Axe cleanly.

'Ding…Congratulations on killing Earth celestial middle-level tribesman deca.n.u.s.'

'Ding…Experience points +2,000.'

"Y-you're the human…! I am a warrior of the Ancient race…! I'm not afraid of death…!" The last remaining Ancient race tribesman glared at Lin Fan feebly while seething out diabolically.


"Oops, sorry! Whether or not you're afraid of dying, you've still got to die!"

'Ding…Congratulations on killing Earth celestial lower level Ancient race soldier.'

'Ding…Experience points +500.'

Lin Fan swept his robes.

Looking at the world around him, he could not help but shake his head melancholically.

'Hais, what a tragic sight of the world…! Look at how the harmony of Heavens and Earth has been destroyed…'

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