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"What?! You mean to tell me that I'm now a fugitive of the Ancient race? How could that be? No one even saw me killing him!" Lin Fan was lighting up a bonfire when he was stunned by the words of Zhang Xu.

At that moment, the entire woods fell silent, save for the crackling of the bonfire burning the firewood.

Lin Fan had wanted to live life as a wretched vagrant under the radar while he was a weakling! Before he got strong, he had to take every single step one at a time! But now that this Zhang Xu from the Sword World was telling him that he was a fugitive, how was he going to play his game from here on forth?!

"That's right. You remember that final howl of that deca.n.u.s from the Ancient race? He was making use of the Heaven's Will of the Ancient Saint World to imprint your image over to the rest of his Ancient race tribesmen." Zhang Xu nodded his head as though he was already long used to all this.

"The moment you kill one of them from the Ancient race, you're bound to a life of being pursued relentlessly. The only way forth is to turn stronger." Hai Lan, who had remained silent by the sides, finally spoke up.

"Does this mean that the Heaven's Will of the Ancient Saint World is on the side of the Ancient race?" Lin Fan asked.

"No one knows for sure. But I reckon that your image should have already been spread out amongst those Ancient race beings nearby. You had better tread with caution from here on forth. The moment one of those Ancient race beings kill you, they'll receive the feedback from the Heaven's Will of the Ancient Saint World." Zhang Xu continued.

"Does this mean that the more Ancient race beings I kill, the more wanted I become in their eyes?" Lin Fan asked.

"That's right." Zhang Xu nodded his head. Looking over at Lin Fan, who was deep in his thoughts, Zhang Xu could not help but feel concerned for him. However, there was nothing he could do about it. He sighed eventually and looked up into the skies, "I wonder when we'll get to the end of all this."

Lin Fan was buried deep in his thoughts indeed. 'This method seems good!'

'Someone like Yours Truly, who likes to put on a grand show, will definitely become a G.o.dlike character in this world as well! But, what use will it be if Yours Truly can have the Ancient race submit to me without anyone knowing anything about it? How boring would that be!'

But to think that every single Ancient race being he killed would be recorded down, and he would be declared a fugitive by the Heaven's Will of this world…not bad! Not bad indeed!

There was definitely a need to glorify this matter and allow it to invigorate everyone's hearts!

"Brother Lin, it's getting late. It's time for us to leave. I hope that we'll have the chance to meet again once more." After staying for a while, Zhang Xu stood up and clasped his fist together, bidding goodbye to Lin Fan.

"Alright, we'll meet again if we get the chance!" Lin Fan liked to go solo anyways, as he didn't like parties that much. After all, once a party was formed, there would be rules to abide by, and things wouldn't go as easily as right now anyways.

What a pleasurable event it would be for him to run amok in the Ancient Saint World all by himself!

"That's right, there's something else I ought to let you know, Brother Lin. Before you turn stronger, you had better dodge away from the Ancient race beings if you b.u.mp into them. After all, if you kill more of them, you might be targeted by some of the really strong ones from the Ancient race. At the same time, you need to be cautious of some other races aside from the Ancient race. That's all, goodbye…" Zhang Xu left his earnest advice as he disappeared together with Hai Lan.

"Bye bye…!" Lin Fan waved his hands towards both of those disappearing people.

'Cautious of some other races aside from the Ancient race?'

Lin Fan was slowly thinking through about these words that Zhang Xu had left behind. But soon after, he chuckled, 'That's right! Yours Truly is such a sinister person. In this dangerous world, who else can I trust other than myself? Hehehe!'

Zhang Xu and Hai Lan, for example, both of them did not trust Lin Fan entirely from the beginning. All they shared with him was information that was commonly known to most people.

Of course, Lin Fan could tell that from their reactions. That's why he did not bother asking them where they were headed for. After all, he knew he wouldn't receive a reply anyways.

Thousands of miles away…

Tribesmen of the Ancient race had many campsites and bases all around. Their bases were so huge that one could not even not even make out its boundaries. As for these bases, there were an uncountable number of these in this boundless Ancient Saint World.

Even though different races from the thousands of worlds out there would ascend over here, amounting to a significant number of beings, they still paled in comparison to the Ancient race. The difference in numbers was a gap as great as the Heaven and Earth.

Within a tent…

An Ancient race being was arranging some stuff. Suddenly, the void rippled as a booklet appeared before him.

The malevolent face of the Ancient race being frowned as he took the booklet into his hand. Momentarily, a light screen appeared in the air.

The image on the light screen displayed Lin Fan's final moments of killing Gu Hai.

'Lin Fan of the Human race has killed Ancient race deca.n.u.s, Gu Hai.'

A line of words appeared in the air.

'To think that it's a human…!' This Ancient race being frowned upon reading those words. His face then grew ever more sinister.

"How dare someone kill my tribesmen in my territory which spans over a few thousand miles?! And to kill a deca.n.u.s at that! b.l.o.o.d.y d.a.m.n it!" The Ancient race tribesman was filled with anger. Waving out his pitch-black hand, yet another few rows of words appeared.

'Whoever brings his head to me shall earn a place as a member of the Ancient race.'


"Pa.s.s down the orders! Kill this man!"

Carrying the voice of this Ancient race tribesman, a ball of light flew out of the tent immediately. The moment this ball of light flew out, another Ancient race tribesman entered the tent.

"Sir! Xu Wuxin of the Void World has killed his own father and brought the head over to us!" This soldier knelt down and reported.

"Good. Reward him! He shall be promoted as a centurion of our Ancient race!"

"Yes, Sir."

Now that Lin Fan knew that he was a fugitive of the Ancient race, he placed the matter slightly in his heart. At the same time, he gave himself a small little goal: Time to kill more tribesman of the Ancient race!

But based on the current situation, he had to take things steadily.

As he looked at the pitch black, dense forest, all he could do was rub his chin and give himself five words.

'Keep up the good work!'

Three days later…

"I'll slay…!"


Blood sprayed all over the skies as Lin Fan sliced a beast harshly into two parts.

'Ding…Congratulations on killing utmost celestial upper-level beast.'

'Ding…Experience points +50.'

'Hais. So b.l.o.o.d.y tough! So b.l.o.o.d.y tiring! I've been chopping down for three days straight now, such that even my wrists are tired of it! Why the h.e.l.l were all of these a bunch of weak chickens?' Lin Fan was exasperated. Not only were the experience points limited, all of them were dodging and hiding away like little p*ssies! It was difficult trying to find a beast these days.

He looked at his information panel and felt like crying thoroughly.

Name: Lin Fan.

Cultivation State: Earth celestial lower level.

Experience Points: (3,000/20,000)

Physical Body State: Earth celestial lower level.

Physical Body Skill: Eternal Immortality. Level 11.

Physical Body Experience Points: (600/15,000)

Potential: Unlimited.

To think that chopping down left and right nonstop for three days would only garner him a mere 3,000 experience points! He was still quite a distance away from leveling up!

The only consolation that Lin Fan had right now was that his energy grid line chains were still being gathered on a daily basis. At the same time, the moment they were gathered, they fused into his physical body state. With that, the toughness of his physical body was constantly increasing.


Absorbing all the Demonic Qi did some good to repair Demon City as well. To Lin Fan, this was the most difficult period of his life right now. But once he progressed a little more, that was when Yours Truly would truly shine.

Even though the Ancient Saint World might be the world of nightmares for all the thousands of worlds out there, a man like Lin Fan only had a small and humble goal.

'Chop down the entire Ancient Saint World.'

He had to let all these Ancient race tribesmen fear Yours Truly by just his name alone. The name of Yours Truly would be spread out across this world!

And just then, Lin Fan's brows twitched.

Someone had arrived.

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