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The next day.

D-Cla.s.s, the lowest cla.s.s rank within the Sky Heaven School. Every day, the students would come to the cla.s.s dispirited, and the moment they pa.s.sed through the school's entrance, they would lower their heads, avoiding the surrounding stares.

The color of each cla.s.s was determined by the Sky Heaven School. Blue was D-Cla.s.s, and also represented the lowest clothes.

The surrounding students laughed upon seeing the students in blue. After all useless people weren't welcomed anywhere.

Cultivation was about talent. Those with no talent were absolutely unlikely to have much success if they didn't have good opportunities. Thus, those without talent were just waste. These were the words they heard the most after entering the Sky Heaven School.

They had been informed last night that a new teacher would be instructing them, but for them, this wasn't really significant. Basically, they had all given up on themselves. They just wanted to graduate after three years and open an honest small business, living as a regular person.

On the road of cultivation, those with no talent couldn't be involved.

As for the teacher, they didn't think much. The students weren't even precelestials, and even teachers despised them. What else was there to think?

Lin Fan rose up early in the morning and washed himself well. Today was a big day. To have the chance to obtain the mighty position of teacher, the feeling was quite good. Along the way, Lin Fan asked about and learned the location of the D-Cla.s.s.

After arriving in front of the entrance of D-Cla.s.s, he then stopped, took a breath and then walked in unhesitatingly. The moment he entered, Lin Fan felt a surge of depressing momentum wash over him. It made one kind of want to lose hope in life.

"I am your new teacher. My name is Lin Fan, and today is my first time meeting everyone. I hope everyone will respect me and not attempt any cheap moves." Lin Fan walked in and saw the students he will be teaching, each one sitting with a disheartened look at their desk. He then placed the things in hand on the podium.

"Did you all hear me?" At this moment, when Lin Fan saw the brats ignoring him, he raised his voice and shouted out.

The students who had given up the path of cultivation were all greatly shocked by Lin Fan's shout, but after letting out a sigh of relief, they again returned to their disheartened att.i.tude.

"Alright, I will take attendance now to familiarize myself with you all." Lin Fan picked up the attendance sheet, but upon seeing the names, he frowned.

The words were all very complicated. They looked like traditional Chinese words from his previous world, but at the same time, they were a bit different.

But since Lin Fan was a teacher now, he couldn't afford to embarra.s.s himself. Although the words were difficult to read, they were still somewhat familiar, so they should be similar to Chinese characters.

"Liu Shuishui." Lin Fan read one name, but no one responded.

Lin Fan glanced at the students, "Which one is Liu Shuishui? Did the person not come to cla.s.s?"

The disheartened students looked at each other, not recognizing the name the new teacher had called. Then a slightly timid looking girl raised her hand.

"Teacher, my name is Liu Miaomiao."

Lin Fan coldly breathed in, feeling his face redden a bit, then forced himself to remain composed. He was a teacher now, and he couldn't afford to lose face, so he replied.

"What, you think I can't read? Today, I am going to call you Liu Shuishui. Hmph, disrespectful towards your elders… next." Lin Fan opened his hands and said while shrugging his shoulders.

"Cao Tianjiao, which one is Cao Tianjiao?"Lin Fan looked at the sheet. He recognized the characters for this name, so he shouldn't be mistaken this time. The students looked around at each other, again not recognizing the name the teacher called.

"Which one is Cao Tianjiao? Why aren't you responding, absent? Sick, or something? If you don't come to cla.s.s, how can you expect to advance along the path of martial arts?" Lin Fan hollered.

Then, a dignified looking student who was looking around finally shook his head, thinking it must be his name.

"Teacher, me."

Lin Fan saw the hand and immediately stepped forth, "Why didn't you respond when I called your name? Do you think I won't slap you?"

For Lin Fan, a teacher must act the part. They must leave a strict impression on their students, a strict teaching style. Otherwise, they wouldn't be able to control them in the future.

These were all things Lin Fan experienced during his time in school.

"Teacher, my name is Cao Fushu…" Cao Fushu timidly said, feeling the new teacher was a bit off. How could he even misread names? At that moment, Lin Fan suddenly took a deep breath.

"If I say you are Cao Tianjiao you are Cao Tianjiao, understood?"Lin Fan said stubbornly.

"Cao Fushu."

"Cao Tianjiao."

"Cao Fushu."

"Cao Tianjiao."

Cao Fushu looked at the new teacher, a bit exasperated, a bit hurt. In the end, he could only reluctantly nod.

"Alright, that's me."

Lin Fan smiled upon hearing this, "That's right. Good, next…"

After he had finished taking roll, Lin Fan swore he would never take attendance again. Taking attendance was even more tiring than fighting a BOSS. If I ever found out who invented the characters for this world, Yours Truly would definitely kill him.

Out of thirteen students Lin Fan finally read one correctly while the other twelve students had their names forcefully changed by Lin Fan.

"Alright, since today is the first day, I will layout the lessons from now on."

"In the morning would be moral lessons, and in the afternoon, practical lessons. The cla.s.s will start now, everyone rise up." "Lin Fan said strictly.

The thirteen students were confused, just what was this moral lesson? Also, why were they standing up?

"Say good morning teacher." Seeing the students stand there stupidly not knowing what to do next, Lin Fan began to feel a great burden upon him for the future.

"Good morning teacher." The thirteen students stared at Lin Fan dumbfounded, then finally cooperated with the crazy person in front of them.

At the same time, they felt like bursting into tears. No matter how bad, how useless D-Cla.s.s was, handing them over to a crazy person was still too much.

"Good, sit down, the cla.s.s is starting." Seeing the students being very obedient, Lin Fan nodded his head in satisfaction. Even if they had no talent, as long as they were obedient, then they were good students.

"Good, for today's first lesson I will talk about "Fighting through the Sky" chapter one, Fall of the Genius."

'Ding… congratulations unlocked profession: Teacher.'

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