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While Lin Fan was standing up against Gu Hai, two figures floated silently up in the quiet night skies.

They had been observing the happenings below for a really long time now. At the same time, they were pretty astonished at what they had been seeing.

They had not expected someone so resilient to appear in the Ancient Saint World. To think that he could retain such tenacity even while he was facing up against an Ancient race being!

"Just what sort of powers are backing that person?" Within the void, a young man mumbled to himself in utter disbelief.

"He said that he's from the human race. Perhaps that's the reason?" The girl beside her was fraught with astonishment in her brows as well.

It had been quite a while since they were up there watching from the void. Initially, the could not make out the situation at all. Hence, they didn't dare to make any noise. After all, the Ancient Saint World was fraught with dangers. One had to tread with caution in everything they did.

The fact that there was an Ancient race being below was especially precarious for these two figures in the sky.

Even though they were hesitant to head down and take a look, their hearts were starting to waver the more they watched.

The fact that this human race being wouldn't relent no matter how much he was struck down by the Ancient race being was especially heart clenching. In fact, he was even hollering out.



Those words alone were like thunderbolts, striking away at the insecurities within their hearts.

Their race once had the same pride as this man. However, in this cruel world, there were many traitors that had appeared in various races. These traitors backstabbed people of their own races and bowed down to the Ancient race, all in the name of survival.

"Someone like him mustn't die here." The woman beside the man spoke up.

"That's right. In the Ancient Saint World, a loyal man like him is definitely rare." The man replied.

"The aura of that Ancient race being is strong. He should probably be an earth celestial middle-level being. But, if the two of us don't mess up, we should be able to kill him." The man continued.

"Brother Xu, your Vajra Sword Will has reached a state of perfection, where it could meld entirely within the void. If this Ancient race being does not notice us, we can probably do it." The female carried on.

"Alright…" Zhang Xu nodded his head. In that instant, he waved two fingers. A flash of golden sword gleam sliced through the void silently and headed downwards undetected.

Looking at how the Ancient race being was about to breakdown, Lin Fan was overwhelmed with joy. He had already gotten most of what he had wanted. It was time to slay this being!

"HUMAN! WHY DO YOU JUST REFUSE TO GO DOWN…?" Gu Hai howled madly into the skies. The amount of energy that was emanating from his body was wild. In fact, he himself was getting dazed and confused over everything!

"You…" Lin Fan's face was calm right now. However, just as he was about to hurl some insults in the face of Gu Hai, a razor-sharp force pierced down from the void above.

'Holy f*ck! There's a kill stealer!' Lin Fan's face changed. Who in the world could tolerate this? This Ancient race being was about to be killed by him! Yet, someone had appeared and wanted to take this last hit for themselves?! Intolerable!

Whether or not he could level up depended on this Ancient race being!

That razor sharp and relentless sword will pierced through the void. Lin Fan was sure that this Ancient race being would definitely be sliced into two if he did not dodge this sword will.

But looking at the situation before him, it was evident that Gu Hai had not noticed this sword will that was hidden within the void.

"You had better…STOP THAT!" Suddenly, Lin Fan leaped up from the ground. He rushed forward to Gu Hai and sent him flying in a single kick.

At that instant, that relentless sword will emerged out of the void with tremendous force right before Lin Fan as it slammed down deep into the ground.

"Whew! What a close shave…!" Lin Fan could not help but heave a sigh of relief. Thankfully, he had managed to reach there in time. Otherwise, if this Gu Hai had been slain by the sword will, then he would really have to bawl out in tears.

Seeing this, the expressions of both figures in the sky changed, "Hurry! Let's go! Those two must be working together to trick us!"

Looking at how the human had kicked away Gu Hai from his sword will, there was only a single possibility that came into Zhang Xu's mind. That human must not have been what they thought he was! There was a pretty high chance that he was working with this Ancient race being all along just to put on an act!

And just as both of them were making haste to escape, a voice rang out.

"I don't need anyone's help for this affair! This fella has humiliated my race! I have to kill him myself for the sake of my honor!" Of course, Lin Fan could say outright that Gu Hai was his experience points. If these guys were to kill him, Yours Truly would have lost all his efforts from before!

Zhang Xu's brows creased. The girl beside him felt the same bewilderment as well.

Gu Hai, who was sent flying by Lin Fan, shrugged his head and sobered up.

"d.a.m.n IT…!" Gu Hai glared at Lin Fan. He then glared at the two figures up in the skies, as his face got ever more malicious.

"How dare you humiliate the human race? I shall kill you off today!" Now that there were observers around, Lin Fan could no longer fool around with this Ancient race being.


Suddenly, Lin Fan vanished from where he was. The next time he appeared, he was right before Gu Hai's face.

"What?!" Gu Hai was evidently in disbelief. How could this human suddenly turn this strong?!

"I'll slay…!" With the Eternal Axe in his arms, Lin Fan swung down ma.s.sively.


Gu Hai's pupils were dilated suddenly. He could not believe that he would die in the hands of a human. And one that he had half beaten to death at that.

"I am a Deca.n.u.s of the Ancient race, and I'm blessed by the Heavens! You shall be tormented with a fate of being hunted down by the Ancient race for the rest of your life…!" With that, something shocking happened right before Lin Fan's eyes.

From the two halves of Gu Hai's body that were split apart by the Eternal Axe rose a singular red light. Those eyes of Gu Hai's body glared at Lin Fan with a demonic gaze, as though they were carving his features into his memory.

In that instant, the entire flash of red light erupted outwards from Gu Hai's body and disappeared between the Heaven and Earth.

'Ding…Congratulations on killing Earth celestial Ancient race being.'

'Ding…Experience points +2,000.'

'Ding…Congratulations on leveling up.'

'Cultivation State: Earth Celestial Lower Level.'

At that moment, Lin Fan was doused in the pleasure of leveling up, as he could feel the ma.s.sive surge of energy entering his body. Even though this wasn't the first time he had experienced such a feeling, it was still great each time he leveled up again.

Up in the void, both figures were astounded as well. This human was so strong! Then, how was he walloped so badly by that Ancient race being earlier!

"My grat.i.tude to the both of you for your help earlier on." Lin Fan cusped his fists together and thanked those two figures in the voids. At the same time, he was curious.

These two looked exactly the same as humans.

However, there was a sharp glow of light that surrounded their bodies.

The two figures slowly descended from the skies, "I am Zhang Xu from the Sword World. This is my fellow race member, Hai Lan."

"I am Lin Fan from Xuanhuang World." Lin Fan replied.

Indeed, the universe was infinitely large indeed. Seemed like humans were not the only beings with their appearances. There were other beings from other worlds that possessed similar looks as well.

But, what was up with this Sword World and what not? Did it mean that they were always playing with swords?

Lin Fan naturally had to try to keep these two here. He had to dig out more information.

By the looks of it, these two must have been living in the Ancient Saint World for quite some time now. They must know a couple of things here and there.

Lin Fan then initiated the conversation with the both of them, asking the many questions that he had and did not know the answers for.

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