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Right now, the Vixen Beast was feeling extremely bewildered. Looking at the beasts that were lying on the ground one by one, she was extremely confused. Just what in the world was up with these guys? Why were all of them 'second' beasts?!

Each and every one of these beasts collapsed after a few mere seconds! None of them had any stamina at all.

She hadn't even sucked up any Yang energy from them yet…!

Could it be because she was way too beautiful? Could they have all fainted over from her outrageous beauty?

At this point, that was the only thought that the Vixen Beast could think of.


At that moment, the roar of a wild beast rang over. Looking at that tender body of the Vixen Beast, this new male beast's eyes were filled with immense l.u.s.t.

Looking at the arrival of yet another beast, the Vixen Beast called out loudly. Her call was filled with the seductive tones that a beauty like her should have.

Upon hearing this sweet, sweet melody, the male beast's body shuddered momentarily. He then leaped over in a frenzy. He was determined to take this woman under his control!

Looking at how the large muscles of this beast compared to those from before, the Vixen Beast was excited beyond measure!

This time, this beast should be able to sustain for a much longer duration! If she did not collect enough Yang essence, her Master would definitely get angry at her!

The beast came before the Vixen Beast and sniffed around gently. He then stuck out his tongue and twirled it around with carnage l.u.s.t, expressing the excitement in his heart.

And just as this beast was about to press down the Vixen Beast under his control, another wild howl boomed out from the distant forest.

The trees toppled down as the stomping from the footsteps got even closer.


A gargantuan figure had appeared before the Vixen Beast.

The Single Arm Berserk Ape's breathing was haphazard right now. Each breath that he huffed out was steaming with heat, evaporating the moisture in the air before him into mist.

Sensing the explosive aura of this Single Arm Berserk Ape, that male beast from before was petrified right now.

However, he had to maintain his image of a man before this Vixen Beast. How could he bow down in cowardice just because of this aura from the Single Arm Berserk Ape?

'ROAR…!' The male beast growled back at the Single Arm Berserk Ape.

It was as though he was informing him, 'Follow the rules! No matter who you are, you've got to queue up accordingly!'

The Vixen Beast stared at this male beast in disbelief. To think that this weak little beast would show no signs of fear against the fearsome looking Single Arm Berserk Ape! Could it be that he was captivated by her beauty?


That single ma.s.sive arm of the Single Arm Berserk Ape sent this male beast flying straight up into the skies.

Right now, the light in the Single Arm Berserk Ape's eyes was bright and limitless. Even the Vixen Beast was starting to feel some fear right now.

'RAWR…!' With a single howl, the Vixen Beast started to run away!

This Single Arm Berserk Ape before her was simply way too ma.s.sive! She was afraid that she couldn't withstand him!

But of course, how could the Single Arm Berserk Ape allow this prey of his to just run away like this?

There was a raging flame that was burning within his body, causing him to lose his sense of logic.


All he needed was an urgent release!

'RAWR…!!!' The Vixen Beast struggled, trying to break free. However, in the face of this Single Arm Berserk Ape, she was too small and puny.

Catching up from his chase, Lin Fan was stumped at the scene before him.

's.h.i.t, it's over…!'

'No one can save the Vixen Beast now!'

Now that Lin Fan had fed the Single Arm Berserk Ape so many Biggras, he had long entered a state of frenzy! The only thought on the Single Arm Berserk Ape's mind right now was to pierce through any single gap he could see!

In fact, it was hard to say. This Single Arm Berserk Ape might even pierce Lin Fan himself after ravishing the Vixen Beast!

Standing atop the gigantic tree, Lin Fan could not bear to view the scene directly.

The tragic cries of the Vixen Beast boomed like thunder within Lin Fan's ears. It was filled with sorrow and misery.

For the Single Arm Berserk Ape, the Vixen Beast was nothing but a Tenga Egg right now.

This was an unbearable sight to behold…!

Lin Fan covered his eyes as he couldn't bear it any longer. This was an eye piercing scene! So traumatic!


Suddenly, a loud booming sound rang through. That gargantuan body of the Single Arm Berserk Ape had fallen onto the ground suddenly. It tried strugglingly to get up, but it was weak and feeble. Eventually, it gave up and succ.u.mbed to the weakness, closing his eyes entirely.

Seeing the sight below, Lin Fan finally heaved a sigh of relief.

Seemed like the effects were still pretty evident. But, it was a pity that it was all over for the Vixen Beast now…

At this moment, the Vixen Beast laid on the ground. Her eyes were lifeless as she breathed slowly. However, Lin Fan knew that she was close to death's door.

'Hais, what a tragedy…' Lin Fan shook his head helplessly. He then took out his Eternal Axe to get ready for the reaping.

'Ding…congratulations on killing utmost celestial full cultivation Vixen Beast.'

'Ding…experience points +100.'

Since she was about to die anyway, he might as well reap her for himself.

At the very moment Lin Fan killed the Vixen Beast, in a campsite not far away…

A member of the Ancient race jerked his closed eyes wide open. On that hideous looking face, a look of wrath burst out from within.

'Who dares to kill my Vixen Beast! Hmph…!'

In an instant, the figure disappeared entirely from the campsite.

Looking at the beasts that had fallen around him, Lin Fan nodded in satisfaction. Even though this Vixen Beast had died a tragic death, she had done something that no other beast could have done for him.

What a respectable beast she was…

Dozens of beasts laid motionless in the area.

And the reason for this was that mythical pill which Lin Fan had created. However, to these beasts, this was a tragic day.

'I'll slay…!' Raising his Eternal Axe, Lin Fan was like Jack the Ripper right now, his eyes shining with perversion.

He swung down.

'Ding…congratulations on killing utmost celestial full cultivation beast.'

'Ding…experience points +100.'

'Ding…congratulations on killing earth celestial lower level beast.'

'Ding…experience points +500'

Lin Fan was having an extremely relaxed life right now slaying left and right. All of these fainted beasts died without a single peep, as they were all converted into experience points for the strengthening of Lin Fan.

He collected everything along the way till he finally came to the Single Arm Berserk Ape.

'Ding…congratulations on killing earth celestial full cultivation Single Arm Berserk Ape.'

'Ding…experience points +4,000.'

"HAHA! WHAT A SPREAD! The more beasts I slay, the more pleasurable it gets!"

"Absorb Demonic Qi…!"

Flicking his robes, Lin Fan took in all of the Demonic Qi from these ancient beasts into his Demon City. Converting them into nutrients, he nourished and repaired that semi-finished, pseudo-legendary weapon, 'Demon City'.

Lin Fan's biggest hope right now was to raise his personal strength as well as repair his Demon City.

Lin Fan pulled out his information panel and took a look.

'b.l.o.o.d.y h.e.l.l! I'm still short of 2,000 experience points!'

The experience points that he had gotten from reaping these beasts were plentiful indeed. However, he was still that bit of distance away from leveling up.

'Seems like it's going to be yet another restless night tonight.' Lin Fan faced the skies and heaved out a long sigh. If he didn't get his cultivation state up, he would definitely be pretty restless for the entire night.

'Single Arm Berserk Ape, you f*cking apesh*t moron! How dare you kill Yours Truly's Vixen Beast! You've really caused Yours Truly a huge ton of frustration!' Lin Fan huffed out in displeasure.

If he had the Vixen Beast, Lin Fan was confident that he could definitely wipe out this entire area in a short period of time. He could kill all of the beasts here easily for sure! But now, his capability to do that was no longer existent.

"Hmph, so you're the one who killed my Vixen Beast…!" Just then, a furious voice boomed out from skies as the voids rippled and broke apart.

Lin Fan was stunned. He had not expected that the Vixen Beast was somebody's pet!

Just as he was about to enter Stealth mode, a lone figure appeared before him.

'Ancient race…!' The moment Lin Fan clearly made out the features of this figure, his face changed.

This hideous creature beyond measures was someone from the Ancient race! Lin Fan had not expected to go against anyone from the Ancient race so soon! He wanted to make a break for it!

But, when he caught sight of the Ancient race being's cultivation state, Lin Fan flicked his robes.

Hands behind his back, he glared at this Ancient race being straight in the eyes.

"That's right! Your Granddaddy here killed that Vixen Beast. What? You're unhappy over it?"

Of course, Lin Fan would not forget about his true way of life:

'F*ck up the weak, f*ck off against the strong.'

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