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With Lin Fan's current standards of cultivating pills, he was extremely familiar with the effects of things like Xuan Yang Gra.s.s, Intense Yang Gra.s.s, and their combined outcomes. Therefore, there was no pill that Lin Fan could not create. The only limit was that of his imagination.

With Pills Through Thought, a single mythical flame burned on Lin Fan's palms. He then tossed the medicinal herbs within and began cultivating.

Within that mythical flame, the herbs began to melt and fuse into a single liquid. They then began to regroup continuously, giving off the aroma of pills.

This scent was fragrant. Just the aroma of it alone could let one tell that this was a superb pill for sure.

However, Lin Fan was the only one who truly knew what sort of a pill this was.

'Ding…congratulations on cultivating mysterious pill. Please name it.'

Lin Fan rubbed his chin and rolled his eyelids. What should he call it? Naming pills was a difficult task, that required deep knowledge and creative insight. The name itself could display the wisdom of its creator. However, it had to relate to the effects of the pill well.

'Alright then, it's decided.'

'F*ck of Poison.'

'Ding…congratulations on naming success.'

'Hehehe…' Lin Fan sn.i.g.g.e.red, as he retrieved the Vixen Beast from his storage. Right now, the Vixen Beast was unconscious, thanks to the wondrous effects of Lin Fan's Nine Five Legendary Brick.

Lin Fan pinched the pill, which burst into a cloud of powder in an instant. This powder landed on the b.u.t.t of the Vixen Beast.

Once everything was done, Lin Fan placed the Vixen Beast back where she was, and headed back up to the tree alone, camping in his Stealth mode, biding his time.

One minute later…

'ROAR…!' The Vixen Beast jerked up suddenly. Those eyes were filled with caution as she gazed at her surroundings warily. However, she was confused to find no one else in her vicinity.

The Vixen Beast then raised her head and turned around, checking if there were any wounds or damage to her body. There was nothing.

Eventually, she tossed her head in bewilderment as she could not understand what had just happened.

Anything these beasts couldn't figure out would be just left to be. There was no point racking their brains over things like that.


The Vixen Beast howled up into the skies. This single howl permeated through the night skies.

Lin Fan watched the scene with bated breath and extreme antic.i.p.ation. He couldn't wait to tell if his drug had succeeded.

If it did, then this was going to be d.a.m.n awesome, hehe...


Just then, the racing sounds of a beast stamping on the ground from a distance rang through. Lin Fan's face tightened. This Ancient beast was the first tester for him to find out if his pill would take this beast down!

Lin Fan turned over to look at the approaching beast. Immediately, he couldn't hide his momentary disappointment. To think that this was just an utmost celestial middle-level beast! What a letdown!

But it didn't matter. No matter what cultivation state this beast was, the most important thing right now was to find out if the pill had succeeded.

Upon catching sight of that Vixen Beast under the beautiful moonlight, the approaching beast pounced over in happiness. Sniffing the aura on the Vixen Beast up and down, he let out a drunken look of intoxication.

The Vixen Beast looked over at this new beast and snorted a few times. She was evidently looking down on this beast in disdain! If Lin Fan could understand the speech of beasts, he would definitely have his mind blown apart right now.

'Your cultivation state is so low! Get the h.e.l.l lost!'

'One time, please! Just let me do you one time! Please, pretty please…!' The beast howled pitifully a few times as he circled around the Vixen Beast, begging her for mercy.

The Vixen Beast then gave off a low gruntle, as though she had decided to take pity and agree with it.

Filled with happiness, the male beast leaped into the air! He then leaned on the body of the Vixen Beast with excitement in his eyes.

Lin Fan observed the entire show without losing focus, all the while muttering, "Go down…go down…go down…!"

This male beast was humping happily and excitedly when it suddenly stopped all motion. It retreated slowly on all four legs, its motion unsteady.

The Vixen Beast frowned and turned around to look at this male beast. Displeasure was written all over her face.

The eyes of the male beast were filled with disbelief, as his head started spinning into a daze.


Suddenly, the male beast collapsed onto the ground. The only last words on his mind were…

'This f*ck is poisonous…'

'It worked…!' Lin Fan held his hands together excitedly. It had worked! Yes! Now was the time to patiently await the arrival of more beasts!

This pill's effect could last for a long time! He could definitely knock out more beasts with this!

Looking at this male beast that was laying on the ground, the Vixen Beast roared at it repeatedly. She then gave this beast a good, strong kick.

It was her way of expressing, 'How dare you come so hard on me when you don't even have any bit of stamina? What a waste of time…!'

The Vixen Beast cast a look of contempt at this beast that was motionless on the ground. She then reared her head up and howled out once more.

Not long after, yet another beast had arrived for a new round.

This beast was an earth celestial lower level beast. Lin Fan was pleased with this, as he nodded his head repeatedly in acknowledgment.

The male beast came before the Vixen Beast. Looking at that collapsed beast on the ground, he began to sniff around suspiciously. Yet, he couldn't find anything amiss about this situation.

The Vixen Beast growled to the male beast, as though they were conversing.

And just as Lin Fan expected, this male beast rose up to the occasion.

But not long after, this male beast gave off yet another cry. His body wavered as he collapsed to the ground with a loud thud as well.

The final thoughts of this male beast were the same as the guy before him, 'This f*ck is poisonous…!'

Hiding on the tree, Lin Fan, who was observing this scene, was overfilled with glee in his heart. Two beasts down! This was a strong pill indeed!

But he wondered how strong this pill could get. What was the limit of beast cultivation that it could knock out?

Lin Fan lowered his head in contemplation. He could give this a shot.

After that, he disappeared from his position above the trees as he headed out to look for more beasts.

In the night time, many beasts were out, roaming actively. However, all of these ancient beasts had cultivation states that were too low for Lin Fan's likings. Given his current circ.u.mstances, he needed to make good use of this opportunity.

'Eh…there's a BOSS!' Lin Fan could feel a formidable aura appearing in the distance.

Under the guise of the moonlight, he shifted swiftly as he made his way over and soon arrived at the territory of this aura.

'Ancient Beast: Single Arm Berserk Ape. Earth celestial full cultivation.'

Right in front of Lin Fan was a colossal ape who was resting in his own hideout, shutting his eyes and napping. Just a single look at that ma.s.sive body was enough to send shivers down one's spine.

If Lin Fan had to deal with this beast head-on, he was sure that he wasn't a match, and might end up even losing his life to it.

The Vixen Beast's howl was piercing in this silent night. However, it couldn't attract this Single Arm Berserk Ape in the least bit.

Lin Fan thought for a moment. Suddenly, he sn.i.g.g.e.red.

'It's okay if you're not interested. I'll make YOU interested. The rise of Yours Truly depends on you… Hehehe.' At that moment, Lin Fan took out a bunch of Biggras. He had the utmost confidence in his magnificent Biggras and their effects.

Lin Fan tossed the bunch of Biggras over to the Single Arm Berserk Ape.

Deep in his sleep, the Single Arm Berserk Ape suddenly jerked awake. He had sensed an intruder!


Suddenly, all the Biggras burst into a tuft of smoke, encompa.s.sing the Single Arm Berserk Ape within.

With a single breath, the Single Arm Berserk Ape breathed in all of the mist into its tummy.


Suddenly, that initially calm and reserved Single Arm Berserk Ape literally went berserk as his eyes shone with madness. His towering figure stood tall under the night skies. It was especially so for that gigantic object between his crotch that had gone berserk.

Once more, the cries of the Vixen Beast rang over. This time around, the eyes of the Single Arm Berserk Ape shone brightly in excitement. It was as though he had finally discovered something. With a single leap, he burst over in the direction of the howl.

'HAHA…! Yours Truly is a genius indeed!' Looking at that figure running off, Lin Fan could not help but sn.i.g.g.e.r.

But just then, something suddenly struck Lin Fan! This Single Arm Berserk Ape's body was so huge! Could the Vixen Beast withstand him?!

"HOLY SH*T…!" At the thought of this, Lin Fan suddenly had an ominous feeling as he darted over.

This Vixen Beast was his legendary weapon for seducing beasts!

Holy sh*t! Things would be bad if she was ravaged and toyed to death by that Single Arm Berserk Ape!

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