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All of the rescued people were discussing fervently about this foreign world. They were totally lost and confused. However, right now, a new hope laid before their very eyes.

That hope was these people who had saved them.

More than 90 people, each of them geniuses of their very own worlds... Even though they were all pretty confused, they heaved a sigh of relief when they witnessed the strength produced by these dozens of saviors. This was proof that they could get stronger here.


At that moment, a man with a single horn walked out of the darkness. His commanding voice filled the entire cave. With a repressing aura pressing down on everyone through that voice alone, everyone's faces changed as they struggled to resist that aura.

Lin Fan frowned. This man's strength was definitely much stronger than his own. Even at his peak power, he might not be a match for this person here.

But, this was nothing shocking for Lin Fan as well. This so-called Upper World should mean that this was a world above their own. Even though Lin Fan was an invincible force back in Xuanhuang World, he was already prepared for the fact that he might only be the weakest in this world.

Right now, his mind was only filled with questions and doubts, and nothing else.

After all, to Lin Fan, becoming strong was something extremely simple. All he required was effort.

He had no doubt that before long, he would definitely be stronger than anyone else here.

"Do not speak or ask anything. Everything shall be explained to you guys in due time. Now, when I start calling out the worlds, anyone who has ascended from those worlds shall come forth and receive a Teleportation Rock from me."

"Horn World."

Jiao Niu patted Lin Fan on the shoulders before heading up front.

Looking at Jiao Niu, that lone horned man nodded his head. He then handed over a sparkling jade crystal into the hands of Jiao Niu.

"This is a Teleportation Rock. Drip your blood on it, and it will send you over to the area where people of the Horn World are residing in. Someone there will update you on the situation here.'

"Fox World!"

The girl who was nearly ravished earlier by that soldier of the Ancient Race stood out.

Even though her face was still slightly pale, she had mostly recovered from the shock from earlier.

"Thank you, Senior."

After that, with the help of the Teleportation Rocks, all of the people left the cave, all except Lin Fan, who was the only one standing there looking bewildered.

What the h.e.l.l?

"What about me?" Lin Fan asked hurriedly.

The lone horned man looked at Lin Fan as his brows creased. It was as though he was trying to recall something but he couldn't no matter how hard he tried, "Which world are you from again?"

"Xuanhuang World, Human race." Lin Fan replied hurriedly.

"Xuanhuang World, Human race?!" The man was stunned, as though he was trying to remember something. But he shook his head, "There isn't anything for Xuanhuang World…"

"How could there be no Xuanhuang World! You must have forgotten, haven't you? There are tons of humans from Xuanhuang World over here!" Lin Fan was getting worked up right now. Were they going to dump Yours Truly here alone?!

He was totally foreign to this place. If he were to head out right now and b.u.mp into those from the Ancient race again, what was he supposed to do?!

And even if there truly wasn't a place, they ought to give him some advice, shouldn't they? At the same time, letting him know how he should settle the situation he was in right now should be their duty or something!

Goodness Christ! This sh*t about getting his cultivation state suppressed was no joke at all man! If he could find a way to break out from these shackles of the world, he might still have a shot at survival!

"The human race has long fallen. Because of that, naturally, there is no longer a sanctuary for you humankind." Just then, another figure appeared before Lin Fan.

"I…!" Lin Fan was entirely exasperated. He wanted to cuss out at them. But on second thought, he let go of that idea.

This must be the doing of those four supreme beings, sealing the ascension of humans from the Xuanhuang World. In the past 10,000+ years, there hadn't been a single humankind who had ascended to this Upper World. Those humans who were living here previously must have known some sort of secret or something, and thus, they have stopped trying to receive anyone ascending from Xuanhuang World.

For a race as strong as the humans, there must definitely be no issue for them to reproduce and sustain their race here.

And in fact, if someone like him were to make his way over there right now, he might be a black sheep for them.

"Seems like I can't help you with that. However, you're the only person I've seen who has ascended over from the Xuanhuang World in all these years. I'm sure everything you want to know is within here. Your life and death from now forth depends on you yourself." With that, that man tossed a booklet over to Lin Fan. With a bright flash, he left the place with a Teleportation Rock as well.

"Oi…OI! I'M NOT DONE TALKING!" Lin Fan tried calling after the person. But it was too late. All of these d.a.m.ned people had left.

Lin Fan was the only person left standing blankly in that entire empty cave.

"Holy f*ck…! All you sh*tstains have no single bit of love or empathy within you!" Lin Fan sighed before plopping down on his b.u.m. Looking at this sealed cave, he could only sigh deeply.

Where was the path from here on forth…?

'No, there's definitely no way I can just wait for death right here. I've got to pick myself up and take out that mighty disposition I had in the Xuanhuang World! So what if this place is fraught with dangers? Yours Truly shall use these iron fists of his to break a brand new world in this place. All of those people shall regret not befriending Yours Truly earlier!' Lin Fan was cheering himself up inside his heart while laying down this grand promise at the same time.

"But, everything's got to have a start. Let's see what's inside this booklet. Hopefully, it answers everything that I need to know." Lin Fan sighed once more. While he still had no idea about anything in the outside world, he should just obediently read through and understand the circ.u.mstances here.

This booklet looked a little aged, and even tattered at the sides. Each and every single one of those words was handwritten.

In that silent cave, the only sound was of Lin Fan flipping the pages.

Time pa.s.sed by the second and the minutes. Lin Fan did not even know how many days had pa.s.sed. By the time he had finished reading the booklet, he had an urge to commit suicide.

He was really f*cked this time around.

The name of this Upper World was called Ancient Saint World.

As for those creatures from the Ancient race, they were the indigenous people of this world. Vile, cruel and ruthless, they viewed everything other than their own race as food.

In fact, the dangers recorded within the booklet were not the Ancient race alone. There was a mult.i.tude of other ferocious, ancient beasts within this world.

These beasts were described to be extremely strong, so ferocious that they couldn't possibly be dealt with by ordinary folks.

With that, Lin Fan started to get a slight understanding. At the same time, the booklet had described some random things to be taken note of. However, nothing was complete, and so, Lin Fan still had to depend on himself to discover everything else.

But the most pressing issue on Lin Fan's mind right now was how he should a.s.similate into this world so that he wouldn't be repressed any longer.

From the booklet, Lin Fan understood one thing. Among the many thousands of worlds out there, each of them had a different system of cultivation. The Heaven's Will that existed in these worlds were different as well.

While the form of power that was harnessed in the Xuanhuang World was energy grid line chains, it wasn't the same for the other worlds out there.

In this Ancient Saint World, for example, the power that was harnessed through cultivation was not energy grid line chains, but some sort of weird thing called Saint Spirit Qi.

"Sigh, forget it. Let's take things one step at a time. Time to just convert these energy grid line chains first." Lin Fan shook his head as he couldn't do anything else but accept the reality before him.

'Ding…Too d.a.m.ned b.l.o.o.d.y troublesome! Initiating the Strongest module. Begin a.s.similation!'

'Ding…a.s.similation success!'

'Ding…Energy grid line chains conversion success!'

'Ding…Experience points numerical value exceeded. Rebooting calibration.'

'Ding…Calibration successful! Strongest module a.s.similated.'

'Ding…Your System is still the G.o.dd.a.m.ned Strongest System. All you need to do is to slay sh*t to get experience points and level up. It is no longer a dream to head up the path to greatness and attain a lifetime of absolute dominance.'

Lin Fan was leaping with joy in his heart right now. To think that the system would suddenly just decide to solve every single last problem for him right now!

Seemed like the system was not failing earlier on. It was just in a state of a.s.similation. And by the looks of it, it had successfully done so!

Seemed like it was time to check out what was up with the system right now.

Just what kind of playing field did this strongest module have to offer?

Seemed like even the system itself could not stand all this c.u.mbersome and bothersome nonsense and decided to go berserk on its own. Ha!

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