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"Sir! We've captured a total of 98 ascended beings this time round!"

"Hmm… not bad... not bad. Round it down then. I'll let you guys have the extra eight to share amongst yourselves." A cruel glint shone from the eyes of the leader.

The way he looked at Lin Fan and everyone else in the cage was as though he was looking at food.

"Hmph, what Great Flame Emperor and whatnot? How dare you act so brazen in front of me? I'll eat you up first then!" The leader snorted coldly. As his pitch-black hand stretched out gradually, the entire void rippled.

"H-how come I'm unable to move? Let me go! LET ME GO!" The Great Flame Emperor, who was still hollering earlier on, was struggling right now. That so-called strongest flames of his were burning on the body of that leader. However, there was no impact on him at all.

As the arm of the leader reached out, the Great Flame Emperor, who was trapped within the cage, was lifted by his neck like a chicken.

"I AM THE GREAT FLAME EMPEROR! YOU FUGLY SH*T! HURRY UP AND LET GO OF ME!" The eyes of the Great Flame Emperor were filled with fear right now.

To think that those powers he was so proud of were absolutely useless in this situation!

"HAHA…! Genius of the Fire World? Not bad… not bad... You must definitely taste delicious!" The leader of the pack looked at the Great Flame Emperor and smirked coldly.

Opening his mouth widely, he chomped down on the body of the Great Flame Emperor.

'ARGH…!!!' A tragic cry rang out from the Great Flame Emperor. With his feet dangling above the ground, he repeatedly struggled to get out of the grasp that arm. But gradually, his aura grew feebler by the second as that burning body of his began to wither non-stop. Eventually, he turned into a dried-up corpse and was tossed aside by the leader.

"That's a really pure taste! Succulent and smooth aftertaste!" The leader stuck out his tongue l.u.s.tfully and smacked his lips. It was as though he had just enjoyed a scrumptious feast.

With that, every single genius who had ascended was left absolutely dumbfounded.

They had not expected such a situation to unfold!

Each and every one of them had witnessed the strength of that Great Flame Emperor earlier on! Even they themselves might not have been a match for him! But to think that he was gripped in the palms of this hideous creature with such ease and then devoured in a single bite!

That was the epitome of terror…!

Lin Fan felt his heart jerk for a moment as well. This was even more horrifying than what the Heavenly Emperor Yuan had described!

There was absolutely no chance of survival at all!

Even if one were to play a game, there ought to be a safe point or safe zone for preparation! However, ever since they entered this Upper World, there was no such place at all! They were doomed the moment they entered this place!


Just then, all sorts of tragic cries rang out from all directions.

Yet another seven people had been dragged out by those hideous and ugly creatures.

The seven of them tried running away, yet, there was no escape for them.

Each and every one of these people here were geniuses and overlords of their respective worlds. To think that they would be toyed around like helpless lab rats right now!

Looking at the everything, Lin Fan could only shake his head helplessly.

At this moment, Lin Fan truly wanted to help them out. But he couldn't do anything.

The number of energy grid line chains that Lin Fan had gathered by now was already 500. He actually had zero regards for these feeble utmost celestial ants. In fact, even that leader, who had broken through beyond the utmost celestial state, wasn't someone that could faze Lin Fan at all.

But herein lied the problem. If even all of these small little ants were utmost celestial, what would happen to him if he struck out and there was an even greater being that was camping nearby? Wouldn't he be doomed?

"This is no Heaven on Earth! This is just h.e.l.l…! Tricked! I was tricked!" Out of those seven people who were dragged out, a young youth with wings reared his head into the skies and vented out his frustration. But those were his final words.

He had come to his place bearing expectations and hopes, only to find out that everything was different from what he had expected.

"ALL YOU B*STARD SH*TS! LET US OUT! EVEN IF WE MUST DIE, WE'LL FIGHT YOU TO OUR DEATHS!" The other 90 overlord level people who were trapped within the cages howled out. They could no longer bear to watch this scene any longer.

They used all sorts of powerful skills and tactics to strike at the cage that was cooping them in. However, it was useless. There wasn't even a single scratch on the cage.

"Ants, don't waste your strength anymore. The rules here are different from your worlds. Now that you're here, you can barely even exert ten percent of your strength. You must be daydreaming if you think that you can break out of this cage." The leader laughed coldly as his eyes glinted in mockery, as though he was toying with them.

"Don't come over…!" Amongst the seven that were selected, there was a single female who had a tail behind her. The moment she caught sight of one of those ugly creatures approaching her, she let out a high pitched scream.

She was a female empress back in her world, mighty and tall over the rest of the world. However, in front of this hideous creature, she had lost every single bit of image and was terrified.

"HAHA! What a beautiful body you've got. It's been a long time since I've had such a tender body!" That hideous creature's eyes shone with l.u.s.t as he glared at that woman. It was as though he was having some really dirty thoughts in his head.

Lin Fan gripped his fist tightly as a flame of rage was burning within him.

Upon hearing the words of the leader, Lin Fan suddenly realized that even his own powers were restrained by this world.

Indeed, it was as he had mentioned. He couldn't even use up ten percent of his original strength!



Suddenly, a ma.s.sive amount of energy burst out from the distant skies above.

Lin Fan squinted his eyes and looked over into the distance. His face turned gleeful. There were people approaching!

Pierced by a single ray of light, that hideous creature who had dirty thoughts about that female died immediately.

"Who's there?!" Realising that something was off, the leader's face changed.

"Ancient race, you guys are going overboard! All of you shall die here today!" Within the skies, tens of people appeared suddenly. Glaring at these ugly creatures with a furious look in their eyes, they proceeded to ma.s.sacre these creatures.

'Ancient race?'

Lin Fan carved this name into his heart. Could these hideous creatures be that Ancient race?

The Heavenly Emperor Yuan did mention that the Ancient One was one of the eight utmost beings of this Upper World.

Evidently, he must have some relation with this Ancient race as well.

A ma.s.sacre was what happened. Out of those tens of people, none of them were humans. All of them were from different worlds. Furthermore, Lin Fan could tell that these people possessed immense strength.

His cultivation state was sealed by this place right now, and he couldn't even exert ten percent of his original strength. But upon looking at these people, Lin Fan understood.

There must be some sort of way to bypa.s.s this. Otherwise, there was no way these people could be this strong.

In the blink of an eye, the leader of those from the Ancient race was killed by these people. At the same time, the cage that had shackled Lin Fan and everyone else within was broken apart by these people.

"This is a dangerous place. We shouldn't linger around. Follow us." Those tens of people swept their robes and brought everyone to escape with them.

By the time Lin Fan and everyone else opened their eyes, the scenery had changed entirely.

There was no sky above them, nor was there the green Earth before them. It seemed as though they were in some sort of cave or something.

This cave was extremely huge, and was lit up by flames on the sides of the walls.

All of those geniuses that had ascended from the different worlds heaved out a sigh of relief. At the same time, they were filled with bewilderment. Just what in the world was going on?

Those hideous creatures… What were they?

Checking out his surroundings, Lin Fan also heaved out a sigh of relief. Seemed like they were safe for now. Although, he wondered how long this serenity and safety net would last.

Lin Fan's priority, after all of this was settled, was to raise his power level immediately. Anything else meant nothing at all.

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