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"Release the Heaven's Will then." Now that everything was settled, Lin Fan was also obligated to head up to the Upper World.

How long did greater celestial full cultivation beings live for? Probably just a few hundred years.

If one did not break through to a higher cultivation state, then the end result would still be death after those few hundred years. The purpose of cultivation was to defy the Heavens, to steal life itself away from the fates. But to think that at the end of it all, the Heavens were sealed itself. Therefore, no matter how hard they cultivated, they would be met with a threshold.

Wasn't this just lying to oneself then?

In actual fact, Lin Fan's personal thoughts were in line with that of the Heavenly Emperor Yuan.

"Alright, I'll return the Heaven's Will to her then." The Heavenly Emperor Yuan had chosen to place his faith in Lin Fan. In this young man, he could sense a resolute and firm belief. He had an unwavering heart that was determined to duel against the fates itself.

"No, don't give it to her. If you give it to her, this physical self of hers that has manifested will no longer exist." Lin Fan remarked. Using his hand to tear through the void, he summoned over the Heaven's Will of Cangling Continent.

"This…!" Upon looking at this elderly figure before him, the Heavenly Emperor Yuan was stunned.

"He is the remaining 1/4th of the Heaven's Will." Lin Fan explained.

With that, the Heavenly Emperor Yuan frowned, "If I were to return to him the rest of the Heaven's Will, based on the ideals of the Heaven's Will, he would forcefully tear through the Heavenly Barrier as well."

"Relax. He has already been tamed by me. He wouldn't do something like that." Lin Fan a.s.sured him.

At this moment, Lin Fan was even more certain about the character of the Heavenly Emperor Yuan as well as his words.

Based on the personality of the Heaven's Will, who had complete disregard for human life, he would have definitely torn through the Heavenly Barrier set up by the Supreme Being. Knowing that the Heavenly Emperor Yuan was worried about this, Lin Fan heaved a sigh of relief.

The longer one lived, the more lies one would tell.

But evidently, the Heavenly Emperor Yuan didn't seem to be someone as such. With that, Lin Fan had a newfound respect for this man.

Also, Lin Fan's mind could not help but wander over to the Seven Saints. Just where in the world had that fella gone to? Ever since he had found a new host, it was as though he had disappeared entirely from the rest of this world.

But it didn't matter. That old dog shouldn't be able to trample upon anything great.

Upon hearing the words of Lin Fan, everyone's face was dazed.

To think that he could even tame the Heaven's Will! What COULDN'T he tame?!

"Alright…" The Heavenly Emperor Yuan nodded his head. In that instant, a bright glow appeared within his palms. "This is the remainder of the Heaven's Will."

Lin Fan looked at that ball of light and nodded his head, "Heaven's Will, slowly absorb it in. Also, you're not allowed to destroy the Heavenly Barrier of this world."

"Understood." The elderly figure of the Heaven's Will nodded his head. Holding the ball of light in his palms, he began to take it in.

"How much time do I have?" Lin Fan asked.

"One day." The Heavenly Emperor Yuan replied.

"What?! So little time?!" Lin Fan was stunned on hearing the reply. To think that Yours Truly would have to depart after a single day! Wasn't that way too fast?!

"After a day, all of their consciousnesses are going to disintegrate. In order to breach a small gap through the Heavenly Barrier, we would need to make use of their consciousnesses." The Heavenly Emperor Yuan explained.

The four supreme beings looked at the Heavenly Emperor Yuan with a strange expression. Eventually, they sighed. "Forget it, let's forget about everything before. Heavenly Emperor, it's been 10,000 years since we've last been together. Let us cherish this last day that we have and enjoy a good chat, shall we?"

The four supreme beings have come to a state of acceptance. They could understand where the Heavenly Emperor was coming from as well. They wanted to use these final moments to reminisce about everything they once had together.

"Alright." Looking at the four of them, the Heavenly Emperor Yuan nodded his head.

Lin Fan sighed within his heart. He only had one day. How was that enough…?

Glory Sect…

Lin Fan arrived at Nameless Peak. Looking at everyone gathered around him, he could not help but feel a deep sense of melancholy within his heart.

"I knew it! Master is the best! Any sort of problems turn into no problems in the hands of our Master!" Zhang Ergou exclaimed while looking at Lin Fan with a look of respect.

"That goes without saying! Everyone has got to know whose Master he is. Right, Master…?" Cai Zhiqiao, that cute little brat, was hugging and sticking with Lin Fan tightly while boasting proudly.

Lin Fan smiled as he fondled Cai Zhiqiao's little head. He then burst out into laughter brightly, "Alright, since I'm in a pretty good mood and all our Saint Devil Sect disciples are gathered, Yours Truly have got some good news to announce as the Grandmaster of Saint Devil Sect!"

"What good news?" Xuan Yunxian looked at Lin Fan with an expression of happiness on her face.

"It's got something to do with you…" Lin Fan said mysteriously.

"Huh? With me?" Xuan Yunxian was startled for a moment before she grinned, curious about what was to come.

Mie Qiongqi stood silently on the sidelines. Looking at his Master, his heart was filled with grief. He wondered when the next time would be when he could even see his Master once more.

But of course, he was tactful enough to let it show on his expression.

Lin Fan held on to the tender hands of Xuan Yunxian and continued, "It's been tough on you. After all, I've never ever given you a name or a status. Let us get married today, right here on Nameless Peak. All my disciples shall be my witnesses."

"Huh…?" Xuan Yunxian looked at Lin Fan with a face of disbelief. She had not thought that it would be something like this! She then whispered, "What's wrong with you today? Why do you sound so different?"

"It's an affair that has to be done sooner or later. Besides, if there's someone who comes after you, wouldn't that make you the big wife then?" Lin Fan chuckled teasingly.

Upon hearing these words, Xuan Yunxian's face flushed like a tomato, "Tsk! There are kids around!"

Lin Fan held onto Xuan Yunxian's hands tightly and gently patted the back of her hand, "I've longed for a soulmate, and time shall never separate us. At times, fate is truly a strange thing indeed. Believe in me. I'll definitely protect all of you."

"Yes…" Xuan Yunxian had never once heard such words. With that, her gentle heart fluttered as she laid her head on Lin Fan's shoulder in complete bliss.

"OH…! MASTER'S GETTING MARRIED!!!" That little brat Cai Zhiqiao began hopping around excitedly.

His second disciple, You Jiuling, beamed happily, while hopping around with Cai Zhiqiao as well.

It was a simple affair without any guests nor grand stages. Everything was just plain and simple. But to Xuan Yunxian, all she ever wanted was that simple sentence to account for her... A promise.


That in-depth interaction between her and Lin Fan before his final departure had left her tired, and thus, she headed off into bed early.

Lin Fan donned his robes. Looking at the sky and stars above, he disappeared from that place in the blink of an eye.

The next moment, Lin Fan had arrived at Jiuxiao Sect. He found Xinfeng, whose hair were getting whiter, and was busy handling the affairs of the Jiuxiao Sect.

Looking at the arrival of Lin Fan, Xinfeng was naturally overwhelmed with joy. Ever since he had known of Lin Fan's revival, he had been filled with emotions.

That night, those two men conversed deeply. Xinfeng was so excited about seeing his brother once more that he did not notice anything strange about his Brother Lin.

As dawn broke out, Lin Fan left the Jiuxiao Sect.

He then found his 14 Sand Bandits. These men had followed his absurdities of the Dao of robbery, and had insistently carried on his will. Looking at them, he could not help but sigh with a peaceful exasperation. He left a strain of his power, protecting and watching over these 14 fools.

Lastly, Lin Fan headed back to the Cangling Continent and conversed with those students of his. He imparted some skills over to them, and had them work hard on their own.

This was not the way Lin Fan had planned his script to turn out.

Towards this place, Lin Fan was filled with all sorts of reluctance. But what could he do about that? In order to take control of the fate from here on forth, he had to continue working hard by all means.

This was a responsibility as well as a personal pursuit.

Standing on a distant mountain peak, Lin Fan looked over the boundless mountains and seas of this world. For a moment, he had a strong feeling of unwillingness to leave this place surge into his heart. But he suppressed it within to the bottom of his heart.

"Are you ready?" The Heavenly Emperor Yuan asked Lin Fan.

"Yes, I'm done. You can begin now." Lin Fan took in a deep breath and nodded. He then looked over to a group of people, "Grandmaster, please take care of Saint Devil Sect from now on."

Grandmaster Yan looked at Lin Fan before heaving a long, deep sigh, nodding his head eventually.


The four consciousnesses of the supreme beings exerted their final burst of strength. This burst of energy surged through the entire Heavens and Earth.

Suddenly, Lin Fan's face turned pale. He noticed that even the Heavenly Emperor Yuan's lifeforce was gradually turning weaker!

"Heavenly Emperor Yuan, you…!" Lin Fan exclaimed in disbelief.

"Kid, you are the hope… And I have chosen to believe in this hope. Do not let me down." In that instant, the lifeforce of the Heavenly Emperor Yuan erupted out as well. That ma.s.sive amount of energy pierced through the Heavens, as though it was paving a new path.

The sacrifice of his life was the so-called hope of the Heavenly Emperor Yuan. Towards this decision, he did have some regrets before. But, he managed to let them go.

After all, there was only a single hope. If he missed this opportunity, it might never come again.

Lin Fan looked at the Heavenly Emperor Yuan and the four supreme beings before nodding his head.

Just then, a small thin pa.s.sageway appeared in the void. Even though it was minuscule, this pa.s.sageway was practically the symbol of hope right now.


In that instant, Lin Fan's body entered that pa.s.sageway and disappeared entirely…

The Heavenly Emperor Yuan's body turned into dust and scattered into the universe.

As for the consciousnesses of the four supreme beings, they had reached the threshold of their limits, and had dissipated completely as well.

Nameless Peak…

A lone figure stood with a forlorn look on her face, glancing into the distant skies.

"I've longed for a soulmate, and time shall never separate us. I'll await your return, definitely…"

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