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The sacred grounds of the Lianlong Sword sect were within the mountains up north. Many people wanted to join the Lianlong Sword sect, but because the sect was located in such a perilous place, those without high perseverance couldn't reach it.

"Dong Dong Dong…"

A dull bell sounded within the Lianlong Sword sect as many disciples looked around in confusion.

"Master, come out quickly… senior sister is about to die." At this time, a group of fl.u.s.tered looking disciples landed on the ground and shouted out towards the hall.

The Lianlong Sword sect was very strict, so naturally disciples weren't allowed to rush into the hall so brashly. But because the situation was so urgent, the disciples couldn't be bothered with rules for the time being.

These two days, they had been running through day and night, not daring to slow down just so they could arrive at their destination quicker. Their senior sister Ni was becoming weaker and weaker, and if it weren't for the medicinal pills they had used, she would have long died.

At this moment, slight tremors in the air appeared from within the halls, and a figure appeared from within.

If it weren't for the clothing, it would be difficult to tell if the person was a man or woman. The air around the person's face vibrated murkily, like a pool of muddy water.

"Master, senior sister Ni…"

"Supreme Will of the Sword, what exactly happened? Go to the peaks and summon the elders." Without any more words, the Lianlong Sword sect leader pulled Ni Mantian into the void with him. His expression changed, and feeling the graveness of the situation, he then immediately left.

The surrounding disciples looked at each other and not dared to stop, immediately going to summon the elders from the peaks.

Not knowing what he had caused, Lin Fan was currently enjoying each day as if he were on a break and continued heading north. Along the way, Lin Fan experienced the vast beauty of nature and encountered many strange plants. But what left the deepest impression on him was the vast amount of wild beasts here.


There was someone up ahead.

Lin Fan's expression suddenly changed and he stopped. He had heard the sound of voices up ahead and had also seen many footprints along the way, so he knew he must be nearing the Great Yan Dynasty.

Lin Fan hid within the shadows and saw a group of people up ahead killing a wild beast. Lin Fan had previously killed one of these types, and although its strength was decent, that was all about it. The wild beast was killed by this seemingly strong group.

Five males and three females, their cultivation bases were all level two postcelestial. But if they were to fight alone, that level two postcelestial Golden-horned beast could definitely kill all of them.

Those people began resting on the spot and then disemboweling the golden-horned beast. They placed its horn into a bag, set up camp and began grilling its meat; it seemed they were planning on eating the wild beast.

"Hey, how's everyone doing?" Seeing that they were all only level two postcelestials, Lin Fan was not afraid. Moreover, he was also hungry, so he wanted to join in and get something to eat. At the same time, he wanted to head out with them. Judging from their outfits, they were most likely from the same area, so if he were to mingle with them, he could avoid attracting attention.

Something to eat and going to the place he wanted, it was two birds with one stone, so it was well-timed.

"Who are you?"The eight had just begun resting, but when they heard someone approaching, they were startled and hastily drew out their weapons in alert. But upon seeing only one person they were relieved. But even then, they didn't lower their guard, as there were all kinds if people in a forest like this. In the outside world, there were far too many people with bad intentions.

Lin Fan gave a smile seeing the group in such a panic "Don't worry I am not a bad guy."

"Hmph, a bad person will naturally not admit they are bad." A girl wearing long red clothes said with her sword drawn out in alert.

"Fellow brother, we don't welcome you here, so please leave." One of the males said.

Lin Fan glanced at the male. The other seven didn't say anything, so this person was most likely the leader.

Lin Fan smiled, "I would like to ask if the great Yan Dynasty is up ahead?"

"The great Yan Dynasty is thirty miles up ahead." Zang Tianhao was vigilant towards Lin Fan, who appeared from nowhere. The person was carrying no weapons, yet was still able to appear here, so he was obviously no ordinary person.

They had formed a party to come here to kill monsters. They had initially wanted to leave immediately after killing the monster, but its meat smelled very alluring, so they decided to eat first and then leave.

"Thank you, but I am hungry, and it seems you all managed to obtain something good. So I am just going to be direct with you guys, let's all eat together." Lin Fan went forth without any hesitation.

"Stop right there, otherwise don't blame me for getting violent." Zang Tianhao snapped upon seeing the person refusing to leave.

"How selfish, we are all traveling outside, so we should all help each other." Lin Fan said.

"Brother Zang, stop wasting your breath on him. Just look at how shady he looks. He is definitely not a good person… Let's just take him down first." Han Mangmeng, the girl in red, said and flourished the sword in her hand to stab the sword towards Lin Fan's neck.

"One sword clears all."

Han Mengmeng had a level two postcelestial cultivation base and her swordsmanship was also good. Her sword was covered with a layer of true energy and was glowing red, her momentum very aggressive.

Lin Fan was disgruntled at that moment, 'What do you mean by how shady he looks? I have such a pure and innocent face, how dare she call me shady?'


"A female attacking like that out of the blue, that just won't do." Lin Fan stood still, his left hand holding onto Han Mengmeng's sword as he said this in exasperation.


Zang Tianhao was stunned upon seeing the situation in front of him, his eyes popped out in disbelief. The person was able to block Han Mengmeng's sword with his bare hands, this…this...

"Senior, please wait." Zang Tianohao cried out after being taken aback.

"Nine Ways of Turning."

Han Mengmeng became enraged upon seeing the person catch her sword with his bare hands, and her body began turning, trying to break Lin Fan's hand.

Lin Fan slightly.shook his head.

Since it was like this, he might as well try the"Deflowering Finger."

Then, Lin Fan released the sword and he gently turned his finger, and as if he were trying to deflower someone, his finger stroked Han Mengmeng's sword.


A snapping sound rang out as Han Mengmeng's sword shattered and fell to the ground.

'Ding…"Deflowering Finger" experience + 10.'

"My sword." Han Mengmeng's expression changed upon seeing the shattered remains on the ground, her eyes turning a bit red as if she were in pain.

"Senior, don't get angry, we misjudged you… Please don't take what we said earlier to heart." Zang Tianhao hastily said. In the outside world, one shouldn't go against someone stronger than themselves' when one needed to concede, one should concede.

"Hurry up and apologize to senior." Zangtian Hao hastily said. This person was able to block Han Mengmeng's sword with his bare hands, so his cultivation base was most likely very high; they must not anger him.

Han Mengmeng looked at Lin Fan then at her sword and finally said a bit unwillingly.

"I'm sorry."

"No problem, our meeting must have been fate… hurry up and finish grilling the meat. After finishing, let's head off together." Lin Fan then sat down on a rock without any hesitation and motioned for the surrounding people to continue grilling the meat.

Currently, Lin Fan was very happy. Who would've thought that after just leaving the sect, he would be able to effortlessly rob two pericelestials, and then be recognized as a senior by a group of people?

As expected, there were many wonderful things outside the sect.

Zang Tianhao was relieved and then sat down next to Han Mengmeng. Although the person hadn't done anything excessively rude, he was still a bit worried at the moment.

"Hm, you guys are traveling with horses?"Lin Fan saw a group of horses eating gra.s.s underneath a tree, so he asked curiously.

"Senior, those are perfume horses, a type of horse that can emit hormones. Using that, we can lure over male wild beasts. If the beast we lure over is too strong, we can just hide and not come out." Zang Tianhao replied truthfully.

"Ah, so the horse is bait." Lin Fan felt the animal was rather strange.

"Yes, perfume horses are quite common, so they are nothing valuable." Zang Tianhao said.

"What a mysterious animal. If you guys run out of food, you can even eat these." This was the first time Lin Fan saw this kind of a horse.

"Senior, the horse isn't edible. Because it's a perfume horse, even wild beasts have trouble swallowing it."

"Oh, is that right? Even beasts don't like them?"

"Senior, the meat is ready."

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