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"Brother Xia, I'm sorry…I've just been using you all this while…I've got my calling to follow…" Streams of tears poured down from both sides of He Yuhan's eyes. However, even that did not stop the motion of her hands; she had to seize back the Heaven's Will no matter what.

"No…I don't blame you. Everything I have was given to me by you. No matter what you do, I'll never ever blame you for it. BUT PLEASE, I'M BEGGING YOU, DON'T EVER LEAVE ME…!" Xia Youtian cried out towards He Yuhan. He could gradually feel an important part of his heart disappearing by the second.

It was as though once this portion had dissipated entirely, Sister Yuhan would disappear from his heart entirely as well.

"Brother Xia…" He Yuhan turned around to look at Xia Youtian's heart wrenched face, and could not help but reveal a look of reluctance as well. Memories of their time together for the past tens of years began to scroll through her mind like a movie reel.

Bit by bit... Back from when they were kids all the way till now…

"Yuhan, after you leave, I won't live in this world any longer either. I like you. I truly do. Have you ever felt the same for me?' Xia Youtian was more of an oblivious guy when it came to matters of the heart usually. However, he was exceptionally sober right now. If he did not spill out his feelings right now, he had a feeling he might not get the chance to again.

Upon hearing these words, the tears began pouring down the beautiful face as she nodded repeatedly, "Liked… I loved you. And even now, I love you more than ever. It's just that I..."


Suddenly, something shocking happened.

Someone had punched the living daylights out of the emotional He Yuhan, sending her flying towards the side of Xia Youtian.

"b.l.o.o.d.y h.e.l.l! How f*cking touching was that? Even Yours Truly is nearly touched to tears by you lovebirds! Since you like him so much, then don't b.l.o.o.d.y leave!" Lin Fan could not resist appearing right before He Yuhan and punching her towards Xia Youtian.

"What are you doing?!" Looking at the half swollen cheek on his fainted Sister Yuhan's face, Xia Youtian hollered out to Lin Fan.

"Oh! It's alright! Don't worry about it! You don't have to thank me for it! This is something I feel I ought to do! Just take care of her nicely… That'll do for repayment!' Lin Fan waved his hand dismissively. Of course, one should not harbour the need for grat.i.tude when one did good deeds.

Looking at everything, the Heavenly Emperor Yuan let out a grin, "Indeed, you're the man I have chosen."

Lin Fan took a look at the Heavenly Emperor Yuan. He then turned around to the four supreme beings.

"Well, I think all of you guys have got a point. Both sides have their reasons." Lin Fan said while standing in between both parties.

"Heavenly Emperor Yuan, you said that the four of them are cowards. But to me, that's not the case. All of them are working hard and diligently in their own ways. Otherwise, why would they be grooming these future generations and descendants of Xuanhuang World, right? As for your stand, I agree as well. One should definitely fight for their own fates. Otherwise, I'm sure everyone would be indignant dying without even knowing the reason how or why they died."

"But, I've just got one thing to say. Lin Fan isn't a man who would push those that he wishes to protect into the dangers of the abyss, and watch them struggle from within. Therefore, I am going to shoulder this burden on my very own and fight against fate. At times, quant.i.ty doesn't matter. No matter how many people you bring along with you to the Upper World, it's useless. All you need is a single peerless prodigy that the world might not produce even in a billion years to face it all."

"And of course, I've got to humbly admit that I am that peerless prodigy genius that even a billion years may not produce. Return them the Heaven's Will. I shall follow you along to the Upper World and fight against this tragic fate." Lin Fan replied confidently.

Upon hearing these words, every single person's jaws dropped entirely.

They had seen all sorts of shamelessness in their lives. But for someone to be this blatantly bullsh*ttingly shameless?! This was a first!

Even boasting should have a limit, shouldn't it?!

A prodigy genius that the world might not even produce in a billion years…! This…!

The Heavenly Emperor Yuan stared at Lin Fan in absolute daze, then finally burst out laughing, "In-interesting…! INTERESTING INDEED! HAHAHA! But on what grounds am I to believe you?"

"Oh, on the basis that I, Lin Fan, alone, have tamed the Ancient One. Let me ask you… Without borrowing the strength of the Heaven's Will, is the current you even a match for the Ancient One?" Lin Fan asked.

Heavenly Emperor Yuan glanced over at the Ancient One, who was behaving weirdly in the distance, before turning his head back to Lin Fan. His brows creased, as though he was deep in thought

"Heavenly Emperor Yuan, you don't even have to think about it. Come, I'll just let you have a bout with my Ancient One to let you understand. At times, the only way to resolve a dispute is through a good fight. You're someone from the Xuanhuang World. Thus, I believe that your intents and actions are all for the sake of the Xuanhuang World as well. The only difference is your standpoint. This is just an issue of an ideological difference, that's all."

"Furthermore, it's been 10,000 years since you last entered the Upper World. I'm sure even you yourself would not know how the situation is like up there right now. Even if you break through the Heavenly Barrier right now, all you'll be doing is sending everyone to their deaths needlessly. On the other hand, I, Lin Fan, am willing to head up there with you to check out the situation." Lin Fan continued.

"Ancient One, come here." Lin Fan beckoned over to the Ancient One, who was laying on the ground.


"Yes, Master?" Instantly, the Ancient One flipped his body over and leaped before Lin Fan, asking with a look of pandering.

Looking at how the terrifying Ancient One would bow down respectfully towards a human, Heavenly Emperor Yuan's mind was riddled with thoughts, as his face could not hide his disbelief.

Lin Fan looked at the Ancient One before nodding his head in acknowledgment. Patting his storage, a large amount of Biggras flew out and entered the tummy of the Ancient One.


Instantly, that Biggras that entered the Ancient One's body released their medicinal effects.

The initially calm Ancient One instantly turned berserk. That pitch-black skin of his was flushed tomato red right now. Even those eyes that were filled with flattery were now replaced with immense desire.

"HUFF…HUFF…!!!" The Ancient One breathed heavily and hurriedly before Lin Fan. Each breath was steaming hot.

Lin Fan was really pleased with the state of the Ancient One right now. After swallowing this many Biggras, his fighting strength should be doubled at least.

But under the effect of the Biggra, if he didn't release this strength, the Ancient One might truly go mad.

"Okay, go and penetrate him…!" Lin Fan's finger was pointed at the Heavenly Emperor Yuan in the sky, whose face was long petrified.

'GRAWWWWWWWHHHHH…!!!' The Ancient One howled out and shook his head fervently.

In the eyes of the Ancient One, that mighty and imposing Heavenly Emperor Yuan was nothing more than a deep, dark, boundless cave right now.

It was a really alluring and attractive cave, seducing one to enter at all costs.

In that instant, the Ancient One's ma.s.sive body leaped towards the Heavenly Emperor Yuan wildly. At the same time, those two giganormous lumps of meat at his chest swung left and right, slamming against each other and giving off a pleasant bouncing sound.

The fusion of sweat and water.

The clashing of strength and Dao.

This was going to be a moment of a HUGE RELEASE.

Looking at the state of the Ancient One, all four supreme beings let out a look of disbelief, unable to comprehend the scene at all.

As for the Heavenly Emperor Yuan, his heart could only pound furiously while looking at the rapidly approaching Ancient One.

Lin Fan turned his gazes towards the four supreme beings, "The four of you should calm down as well. There's always a way to resolve issues. If you guys had really gone head-on with him just now, this battle might truly have been unavoidable."

"Reincarnation Emperor, G.o.d of War... The two of you are not thinking of taking over their bodies by leaving your strains of consciousness within them, are you?" Lin Fan chuckled while asking.

"What sort of beings do you take us as! We're only grooming them. Once everything is settled, our consciousness will gradually dissipate." Upon hearing that question, the G.o.d of War spoke up immediately. He was the great G.o.d of War after all. How would he be doing such evil acts that veered off from the path of the righteous?

"That's good then." Lin Fan laughed before looking into the distance.

The scene that was about to unfold would definitely be spectacular.

The Ancient One, who had popped down all those Biggras, no longer wanted to kill.

All he wanted to do was to poke someone.

Poke and pound harshly, releasing every last bit of desire within his heart.

Lin Fan wondered if the Heavenly Emperor Yuan could take it.

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