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"The final whip…!" Lin Fan's chest huffed. This was the toughest opponent he had to train up so far. But, no matter how hard it was, Lin Fan had to ensure that this Ancient One would submit completely under his whip of love.

'Twisting Heaven and Earth', 'Black Tiger Steals Heart', 'True Origins Crushing Kick' and 'Trainer' were the four truly great and devious skills that Lin Fan possessed right now in his opinion. Each of them was a boundless existence in their own rights.

But, if one really had to make a choice to choose the sickest of them all, it would undoubtedly be Trainer of course.


Ripping through the void, the crack of the whip rang through the entire sky. The whip's tail gleamed with a bright glow, landing on the body of the Ancient One, as though it was about to tear through the Heavens.

The Ancient One's body shivered uncontrollably, as a heaven-shattering sound boomed out across the world.

"Seems like it's finally done." Looking at the state the Ancient One was in right now, Lin Fan finally heaved a sigh of relief.

The Ancient One only had himself to thank for all of this. After all, if he hadn't done himself in recklessly, Lin Fan wouldn't have gotten this chance to make a comeback.

Even if he were able to survive under the mighty blows of the Ancient One and continuously improve the state of his physical body, there would still only be one remaining outcome: Both of them unable to take down the other.

But now, things were different. It was the uprising of the commoner right now. What an elegant and pleasurable feeling this was!

From this battle, Lin Fan was also enlightened about a deep meaning of life: 'One must never push themselves to the edge recklessly.' And of course, this Ancient One was none other than the Reckless King right now.

As the final whip landed on the body of the Ancient One, Lin Fan heaved a great sigh of relief.

It was all over.

"No…don't stop…please go on…" Suddenly, the Ancient One's voice groaned out. There was a hint of desperation in his tone, as though he couldn't bear to leave this training session.

The moment Lin Fan heard this, he was stumped. However, he let out a long sigh right afterward, "Oh well, you've been such a respectable and admirable opponent. It's good that you're finally able to face your true inner self and become the true you you were meant to be."


In order to satiate the needs of the Ancient One, Lin Fan disregarded his own personal fatigue and continued whipping down one after another.

Between the Heaven and Earth, the sounds of the Ancient One were continuous and unbearable. That imposing and mighty figure was no longer existent in this world right now.

In its place was an Ancient One who was reborn, a new man who was true and honest to his own feelings and emotions.

Looking at how much enjoyment the Ancient One was deriving from this, Lin Fan could not help but wonder, 'Was it really THAT pleasurable to be trained? It did seem a little tempting to be able to be trained up for a good round right now.'

But alas, it was a pity that he couldn't employ the same skill on himself. What a tragedy!

Time pa.s.sed by the seconds…

"Alright, the training shall end now. I'm almost dead beat right now." Lin Fan plopped his b.u.m down onto the ground. Keeping the whip back into his storage, he breathed heavily.

'Ding…Congratulations on training up the Ancient One whose strength is only at 1%.'

'Ding…Experience points +5,000,000,000'

'Ding…Congratulations on leveling up.'

'Ding…Utmost Celestial Full Cultivation state.'

Upon hearing the announcement of his leveling up, Lin Fan was exhilarated. At the same time, he could not help but be reminded of how strong the Ancient One was with just 1% of his original powers. If this guy were to truly regain all of his strength, what a terrifying existence he would be!

He wondered how the Supreme Being and the G.o.d of War managed to sever this guy's body apart back then.

The Ancient One glared at Lin Fan begrudgingly, evidently l.u.s.ting for more pleasure. However, looking at those two giganormous lumps on his chest, he couldn't help but sigh out, wondering when the swelling would finally go away.

"Everyone, come on over. It's all over." Lin Fan shouted over to the distant battlefield in an exhausted tone.

Those who were in charge of fending off against the beast army were bewildered, not knowing the meaning behind Lin Fan's words. The Ancient One was still alive and kicking right there! How could he say that everything was over?!

But just then, they realized that the Ancient One was laying there lifelessly. He no longer had that fearsome outlook from earlier on. With that, they set their hearts at ease and headed over to Lin Fan.

'CUCKOO…!' Chick,y who had recovered by now, was the first to leap over to Lin Fan's side. He then hopped up onto his favorite spot on Lin Fan's shoulders and rubbed his head against his Master's cheek. Looking over at the Ancient One, he tossed his little chicken head, snorting coldly in complete contempt.

'How dare you whack Your Chicky here! Look where you are now? Still subjugated by my big old bro obediently!'

"Little Fan, just what's going on right here?" Grandmaster Yan asked in bewilderment.

"Oh, it's nothing much. This Ancient One had never ever experienced the feeling of parental love since he was young, as he was an orphan. I have converted him over with the power of love. He now knows of his wrongdoings." Lin Fan replied.

"?!?!?" Grandmaster Yan's face was stumped.

"Ancient One, do you acknowledge your mistakes?" Seeing the look of disbelief on Grandmaster Yan's face, Lin Fan shouted over to the Ancient One.

"Yes, I do." The Ancient One was laying there silently, slowly reminiscing the pleasant feeling from before.

"Grandmaster, see that? I told you, I've converted him over. Do you believe me now?" Lin Fan replied with a straight face.

Grandmaster Yan could not keep his gaze away from those two giganormous lumps on the Ancient One's chest. He then looked at Lin Fan and sighed eventually.

Only a dumba.s.s would believe those words of his. But it was alright. Everything was fine now. He did not have to ask what went down exactly any longer.

"Brother Lin, you're truly too cool! I, Yao Wuxie, have never submitted to anyone in my life before. But to you, I'm hands down with respect!" Yao Wuxie circled around Lin Fan and blew his horn.

Lin Fan chuckled, "Seems like you've gained quite a bit in the period of time I haven't seen you, eh? I'm sure you know about the situation back home by now, eh? Don't blame me. It was all for your own good."

"Brother Lin, don't say that. I know all about it. If not for you, there wouldn't be the me of today. Perhaps, I might still be lazying around at home, awaiting death." Yao Wuxie had already returned home and found out the truth about everything. As for the position of the Yao Family's Head, Yao Wuxie had no intentions of taking over at all. All he wanted was a casual life. Furthermore, all those brothers of his were really chummy with him right now.

After he had his fill of fun here outside for a little longer, he would head back home and return to his life of lazying around and awaiting death.

"Little Fan, now that all of this is over, shall we head back?" Grandmaster Yan commented.

Lin Fan shook his head. "No, it's not over just yet. There's still one final person to deal with."

Everyone paused for a moment, apparently shocked and confused. Now that even the Ancient One had been subjugated, who else could there be?

"Heaven's Will, come on out! After watching the entire show for such a long time, shouldn't you show some manners?" Lin Fan hollered into the skies.

'Heaven's Will?' Everyone was stunned for a moment, as the color drained from their faces. They had a really ominous feeling about this.

"He is not the Heaven's Will." He Yuhan stood out with a solemn face, "Heavenly Emperor Yuan, come on out!"


Suddenly, the Heavens shook. Within the boundless void, lightning crackled and boomed as a ma.s.sive resolute willpower pummelled down from the Heavens.

"HAHA…Entertaining... It was a really entertaining show indeed." The voice that boomed out shook the entire world.

"You despicable sh*t, Heavenly Emperor Yuan!" He Yuhan's tone was frosty.

Back then, in order to receive his help to take down the Ancient One together, she had agreed to allow the Heavenly Emperor Yuan access into the inner cores of the Heaven's Will. That move allowed him to access the limitless pool of energy between the Heaven and Earth, forcefully limiting the cultivation state of the Ancient One.

But little did she expect that once the Ancient One was severed into pieces, the Heavenly Emperor Yuan would take the chance to devour her! What a d.a.m.ned move that was!

"HAHAHA…! If not for the fact that the Supreme Being had discovered my scheme and stopped me earlier on back then, you wouldn't even be talking right now. Alright, stop hiding yourselves now as well, Supreme Being, G.o.d of War, G.o.d of Battle, Reincarnation Emperor! All of you, get the h.e.l.l out! I know that you guys have been keeping your consciousness alive to secretly live on ign.o.bly for thousands of years. It's time to put an end to all of that!"

Gradually, illusory figures appeared in the void one by one. Before long, those figures started materializing as well.

Upon hearing these words, Lin Fan was started to feel tense.

With that, a frightening scene occurred…

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