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"What is Little Fan really trying to do?" Looking at the scene in the distant skies, Senior Elder Wuya and the others were absolutely befuddled. They could not understand just what was happening that was causing all the disturbances over there.

Zong Hentian shook his head…

Grandmaster Yan shook his head…

Amongst this group of people, there were only two people who could comprehend the situation. Mie Qiongqi and Flame Overlord were the only people here who had been trained by Lin Fan before.

Back when they were being trained, they had felt that it was a form of humiliation. However, ever since their training was completed, they had discovered a deep secret longing for that marvellous sensation.

The two of them glanced at one another with looks of reminiscence in their eyes. At the same time, they could not contain this bubbling jealousy and envy over the fact that the Ancient One could get to enjoy this training right now.

How pleasurable was that sensation back then? How wonderful! It was a feeling which left one intoxicated.

Ever since they had been trained up, they had always hoped that they would get to experience the same sensation once more. However, they never ever got the chance again.

"Ancient One, Yours Truly is going to train you up today! It's time for you to understand that this place is not one where you can act so brazenly!" Lin Fan himself had gone into full brazen mode.

Right now, the Ancient One was like a fish on the chopping board, ready to be sliced into sashimi. If the Ancient One could endure through this, Lin Fan might as well uninstall his system and surrender. He could even stretch out his neck for the Ancient One to chop off or play as he willed.

But, with the Ancient One fallen right now without any room for resistance after receiving Lin Fan's three grandest moves, this was the best scenario Lin Fan could ever hope for.

No matter how strong one was, they had better submit obediently under the three grand moves.

Lin Fan initially had intentions to smelt the Ancient One. However, he decided against it eventually.

If something weren't his, it still wouldn't be his at the end of the day.

The Eternal Arm, for example, had been smelted completely, yet the Ancient One could still manage to s.n.a.t.c.h if back from Lin Fan.

What if the mummy of the Ancient One turned up one day and said sh*t like, 'The Ancient One was born from me and shall always be mine…!'

If something like that happened, then Lin Fan would be b.l.o.o.d.y shift*cked!

BUT, if the training were to work out and he could keep the Ancient One under his wings, then things would be really easy from here on forth.

The Ancient One was still howling terribly. Each time his eyes glared at Lin Fan, they were filled with extreme hatred, as though he could not wish to tear this person apart. But in that instant, those expressions had disappeared. In their place was a blankness and dazedness, as though he had lost every single last bit of hope towards this world.

A sense of melancholy began to emit from the Ancient One's body, and encompa.s.sed the Heaven and Earth.

In that instant, Lin Fan's eyes sparkled.

The final ultimate technique of training had pretty lofty requirements.

One's focus needed to be at its utmost peak in order to properly unleash that final ultimate technique to its fullest potential.

With a long whip in his hand, an aura that depicted Lin Fan's superiority in this world burst out from his body.

"Ancient One! Be prepared to enjoy the best moments of your life in this world! A single whip from Yours Truly would definitely bring you an immense pleasure! In fact, you may even start to doubt the meaning of life itself! However, you shall never get the same chance to enjoy this ever again!" Lin Fan burst out laughing as he struck a pose.

Pulling on the whip with both hands, he swung his arm.

'One Whip To Rule The World!'

In that instant, Lin Fan danced in the air. To think that he would unleash the ultimate move straight away!


As if it had a life of its own, that long whip covered the entire sky. Right now, it seemed that the sky was filled with only that dancing whip.

Seeing this, everyone on the other side of the battlefield were stunned. They had never seen a skill like this in their life! In fact, they didn't even know what sort of a move Lin Fan was going to employ to destroy this Ancient One!

"d.a.m.n IT…!" The Ancient One howled. But at that moment, the whip had landed on him.

Like an electric current surging out, it coursed its way through the Ancient One's body.

'AHHHH…!' The Ancient One moaned. This voice alone had Lin Fan shrugging in cringe momentarily. To think that the Ancient One would make such an indecent sound!


The dancing whips cracked as they landed on the body of the Ancient One repeatedly.

The Ancient One was being trained up by Lin Fan's wanton whips. At the same time, the heart of the Ancient One was struggling with immense turmoil and resistance.

Coiling itself in the air, that whip spun repeatedly before coiling itself on that giganormous chest of the Ancient One tightly.

Lin Fan's jaws nearly dropped apart. Since when did this move exist?!

But, Lin Fan was not in the state to ponder about this anymore. As long as he could train up the Ancient One completely, it was all worth it.

"INSOLENT…!" Even though the Ancient One was rendered helpless by that ridiculous pain, he was entirely riled by the way this human was humiliating him!

"Eh? You still wanna talk back? Seems like you're not being schooled well enough. Time to turn it up a notch!" Looking at how the Ancient One still dared to be impertinent, Lin Fan was going to go all out.

After all, everything that Yours Truly was doing was for the sake of Dongling Continent! Lin Fan knew that the Grandmaster and the others would definitely understand his intent.

Lin Fan turned around and faced the ma.s.ses on the other end of the battlefield. However, all he saw was everyone covering their eyes with a single hand. It was as though the show that they were watching was too blinding for their innocent eyes.

Yet, curiosity still got the better of them, as they were peeking out from the gaps of their fingers.

'Hais…' Lin Fan shook his head. How could they not understand him at all? While Lin Fan could not help but acknowledge that this WAS a little cringeworthy, it was all for the sake of justice!

Lin Fan then adjusted his mental frame once more as he focused all his attention on the training.

As he continued the training session, he was discovering new ways and methods to carry out the training as well.

The Dao of training was one that was varied and fluid. Filled with all sorts of difficult moves, every single one of those stances were unleashed to their fullest potential with Lin Fan's Trainer ability.

In fact, Lin Fan could even bring in the knowledge of training from his previous life and employ it here and now.

Seemed like the effect wasn't that bad indeed. After all, the Ancient One was howling repeatedly.

Even though he seemed enraged and riled by all of this, Lin Fan knew that the Ancient One must still be feeling really good about this on the inside. It was just that he had yet to come to terms with himself.

"Ancient One, you must face yourself! Slowly relish this feeling in your heart! Do not resist. The more you resist, the more shame you will feel unnecessarily." Lin Fan replied calmly.

"YOUR MOTHER'S FART…!" The Ancient One continued to holler. Yet, he did not have any bit of resistance left. In the hands of this detestable human, he was nothing more than a puppet to be tortured, humiliated, and whipped.

"Holy f*ck…! Ancient One, it's alright. You don't have to trust in the words of Yours Truly. Yours Truly will make you see the light!"

"And I WHIP!"

"And I BIND!"

"And I LEASH!"

"And I TWIST and TURN!"

"And I go for your ROOT!"

"And finally, I'll show you the WAY! All the way DOWN!"

Lin Fan was giving it his absolute all. The strain on his body was huge as well when he used the Trainer skill. In fact, it was constantly depleting his True Energy from within. However, in order to tame this Ancient One, Lin Fan could use nothing but the strongest of skills.

No matter what, he had to break through the defenses of this Ancient One!

In that instant, the skies changed…

There was nothing but the cracking of whips in the air.

Of course, along with those tragic wails of the Ancient One.

Lin Fan's eyes were absolutely cringing right now as well. However, for the sake of justice, for the sake of everything…no matter how cringeworthy this was, he had to carry on!

Looking at how the expression of the Ancient One was gradually changing, Lin Fan's heart leaped with joy.

The time was now!


"Ancient One! Face yourself! This is the true you!" Lin Fan looked at the Ancient One, who was being whipped up, down, left, and right.

"I-I…I…!" The Ancient One's breathing was getting hurried. He wanted to spit at this human.

Yet, the craving in his heart was getting ever stronger.

It was begging him.


'Don't stop…'

'Please continue whipping me…'

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