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"Why?" Looking up at the Heavens, the Blood Demon Emperor was filled with a sense of helplessness. Just what sort of sins had he committed to meet with this man once more?

Until now, he still couldn't erase the scars of that traumatic incident a year earlier.

That was the saddest thing that had ever happened in his entire life. He thought that he would be spared from the torments after naming out the Heart Demon Emperor. But to think that it would be his turn once more after this terrifying man was done with the Heart Demon Emperor!

"Heavens…HEAVENS…! EARTH…! WHAT HAVE I EVER DONE TO YOU GUYS? WHY MUST YOU DO THIS TO ME?" The Blood Demon Emperor was in tears. His heart was filled with sorrow.

If any being from the Blood World would have seen the state the Blood Demon Emperor is in right now, they would definitely be stunned. Was this still the mighty and imposing overlord of the Blood World? Where was his dignity? Where was his magnificence?

Was this still the Emperor they had feared and respected? Why the h.e.l.l was he scared silly by just a puny human?

The Blood Demon Emperor took in a deep breath slowly. Sometimes, it was better for one to know their place.


That mighty towering body had collapsed into a kneel on the ground. Those mighty kneecaps were bent right in front of Lin Fan. He had completely submitted and given in to Lin Fan.

That imposing, dominating demeanor wasn't there anymore. All that replaced it was a sorrowful and melancholic look.

"Big bro…" The Blood Demon Emperor lowered his esteemed head. Those malicious eyes were trying their best to switch over to a gentle look as well.

In front of this human, the Blood Demon Emperor had given up completely. There was no need to resist at all.

The Blood Demon Emperor wasn't someone who was afraid of a powerful opponent. In fact, death didn't faze him either. If one could die easily, then he could accept it as well.

However, the main thing was that this man before him was simply a beast! He could definitely take him down easily, but nooooooo… he just wanted to torment him!

Chopping his head off!

Chopping his legs off!

Chopping his arms off!

b.l.o.o.d.y h.e.l.l!

He even chopped his groin off!

Who else in the world could be this ruthless and cruel?

Lin Fan's students were entirely stumped by now.

To think that this powerful and frightening being would just kneel down before Lin Fan before their very eyes. Not only that, he was calling their teacher big bro!

Everything was way too surreal.

Just what sort of an existence was their teacher? How could such a horrifying being even submit before their teacher?


The respect that these students had towards their teacher had now pierced through a whole new threshold.

This was the strongest backing they could ever hope for!

"Zhu You, your teacher is so strong!" Zhu You's Missy's face was already shocked earlier. However, upon the sight of this horrifying t.i.tan kneeling before Zhu You's teacher, she was entirely flabbergasted.

"That's right…" Zhu You was the same as well. She was deeply shocked by the scene before her, as though she could not believe everything before her very eyes.

Zhu You gave herself a good pinching to make sure that everything was real.

"Oh, Blood Demon Emperor…!" Looking at the actions of the Blood Demon Emperor, Lin Fan was speechless.

This was such an obedient att.i.tude! He wasn't even used to it!

If the Blood Demon Emperor had howled madly in anger, Lin Fan would have chopped down without hesitation. But now that the Blood Demon Emperor was behaving himself so nicely, Lin Fan did not even know where to start with.

After all, for an overlord of his position to be kneeling down before Lin Fan, wouldn't it be overboard if Lin Fan were to just chop this guy apart just like that?

"Big bro, just call me Little Blood! That'll do!" The Blood Demon Emperor's heart was literally bleeding right now. No matter how many years it had been nor the events they had encountered, humans were just like puny lifeforms to them.

Even a greater celestial full cultivation being was nothing but a fat ant in front of them.

But to think that this human right here would be this strong... Way too strong! And not only was he strong, he was a s.a.d.i.s.t as well!

He was more of a demon than they demons themselves could be!

"Oh, Little Blood…!" Lin Fan intended to negotiate with the Blood Demon Emperor. After all, it wouldn't be too nice for him as well to get nothing in return after summoning this fella out with all those tributes.

"Big bro, say no more. I understand…" The Blood Demon Emperor replied hurriedly. His body's blood began to rumble as the essence blood floated up into the sky drop by drop.

"Big bro! These are offerings of your Little Blood right here!" The Blood Demon Emperor's heart was clearer than anyone else. He knew that this guy was out for his essence blood.

Even though essence blood was precious, so what? Could he even refuse?

If he were to refuse, he would be chopped up. By then, not only would he be losing essence blood, he would be chopped for nothing as well. Looking at the tragic state of the Heart Demon Emperor right now, the Blood Demon Emperor was rooted in fear.

After contemplating for a moment, his best course of action was definitely to give up his essence blood.

Looking at the essence blood in the sky, Lin Fan's face was stunned. Since when had the Blood Demon Emperor turned this tactful? To think that this guy would even understand his wishes before he had even made his request!

Indeed, a wise man submitted to his current circ.u.mstances.

After making a quick count, there was a total of 56 drops of essence blood.

Seemed like the Blood Demon Emperor had given it his all, not daring to hold back at all.

One year ago, the Blood Demon Emperor nearly suffered from anemia. Even though he had almost fully recovered after the entire year, how strong could he be?

Evidently, the Blood Demon Emperor truly gave it his all without withholding any single thing.

Floating in the air, Lin Fan's tiny palms patted the shoulders of the Blood Demon Emperor.

"Hais, good lad. Good lad! Little Blood, seems like I wasn't wrong about you! I promise you, I'll never summon you out again. Also, if anyone dares to bully you in the future, let me know! I'll summon him and take revenge for you!" Lin Fan felt that he shouldn't go overboard right now. Since this guy was being so understanding, it would be unacceptable if he took too much advantage of this fella right here. Even he himself would despise himself by then.

"Big bro! I'm so grateful…! THANK YOU!" The Blood Demon Emperor broke down crying. These weren't the tears of grat.i.tude. This was a feeling of being released from captivity.

To the Blood Demon Emperor, that one single statement was more than enough: 'I'll never summon you out again'.

The Blood Demon Emperor was thoroughly touched by those words.

From here on forth, his life was finally safe!

He could finally live a peaceful life within the Blood World!

Sweeping his robes, Lin Fan kept all the essence blood.

"Right. Let me ask you... How did the Heart Demon Emperor come over here directly?" Lin Fan suddenly asked.

"That's impossible, big bro! The Blood World is completely separate from this world! We can only come over if there are tributes. Even though the Heart Demon Emperor is strong, there's no way he can break the barrier just like that."

"Oh…" Lin Fan nodded his head. Seemed like the Blood Demon Emperor didn't know what was going on either.

"But that's right, big bro... There WAS indeed something that happened within the Blood World recently. It seems as though someone managed to communicate through to the core of the Blood World. But for now, there doesn't seem to be anything weird that's happening because of it." The Blood Demon Emperor added hurriedly as he just recalled it.

Communicating with the source of the Blood World?

That was strange indeed.

"Alright, then I've got nothing for you anymore. Take this Heart Demon Emperor back with you as well. I'll leave him in your care from now on. Don't allow him to come out here ever again." Lin Fan ordered.

"Yes, big bro! Don't worry! I guarantee that there'll be no issues!" Upon hearing these words, the Blood Demon Emperor was elated beyond words.

He could finally leave this place!

To the Blood Demon Emperor, this place was simply way too dangerous!

The Blood Demon Emperor had not done anything after coming out other than offering his essence blood. What a misfortune that he had to lose so much essence blood at one go!

But if this could save him from the future torment, then everything would definitely be worth it!

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