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Lin Fan had not expected this to go this easily. After all, the Heart Demon Emperor was much stronger than the Blood Demon Emperor, with superior abilities as well.

In the hearts of every living being, the mental demons sapped and devoured them from within, before eventually luring men towards that dark, dark abyss.

"All of you, come over." Looking at that raised up the crotch of the Heart Demon Emperor, Lin Fan was just about to chop it off when he recalled something.

At times, the process of recycling trash had to be complete.

"Teacher's calling us...!" Looking at their teacher beckoning towards them, all of the students were bewildered.

They wondered what their teacher was up to.

But as long as their teacher was around, they naturally doubted nothing and scurried over.

"Teacher, what have you called us over for?" Looking at the fallen body of the Heart Demon Emperor and their teacher standing on its body imposingly, everyone asked courteously.

"What levels are your Monkey Steals Peaches at?" Lin Fan asked.

Was being a teacher an easy task for Lin Fan? Definitely not. But when he was having fun, he should definitely take his students along for the ride.

Everyone looked at one another, not understanding the meaning of their teacher's question.

"Teacher, I'm on level 4." Cao Tianjiao started with a little pride in his answer.

"Level 5." Zhui Mo replied casually. There was nothing to be proud of. After all, he couldn't even compare with the levels of his junior sisters. What was there to be proud about?

"Level 3." Xiaoze shook his head in embarra.s.sment. At the same time, he was being drawn in slightly by the body of the Heart Demon Emperor.

Now that he was so close to the Heart Demon Emperor, he truly realized how ma.s.sive the Heart Demon Emperor was. Even standing at a side, he could feel the horrific aura that was emanating from the Heart Demon Emperor.

"Teacher, I'm at level 6!" Han Mengmeng replied.

Lin Fan nodded his head as they replied one by one. However, after hearing the levels of Han Mengmeng and Liu Shuishui, he was shocked, with a look of disbelief.

But soon after, he gave off a knowing smile. In that instant, his mind had finally understood what was happening. Of course, these two would be at max level after stealing peaches day and night.

The moment he cast those knowing gazes to Xiaoze and Zang Tianhao, both of them lowered their heads in embarra.s.sment. Seemed like their shameful acts had been…exposed.

"Alright, other than Han Mengmeng and Liu Shuishui, the rest of you head up to the dong of the Heart Demon Emperor and give it a good tug! Tug till you reach your utmost potentials!" Lin Fan gave off the orders.

The skill that he had imparted them, Monkey Steals Peaches, was a skill that couldn't be trained using normal methods. It wasn't something that could level up if one worked hard at cultivating. This was a skill that required actual combat experience.

And of course, the tougher the opponent, the higher the mastery one could obtain.

Now, other than the two girls present, none of the others had reached the peak level yet. Now that the chance was right in their faces, it would be such a waste to give up such an opportunity.

"Teacher, are we really going at it?" Zhu You's face was stumped.

Taking a closer inspection, the dong of the Heart Demon Emperor was simply too huge! It was so big that it was almost disgusting!

"Of course, DUH! With such a good set of training materials here, if you were to miss it right now, you'd definitely regret it!" Lin Fan replied.

"I'll start first…!" Xiaoze who had always wanted to turn stronger struck first.

'Monkey Steals Peaches!'

A straightforward move without any nuances to it…

At the same time, Xiaoze could feel some energy surging through his Monkey Steals Peaches, as though it was about to breakthrough its bottleneck at any moment.

"Me too…!" Cao Tianjiao followed up.

"Me three!"

One by one, under Lin Fan's heartened gazes, they continued on this ruthless path of cultivation making use of the Heart Demon Emperor.

And course, with a mechanical timing, the Faceless Sky Demon slapped down on the head of the Heart Demon Emperor every single minute without a second more or less.


Seeing this, Lin Fan could not help but sigh helplessly. What a sad life this Heart Demon Emperor was leading. Not only was he being trained up the moment he came out, he was being mutilated and tortured badly.

"Teacher, I'm at my peak level!"

"Me too…!"

By now, everyone had mastered their Monkey Steals Peaches to their highest possible level. This was absolutely the best feeling ever!

"Alright, that'll do! All of you, head to one side. Once this Heart Demon Emperor wakes up, he's definitely going to go ham." Now that all his students had mastered their Monkey Steals Peaches, Lin Fan waved his hand and dismissed them off.

After all of them left, Lin Fan took up his Eternal Axe and heaved in a deep breath. He then aimed it at the groin of the Heart Demon Emperor and slammed down.


A gigantic 'heavenly pillar' flew up into the air. In fact, it even twitched for a moment.

Sweeping his robes, Lin Fan kept that particular part into his storage.


As the Heaven and Earth opened up, Lin Fan tossed in everything. Both arms, both legs, that 'heavenly pillar', the head... Everything was thrown within.

'Ding…congratulations on smelting.'

'Ding…congratulations on obtaining Heart Demon Emperor's Essence Blood. 15 drops.'

'Ding…congratulations on obtaining Heart Demon Emperor's Essence Blood. 20 drops.'

'Ding…congratulations on obtaining Heart Demon Emperor's Essence Blood. 13 drops.'

Hearing these notifications of the system, Lin Fan was more than elated. Seemed like the level up was set in stone this time round for sure!


With that, Lin Fan tossed all the essence bloods into his tummy and started churning his Blood Sea. Instantly, the essence blood turned into a warm source of energy that made its way into his body slowly.

'Ding…congratulations on leveling Blood Sea.'

'Ding…Blood Sea Level 8.'

'Soon…soon! Give me more!'

Lin Fan churned the essence blood of the Heart Demon Emperor relentlessly. The blood within his body was repeatedly boiling right now, as though it was a fiery dragon that was about to burst out. This was a sign of it shedding its skin.

Ever since the Firmament Blood had entered Lin Fan, he had not felt or sensed anything unusual about it. Hence, he had practically given up all hope on it. However, right now, he could sense an unknown energy that was rumbling up the Firmament Blood as well! He was definitely elated right now.

Even though it was just a little bit of presence, it gave Lin Fan infinite hope.


The blood dragon within his body that was formed by the blood aura had slammed itself against an internal door in his body, causing that loud booming sound. However, that door only shook gently, without anything being followed up.

"Holy sh*t. Must it really be so ruthless? To think that I would be stuck in such an awkward position even after using up so much essence blood of the Heart Demon Emperor!" Lin Fan frowned with displeasure.

This situation was similar to when someone was on the edge and was about to shoot, yet someone would use a rubber band to give the head a tight grip, preventing the shoot. One would have no choice but to hold it back in.

"Just what sort of skill is teacher cultivating?"

"I've got no idea, but that aura was simply way too fearsome!"

'Teacher is teacher indeed. That state he's in is definitely something that we can never hope to achieve.'

Upon opening his eyes, a blood glow shimmered and disappeared as Lin Fan's brows creased.

"It's not enough. Seems like it'll be hard on you now, Heart Demon Emperor." Looking at the body of the Heart Demon Emperor, Lin Fan could not help it either. He wondered how much more essence blood could be stored within the body of this Heart Demon Emperor.

If he still couldn't succeed after this, then he would have to think of some other way to do it.

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