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"HAHA…!" The Heart Demon Emperor started laughing out manically at this point. Those pitch-black claws that ripped through the void pointed at Lin Fan, "Your majesty has traversed over all of the Blood World, and yet no one has dared to be so insolent towards me. Ant, who gave you the guts to act so impertinently in front of your majesty!"

"Cut the c.r.a.p. Just come at me first." Lin Fan disappeared from where he was instantaneously and darted towards the Heart Demon Emperor.

"Do you guys think that teacher can win?" A student asked.

"Isn't that obvious? Look at how calm teacher is. If he weren't confident, could we have chatted all the way till now?" Cao Tianjiao tossed him a side glance.

"That's true. If teacher had no confidence, he shouldn't have been so relaxed."

"Watch and learn. This battle is something that we'll probably be hard-pressed to find in an entire lifetime. This will be helpful for our future growth." Xiaoze said with a focused gaze. This was the most antic.i.p.ated battle for him. A battle between powerful beings would definitely provide a ton of useful experiences to learn from.

"Seems like this should be a battle of the t.i.tans." Zhu You's Missy suddenly spoke out.

"Missy, you can tell too?" Zhu You asked.

"Yes. Even though my cultivation state isn't that high, no matter what, I'm the Missy of a great family. I've got some general knowledge about stuff like these." Missy said calmly. That panicked look on her face from earlier on was no longer existent.

"Missy is a smart person indeed. My thoughts are the exact same as yours. This battle will definitely be a battle of the t.i.tans." Zhu You nodded from the side.

After being her Missy's bodyguard for two years, there was no way Zhu You could disagree with her Missy. At the same time, she knew of her Missy's character. She definitely had to agree with her Missy's words. Otherwise, the latter would definitely get mad.

"It's been two years. Finally, I've got the chance to see teacher go at it. I've got to watch seriously and not miss out even on a single bit."

In the eyes of everyone present, their teacher's battle with the Heart Demon Emperor would definitely be a battle that would rip the world and Heavens apart.

But they had already prepared themselves mentally to take heart into learning. They would be certain to keep the memories of this battle deep in their hearts, so that they could recall it from time to time. That would definitely be beneficial.

"Heart Demon Emperor, your little brother Blood Demon Emperor was beaten to a pulp by Yours Truly. And YOU alone dare to come to be so insolent before me right now? I'll make sure you regret ever stepping foot into this place today." Lin Fan replied naturally. That calm gaze of his dazzled with a sparkling brilliance.

The Nine Five Legendary Brick appeared in his palms stealthily.

"HAHA! Ant! How dare you even continue to be so insolent even at this very moment? You truly don't know what it means to die. Today, your majesty shall show you the horrors of aggravating someone like me!" The Heart Demon Emperor sent out a ma.s.sive punch after being enraged by Lin Fan's words.

This punch was boundless like the seas and covered the entire sky. Mental demons danced all over the skies, as though the entire world was devoured by this single punch.

Lin Fan's students were finally shaken.

"Take a look! The Heart Demon Emperor's punch is way too strong! Could this be the mental demon that's mentioned in the legends?"

"It's too strong! Just that aura alone leaves one completely defenseless!"

"Teacher is teacher indeed! To think that he still has no fear in the face of such a punch! Eh? What's that red colored object in teacher's hand?"

"That object looks pretty strange. There's no aura from it at all! But anything that comes from our teacher must definitely be extraordinary! Seems like teacher's finally ready to get serious and deal with the Heart Demon Emperor!"

"Should we go up and help? Wouldn't it be too dangerous to let our teacher go alone?"

"Go up? Are you out of your mind? More like we'll just create more of a mess for him!"

"That's right! This is teacher's way of giving us an experiential learning! If we miss this opportunity of a lifetime, you'll definitely regret it forever!"

At this moment, Lin Fan's students all gathered their attention and glared unwaveringly at the situation up ahead. In their eyes, this battle would definitely benefit them a lot.

Lin Fan looked at the Heart Demon Emperor and his lips curled into a smile. If this were a year ago, this might have been quite the challenge. However, something like this could come to him and get smacked down any day now.

There was nothing unusual about that Nine Five Legendary Brick in his hand. Without even a glow on it, it just looked like any other normal object.

The Heart Demon Emperor did not pay any heed to Lin Fan. His malevolent face curled into a grin.


With that roar, his punch took down an entire mountain.

'A brick to the head!'

In that instant, the Heart Demon Emperor's face changed. Lin Fan had disappeared from the spot! But when he reappeared once more, he was right beside the head of the Heart Demon Emperor!


Just as the Heart Demon Emperor was about to retaliate, he felt that red thing slapping on his head.


There was not even a single bit of defense, nor was there a single bit of preparation. In that instant, the towering colossal figure of the Heart Demon Emperor collapsed down onto the floor.

'Hais…time to work.' With that, Lin Fan summoned his Faceless Sky Demon and tossed to it his Nine Five Legendary Brick.

"Alright, listen up! Slap his head after every one minute!"

The Faceless Sky Demon floated beside the Heart Demon Emperor's head gently and nodded its heads blankly.

At that moment, the entire sky fell silent.

Those students who had made their preparations to observe were now dumbfounded. That insanely strong Heart Demon Emperor was done for just like that?!

"That…who was the one who said that this would be a battle of the t.i.tans?" Cao Tianjiao asked with a stumped look.

Xiaoze, who had focused all his attention, blushed as he turned his gaze around at everyone else. Zhu You and her Missy felt an invisible hand slapping at their faces thoroughly.

"General knowledge of a Missy of a great family indeed... the battle of the t.i.tans indeed..."

Holy f*ckamoly! Victory was practically decided in a single second!

No one was prepared for this at the least bit!

"I didn't say it!" Zhu You shook her head immediately. How could she have said something as such?

"Zhu You, weren't you the one who declared that at first?" Missy turned her head around and glared at Zhu You.

"Yes..." Zhu You was stunned before she acknowledged reluctantly. Seemed like she was the scapegoat once more. They had thought it through really thoroughly earlier on. Most people had thought that this would be a battle of the t.i.tans. But reality had taught them a great lesson.

What sort of a battle of the t.i.tans was this? This was practically their teacher just having fun of his own!

Lin Fan stood on the body of the Heart Demon Emperor at this moment and rubbed at his own chin. He then took out the Eternal Axe from his storage.

"Heart Demon Emperor, you can't blame me for your bad luck today. After all, one cannot refuse gifts that are sent right to their doorsteps." Lin Fan said calmly before slamming down the Eternal Axe at the five limbs of the Heart Demon Emperor.

Left and Right Arms.

All three of his legs.

Even chopping the head off of this guy shouldn't kill him.

"Guys, what's teacher doing!" Everyone looked into the distance and saw their teacher chopping down at the body of the Heart Demon Emperor with his axe.

"Isn't our teacher dismembering him?! That's too scary!" Cao Tianjiao's face was stunned.

"To think that our teacher would have a fetish as such. Seems like it's definitely anyone's misfortune to be our teacher's enemy!"

"Hais, I can't even bear to look at this! The way the blood is spraying out… Holy f*ck…"

Everyone was stunned right now. The scene before them was way too violent and gory. But to Lin Fan, this was the happiest moment ever.

Seemed like he was going to feel real good this time round!

Hehehe, that level 9 of Blood Sea would be going nowhere…

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