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At times, life would work in the strangest of ways. The more one would try and scheme at obtaining something, the more it would elude him. But, once one let loose of that chase for just a little bit, things would appear and happen right before him.

Upon sensing the presence of the aura, Lin Fan thought that something major had happened. But the moment he heard this fella proclaiming himself to be the Heart Demon Emperor, he burst out laughing immediately.

To think that he had sought after this for so long, yet this Heart Demon Emperor was howling madly right in front of him.

And to think that he came all out on his own accord!

Lin Fan had roughly calculated. For him to be able to summon this Heart Demon Emperor slowly, he would need at least a minimum of 100 energy grid line chains.

Now that this Heart Demon Emperor had come out all by himself, what sort of a great encounter was this!

Discovering these types of essence blood gold mines, Lin Fan would definitely not kill the opponent. As the saying went, one could only catch a big fish if one let out a long rod. He definitely had to take the chance to grind out everything he could from these beings.

But, something bothered Lin Fan. How could this Heart Demon Emperor come out from the Blood World all on his own? Could the barrier between the Blood World and Xuanhuang World have been broken?

But it was alright, Lin Fan did not bother to confuse himself with such things. If the barrier was indeed broken, then all the merrier for him.


Looking at these students of his, Lin Fan was pretty emotional.

Two years had gone by just like that. To think that all these kids, who were once deemed as trashes, had all grown up now.

And of course, Lin Fan felt proud. After all, these were his students!

Lin Fan placed the Heart Demon Emperor out of his mind momentarily. To him, the energy of the Heart Demon Emperor that had sealed the entire place was as thin as paper, something he could rip apart easily.

"Not bad, guys! To think that you can even survive up till now in the presence of the Heart Demon Emperor! And I even saw that gutsy move to attempt a Monkey Steals Peaches together at the Heart Demon Emperor! You guys are worthy to be called my students indeed. Not bad, not bad!" Lin Fan chuckled.

"Teacher, you're finally here! If you still hadn't arrived, we would have been doomed!" Cao Tianjiao heaved a sigh of relief. With their teacher around, what was there to be afraid of? Couldn't everyone tell how calm their teacher looked right now?

After wandering outside for the past two years, there was one thing they were certain of. The calmer a person was in the face of adversity, the stronger the power of that person was as well.

Looking at how their teacher was so calm that he practically even ignored the presence of the Heart Demon Emperor, none of them could match up to this state of a mental frame of mind.

The closer that figure approached, the more emotional everyone got.

Two years...

It had been a whole two years. To be able to see their teacher once more, the sort of feelings that were welling up right now were not something that they could express through mere words.

They were once looked down upon as trashes with worthless potential by others. Coupled with the fact that most of them came from poor backgrounds, they were practically dregs. Luckily, the Heavens took pity on them and accorded them with such a wonderful teacher.

"You're Zhu You! How are you so fat now? You're so fat that I can barely even recognize you!" Looking at the fatty before him, Lin Fan exclaimed in shock.

Zhu Di looked at her teacher excitedly. At the same time, she wanted to redeem herself, "Teacher, my name is Zhu Di…'"

"Zhu Di? I don't know who that is. I only know of a Zhu You. Are you Zhu You? If you aren't, teacher here must have recognized the wrong person then." Lin Fan replied nonchalantly.

Everyone around sn.i.g.g.e.red.

"Yes teacher, I am Zhu You." Zhu Di shrugged her head and replied helplessly. Seemed like there was no chance at all.

"Zhu You, of course you are what teacher says you are. Why must you insist on changing your own name?" Liu Miaomiao sn.i.g.g.e.red from the side.

Zhu You's Missy was stumped right now. This young man was their teacher?!

That couldn't be right, could it? Wasn't he way too young?

"Oh, two years no see and you've become quite the beauty, eh, Liu Shuishui?" Lin Fan looked over at Liu Miaomiao and commented. This used to be his most faithful student. But, ever since she met Xiaoze, she betrayed him and talked back to him. That hurtful incident was something that Lin Fan could definitely not forget.

"HAHA…Liu…Shuishui…HAHAHA…" This time round, it was Zhu You who burst out laughing.

"Teeeeeeacher! I'm called Liu Miaomiao, not Liu Shuishui! If you call me that, others would laugh at meeeeee!" Liu Miaomiao stretched her voice in a flirty tone in hopes that Lin Fan would change the name over.

"Who would dare to laugh at you? Your name IS Liu Shuishui…!" Lin Fan replied righteously. There was no way he would let these guys correct him.

The words of the Xuanhuang World were really flabbergasting. Just what sort of characters were these?

But of course, as a teacher, how could he acknowledge his mistakes? Naturally, he had to be wrong all the way and have their brains washed towards his ideals. They had to understand that there was only one simple fact in this world.

'Teacher is never wrong. All of you are wrong.'

But, looking at them carefully once more, his heart was filled with all sorts of emotions and pride. These were the students that he had trained properly indeed. Amongst all of them, the lowest cultivation state was at a pericelestial.

He was especially proud of Zhui Mo and Xiaoze. To think that they were both lesser celestials as well.

The speed of their growth was simply unbelievable.

Back then, he had not raised their potential by a significant amount. For them to make such a remarkable leap in cultivation states with that potential, they must have put in a lot of hard work diligently.

The Heart Demon Emperor came into this world with absolute dominance, bent on wreaking all sorts of havoc in this world. However, the sight before him had him totally infuriated. To think that these ants would dare to ignore him!

'ROARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR…!' The Heart Demon Emperor howled, "Ants, how dare you not prostrate right in front of me as your majesty arrives in this world?"

Lin Fan continued to ignore the Heart Demon Emperor. It was time to rile him up for a little longer first. Seemed like there was definitely hope for his Blood Sea to reach level 9 today.

Rebirth through blood... That overpowered BUFF… He could finally fulfill it!

"Teacher, that guy seems to be really mad! Is it really alright for us to ignore him?" Cao Tianjiao had been observing the situation with the Heart Demon Emperor keenly. Looking at how wildly the Heart Demon Emperor was howling right now, he could feel a skip in his heart.

"It's alright. Let him jump about for a little longer." Lin Fan waved his hands dismissively.

With that, a strange mood set in the entire place. Lin Fan was happily in conversation with his students over casual affairs of the past two years, while these students were tossing glances at the Heart Demon Emperor from time to time.

All of them had a single question in their heart they wanted to ask.

'Teacher, can we really do this?'

The Heart Demon Emperor was thoroughly incensed right now. He stood there, rearing his head into the skies and howling continuously. Illusory mental demons floated and danced around him continuously, as he vented out the anger in his heart.

How dare these ants be so brazen?

He was an overlord in the Blood World! Even the Blood Demon Emperor did not dare to act so insolently before him! To think that he would be given such a nonchalant att.i.tude after arriving in the Xuanhuang World!

This was absolutely intolerable for the Heart Demon Emperor.

"Ants! You shall pay the price for ignoring your majesty! Your majesty shall use my mental demons to take over your hearts and rule over all of you guys for all eternity!"


With a single stomp of the Heart Demon Emperor, the Earth shook violently. That ma.s.sive force that erupted threatened to destroy the entire world.

"Ants! To force the arm of your majesty is to cause the entire world's destruction! All of you shall know fear beyond your world! You have completely riled your majesty, someone none of you can afford to offend!"

"You've simply gone too overboard! TOO MUCH, YOU ANTS…!"


Lin Fan sighed, expressing his exasperation. Was this Heart Demon Emperor truly an idiot? Why the h.e.l.l was he nagging all day all night over there? Couldn't he just rush at him and strike out? Just force a fight or something man.

Was it because he was bored silly in the Blood World and he was looking for people to chat with?

Looking at the state the Heart Demon Emperor was in, Lin Fan was startled. To think that he was not even comparable to that Blood Demon Emperor. No matter what, at the very least, the Blood Demon Emperor had found something to cover his groin area with. But, this Heart Demon Emperor had come out completely nude! Wasn't he afraid that he would scare people off like that?

"Alright, Heart Demon Emperor, stop howling now. Since you can't wait for it that badly, Yours Truly shall entertain you then." Lin Fan spoke up.

The moment everyone heard this, they heaved a sigh of relief.

No matter what, the pressure on them was immense, with the Heart Demon Emperor close to them.

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