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The amount of people pa.s.sing by grew more and more, so Lin Fan knew they were nearing the Great Yan dynasty.

The Great Yan dynasty was a va.s.sal of the Saint Devil sect and within the sect's jurisdiction. They would offer tributes every year to replenish the internal consumption of the Saint Devil sect.

The great Yan Dynasty was once also a great ruler, composed of many powerful and talented people. Even other subsidiary dynasties also had their period of power. But with the rise of powerful sects, many dynasties began declining. Thus, many dynasties began submitting to the sects to seek protection.

For any sect, this was considered a good thing. At the very least they wouldn't have any shortages regarding disciples.

Along the way, Lin fan obtained some information from Zang Tianhao and his party.

They were students of the Sky Heaven School. They had formed a party this time to hunt monsters. No matter what monster it was, their lowest cultivation base would still be in the postcelestial stage, so humans would be unable to compete with them normally.

But luckily, humans had a strong will to learn, so many gifted people would also appear.

The Heaven Sky School was the only school within the Great Yan Dynasty. Within it were many regular humans and geniuses, but compared to the Saint Devil sect their strength was still lacking.

The school was formed by a group of powerful people deriving from the Great Yan Dynasty. Although it was incomparable to the sects, it was still a place that couldn't be underestimated.

"Senior, this is the capital of the Great Yan Dynasty. How about returning to the Sky Heaven School with us? Our teacher would definitely want to meet a master like senior." Zang Tianhao said expectantly.

Zang Tianhao was hoping he could woo the senior into Sky Heaven School.

"I will meet you all again in the future if our fates should cross. Thank you for your help along the way. I, Lin Fan, am very grateful."Lin Fan clasped his hands together, preparing to separate.

"Senior Lin is modest. If it weren't for senior Lin's help this time, we probably wouldn't have made it back alive." Zang Tianhao said.

Lin Fan then brought a sword he had crafted previously, "I apologize for destroying your sword earlier. I will give you this middle graded sword as compensation."

Han Mengmeng was a bit reluctant upon seeing the senior about to leave, but when she saw the senior bring out a middle graded sword and giving it to herself, she was both happy and surprised.

"Thank you, senior." Han Mengmeng was joyful, then received the sword in thanks.

"Mengmeng, how could you accept such an expensive weapon." Zang Tianhao said sternly. A middle graded weapon is already a very valuable weapon for them.

"Senior gave it to me, of course, I will accept it. Otherwise, isn't it disrespectful to senior?"Han Mengmeng said while happily hugging the sword.

"No matter, it's just a mere middle graded sword. Nothing valuable." Lin Fan smiled lightly while waving dismissively.

Qu Xiang Ge's upper graded Tiger Blade had been shattered into three pieces. Lin Fan had taken them and reforged them into three middle graded swords, one of them being the compensation.

"Thank you senior Lin." Zang Tianhao said thankfully.

As expected of senior, his viewpoints on things were different. A middle graded sword was treated as mere compensation.

Lin Fan then parted with Zang Tianhao's party and headed into the city while walking eastward.

Lin Fan was unfamiliar with the Great Yan Dynasty, so he walked aimlessly, just wanting to see what the Great Yan Dynasty looked like.

But Lin Fan wasn't dispirited with this random exploring, and was full of energy, 'So this is the Great Yan Dynasty.'

Watching senior's fading back, Zang TIanhao's party then returned to themselves.

"I wonder when we will be able to meet senior again?" Zang Tianhao hadn't known Lin Fan for long but was still affected by Lin Fan's righteous att.i.tude.

"Senior sister Han is lucky to be able to receive senior's middle graded sword. What name will senior sister give it?"The others stared enviously at the sword in Han Mengmeng's hand.

Han Mengmeng hugged the sword as if she were holding a precious treasure, smiling with delight, "I want to be righteous and awe-inspiring like senior, so I will call it the Sword of Righteousness."

Currently in the forest.

Qu Xiang Ge's party was unconscious on the ground. A falcon flew nearby in the sky as if checking to see if its prey was dead.

"Hmm?." Qu Xiang Ge began stirring, then opened his eyes, his expression changing.

"I'm not dead…"

Qu Xiang Ge observed his surroundings, realizing he was still in the same place. But upon saying those words, his expression turned into one of disbelief.

My voice…how?

Sharp, low, and gentle, was this his voice?

Qu Xiang Ge then felt his own face. The previous rough skin was now incredibly smooth, his fingers trembled as he touched his throat.


Where's my Adam's apple, just what happened?

Qu Xiang Ge's forehead began sweating, as a wave of fear swept over him.

At that moment, Qu Xiang Ge felt a strange feeling within his crotch, as if it were missing something.


Qu Xiang ge was in disbelief, but still endured the fear in his heart and opened his pants. But upon seeing it, a rage swept over him and he spat forth blood.

Gone…gone, how can it be gone, just what the h.e.l.l happened?

"Did you see a person clothed in black pa.s.s here?"

At this moment, the panicking Qu Xiang Ge heard a voice next to him and shouted in rage, "Get lost."

But at that moment, a cold hum traveled forth.

Qu Xiang Ge was suddenly in shock. A spray of blood spat forth, and his face paled.

Qu Xiang Ge saw a person in black then float down from the sky. His face couldn't be seen, but he could tell this person was very dangerous.

"Senior, I…" Qu Xiang Ge wanted to speak.

But then the person in black jolted, and Qu Xiang Ge's body then floated involuntarily in front of the person in black.

"Senior have mercy…" Qu Xiang Ge currently felt like dying. Why was every person he met even crazier than the previous one? He was a powerful level four postcelestial, yet he was captured like an ant by this person.

"A body of Yin and Yang, a body that only appears every thousand years. To be discovered by I, Zong Hentian, haha…" The person in black cried out loudly to the heavens. A swirl of dust and stones began rising as a soaring momentum shot forth to the sky, displaying the immense joy.

"Senior…" Qu Xiang Ge wet himself in fear. This person was definitely a maniac. 'What's this body of yin and yang, just let me go…'

"It seems I didn't come for nothing since I found such a devilish body. In that case, might as well bring it with me. As for the rest of these ants, I might as well reduce them to ashes." "Zong Hentian ignored Qu Xiang Ge, talking to himself."

But just when Zong Hentian was preparing to eliminate Qu Xiang Ge's minions, he became utterly stunned.





"How is this possible? 24 bodies of yin and yang, how can it be?" Zong Hentian was trembling with excitement. Upon seeing this scene, he found it difficult to remain composed even with his high cultivation base.

"Haha, the opportunity for I, Zong Hentian has come…you will all come with me."

"Senior, I beg you let me go…" Qu Xiang Ge was now wailing. To escape from a pervert only to be caught by a maniac.

Why am I, Qu Xiang Ge so unlucky?

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