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Lin Fan was feeling especially emotional right now. He stepped up and patted Qu Xiang Ge's shoulders, lamenting in a deep tone, "Oh, Little Qu, I can understand your pain. I truly hadn't thought things through properly back then. To think that it would result in such calamity for you."

As a man, Lin Fan must naturally acknowledge his mistakes.

Looking at how melancholic Qu Xiang Ge was, it would be really not right of him to mock this guy.

At the start, Qu Xiang Ge had thought that this was doomed to be his fate for the rest of his life. However, upon catching sight of Lin Fan here, his heart thumped furiously.

The thought of clashing with Lin Fan for revenge did cross his mind. However, he knocked it off quickly.

Back when he was a happy bandit, he was ambitious and l.u.s.tful towards a high cultivation state. However, now that he had reached the cultivation state he wanted and had been through so many things, Qu Xiang Ge had truly let go of many things.

The only wish he had right now was to turn back to be a true man.

"No, Senior, this is not your fault as well. At the start, I was indeed pretty excited about this. However, having been through so many things in life, I've thought things through. All I want now is a peaceful life to pa.s.s by." Qu Xiang Ge replied with a pitiful look in his eyes.

"Little Qu, are you really willing to let go of your powers right now?" Looking at how badly Qu Xiang Ge wanted to return to his previous self, Lin Fan did feel a slight tinge of reluctance. After all, it was difficult finding powerful beings. If he could recruit this person under him, that would be a pretty decent choice.

"Yes, I can let go! I definitely can!" Qu Xiang Ge replied hurriedly.

Right now, his only wish was to turn back to before.

Look at how he was right now! What did they call this again?

Other than that power that he possessed, he was neither male nor female! With a man's figure, he possessed the specific parts of women.

This was just a tranny freak!

In fact, Qu Xiang Ge would even wonder at times whether he was a he or a she!

Even though Lin Fan's face was deep and mysterious right now, his inner heart was in turmoil. To think that the body of Yin and Yang that he had created could be this powerful! In fact, this might not even be the ultimate form that someone who possessed this body could achieve!

But now that the other party wished to turn back to normal, there was no way Lin Fan could refuse that.

"Alright then. Since things had come to this, I'll turn you back then." Lin Fan replied calmly.

"Thank you! Senior!" A smile beamed across Qu Xiang Ge's face.

He was simply overwhelmed with joy!

Lin Fan had Qu Xiang Ge stand properly. Since this fella had changed due to Twisting Heaven and Earth, the trick should be to use Twisting Heaven and Earth once more.

"Prepare yourself. After you turn back, your cultivation state will be gone and you'll become a normal human from then on." Lin Fan continued.

"Yes, I'm prepared." Qu Xiang Ge nodded his head anxiously. He had waited for this outcome for a long, long time now.

Before that, Lin Fan made sure to retrieve all of Qu Xiang Ge's energy grid line chains. Even though there were only 10 chains, it was still worth a little something.

Looking at the crotch of Qu Xiang Ge, Lin Fan took in a deep breath. The atmosphere seemed pretty d.a.m.n weird, gosh!

He took out a glove from his storage. After all, personal hygiene was the most important to Lin Fan.


"Yes, Senior! I'm totally prepared!"

"I'm coming…"

"Yes, Senior! Please come now!"

Suddenly, the skies changed color as though something incredible was about to happen.

'Twisting Heaven and Earth.'

Yin and Yang switched positions as a tuft of black and white mist appeared in Lin Fan's palms. This was the ultimate meaning of the world, the energy of both Yin and Yang.

The reason why Lin Fan could possess a power as such was all because of the skill.


Within that instant, Twisting Heaven and Earth was successfully employed.

Something was changing within Qu Xiang Ge's body. A tuft of mist was swirling within his body, changing it rapidly.

Curling his finger, a bright light shot out from Qu Xiang Ge's body.

This was the unique power that was cultivated through the body of Yin and Yang. Normal human beings would not be able to contain this power. However, now that Qu Xiang Ge's body was changing back, this power was no longer suited for his body.

If this power were to remain within his body, his body might not be able to withstand the energy and just implode from within.

By the time the light dissipated, Qu Xiang Ge had turned back into a normal human being.

"Senior, I've succeeded!" Qu Xiang Ge looked at his own body. Feeling that familiar yet foreign feeling of that thing in his crotch once more, he was so emotional he could cry right now.

Finally, the past two years of being neither a man nor woman had disappeared entirely!

"Yes, you're back." Lin Fan nodded his head.

Twisting Heaven and Earth was truly a sick move. But it didn't matter. Lin Fan did learn one thing from this incident as well: Not everyone in this world sought power.

"Now that your cultivation state is gone, you need to be careful in the world from now on." Lin Fan advised him sincerely.

Qu Xiang Ge was a bandit back then, enjoying life carefreely. However, ever since he had met with Lin Fan the devil, his life changed entirely. Now that his life had returned to him, Qu Xiang Ge was elated beyond anything else.

"Yes, Senior! Don't worry! I've acc.u.mulated a number of objects in these past two years! I believe that as long as I work hard, I'll definitely become strong again one day!" Qu Xiang Ge did not hide anything in front of Lin Fan.

Even though Qu Xiang Ge had suffered plenty in the past two years, with his decent cultivation state, he did manage to gather quite a number of valuable treasures.

While his cultivation state was gone, he still had the treasures. There was no guarantee that he might be able to return back to that original power level with these treasures, but at least he wouldn't have issues defending himself.

Looking at Qu Xiang Ge, many thoughts were flying through Lin Fan's mind right now.

This man was a winner of life!

Even though he had undergone a s.e.x change, he did have a great boost in cultivation state that brought him around to see the world. At the same time, that allowed him to collect all sorts of valuable treasures. Even though his cultivation state was gone now that he had returned to his normal body, all the experiences and wisdom were still retained in that mind of his. As long as he didn't die prematurely, Qu Xiang Ge would definitely be a big winner of life one day.

"Go on…" Lin Fan gestured, allowing Qu Xiang Ge to leave.

After thanking Lin Fan profusely, Qu Xiang Ge scampered away and ran off from this place.

Lin Fan came before the Heavenly pillars.

The nine great sect's Grandmasters, Yan Emperor, and Fang Han were leashed up on them.

A series of tragic cries rang out across the skies.

w.a.n.g Xiaoliu and the others, who were hiding in the sect, could not help but shiver at the sounds of these cries.

When the ground trembled and the skies changed colors as tilting day and night, they were filled with fear.

"LET ME GO…!" Each and every one of them was screaming out with a look of beseech on their faces. They had not expected this to be their outcome.

"Let you guys go? Do you really think that's possible?" Lin Fan chuckled.

"Senior Brother Lin! Please let me go! Your Junior Brother knows his mistake now!" Fang Han cried out amidst tears and snot.

Everyone had seen the battle that had happened with their very eyes. That was not a fight of humans anymore. That was not something they could hope to resist.

Even if they were in their peak forms right now, they were definitely no match for Lin Fan.

Tossing a dirty glance at Fang Han, Lin Fan chuckled once more and let Chicky out of his storage. The moment Chicky came out, he cried out loudly at the situation. However, looking into the distance, he was stunned as well.

Even though he did not know what had happened, he could tell from the destruction of the entire place that sh*t must have hit the roof.

"Chicky, go and get me their storage rings." Lin Fan ordered.

'Cuckoo…!' Upon hearing these orders, Chicky's eyes lit up. These were the type of errands he loved the most.

Seeing this bunch of people, Lin Fan knew that trash must be recycled to their fullest potential. Even though he didn't have many expectations from the items within their storage rings, the quant.i.ty should make up for the quality.

Looking at these Grandmasters, they hadn't made much of an improvement in cultivation state over the past two years. In fact, they weren't even comparable to Qu Xiang Ge. What trashes!

But on second thought, Qu Xiang Ge possessed the help of the Yin and Yang body. That speed of cultivation was not something that these guys could hope to overtake.

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