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The portions of the beast were split and finished quickly by everyone. Martial artists consumed a lot of energy, so even a girl like Han Mengmeng was only full after eating an entire hind leg.

"Let's go, it's getting late. I hope we can get to the Great Yan Dynasty before sunset." Lin Fan rose up while saying.

"Alright, senior." Zang Haotian nodded. Everyone had stayed silent during the meal, and he had been vigilant towards Lin Fan. He hadn't said anything unnecessary as he believed the more he asked, the more dangerous it would be.

As they left, Zang Tianhao had Han Mengmeng follow in the back, not letting her come close. That way, in case anything were to happen, he could stall for time to allow her to escape.

On the way, the others also purposely quickened their pace, wanting to reach the Great Yan dynasty as soon as possible.

No one was excited with the appearance of the mysterious master. One would think that with the appearance of a master, one could perhaps get some benefits, but for them, just keeping their lives was good enough.

Countless people had died within this forest, all becoming blood-filled lessons.

Lin Fan realized everyone was purposely distancing these from him, but he didn't mind. As long as he could get to the Great Yan dynasty, he was fine and nothing else mattered.

Ordinary martial artists could no longer provide experience for his two skills Twisting Heaven and Earth and Black Tiger Steals Heart. Especially Black Tiger Steals Heart, even the pericelestial Ni Mantian couldn't provide any more experience, let alone others.

Was it possible that Black Tiger Steals Heart was more advanced than Twisting Heaven and Earth?


Just when Lin Fan and the others pa.s.sed a path that had cliffs on both sides, a group of unknown people surrounded them from the front and back.

"Hand over all your possessions, leave the women, then everyone else can leave." A man wearing black armor walked out menacingly with a large Tiger blade.

The man was bald and had a large scar that stretched down from his forehead down to his chin.

The large blade in hand was white and black-edged, and the tiger carved on the hilt looked ferocious.

Zang Tianhao's expression changed upon seeing the man with a large blade.

"Tiger Blade Qu Xiang Ge."

"Hehe, what a good eye." Qu Xiang Ge swung his blade, sending vibrations through the air. "Good eyes, now leave your possessions, leave the women, and get lost."

"Qu Xiang Ge, we are both students from the Sky Heaven School…" Zang Tianhao knew Qu Xiang Ge, an infamous bandit of the Great Yan Dynasty and a disgrace of the Sky Heaven School.

"Stop talking c.r.a.p." Qu Xiang Ge was enraged. He swung his blade, unleashing an energy towards Zang Tianhao and the rest.

They became frightened and covered with cold sweat upon seeing the unleashed energy. They had wanted to block the energy with his swords, but the ferociousness of the energy gave off an irresistible force.

"Qu Xiang Ge, you dare…" Zang Tianhao was startled. He didn't think Qu Xiang Ge would actually attack.

Qu Xiang Ge was a previous student of the Sky Heaven School, but after receiving unfair treatment, he had quit from the school and became the leader of a bandit group. Numerous experts of the Sky Heaven School wanted to eliminate this disgrace, but because Qu Xiang Ge was well hidden, he was hard to find. Thus nothing happened.

But now, the stroke of energy from his blade was something even Zang Tianhao didn't think he could withstand it.

Just as Zang Tianhao prepared to fight to the death, he then realized a mundane hand had reached forth and blocked the energy from the blade.

Zang Tianhao's eyes nearly popped out from his sockets. How was this possible?

Lin Fan looked towards Qu Xiang Ge: level four postcelestial. The cultivation base was fairly average, higher than his by one level, but Lin Fan felt the person was a waste of time.

"Senior…" He had thought he was about to die, but now he looked gratefully at Lin Fan. If Lin Fan hadn't interfered, he would have long died under the energy from the blade.

The level four postcelestial Qu Xiang Ge's sword skill was violent. Even people with the same cultivation base as his wouldn't be able to block the energy with their hands for too long.

"Who are you?"Qu Xiang Ge looked towards Lin Fan. He had seen Zang Tianhao enter the forest with a party of eight, but now there was an extra person. What was going on?

Lin Fan glanced towards Qu Xiang Ge, his mind racking, then an idea came to mind. He looked towards Zang Tianhao, "You guys go ahead without me. I will catch up later."

Lin Fan didn't want Zang Tianhao and his party to remain. Otherwise, he couldn't use his full power.

"Senior, you…" Zang Tianhao looked towards Lin Fan apologetically. He had previously been suspicious of this person, but now the person wanted them to leave first and planned on staying here alone to face the bandits.

"As a senior, naturally I will let the juniors leave first. This is my usual style." Lin Fan righteously said this while crossing his arms behind his back.

At this moment the sky began brightening. All filthiness was dispelled by the righteous and majestic words of Lin Fan. Even Han Mengmeng, who had previously held resentment towards Lin Fan, was now looking at him in worship.

The words of this senior had touched her heart. In Han Mengmeng's eyes, the senior's figure had become tall and mighty. The rays of light shone upon him to the point where she could hardly open her eyes.

"Senior I am sorry,. I still doubted you previously…" Zang Tianhao said apologetically.

Lin Fan waved his hand dismissively, "No issues. As a senior, if I don't even have a forgiving heart, then I don't deserve to be your senior. Go, I will catch up shortly." Lin Fan said plainly.

"Yes, let's go…" Zang Tianhao didn't hesitate and left immediately with everyone.

Qu Xiang Ge wanted to pursue, but upon seeing the mysterious person standing motionlessly, he held his breath, not daring to move.

When Zang Tianhao and the rest left, Lin Fan then looked towards Qu Xiang Ge and smiled, "Alright, I think I will also leave now."

Qu Xiang Ge froze, then came back to himself, "b.a.s.t.a.r.d, how dare you trick me, Eat this."

"Five Tiger Blade Cut"

Qu Xiang Ge roared in rage. He leaped up as the violent swing from his blade tore apart the air with a crackling sound.

Lin Fan squinted one eye. His deflowering finger instantly activated, flicking the hand of Qu Xiang Ge that was holding the broadsword. Qu Xiang Ge's face broke into several different reactions, a numb and drunken feeling yet at the same time a feeling of pleasure. A sharp pain shot through his palm and his hand loosened its grip, letting the broadsword drop into the hands of Lin Fan.

Lin Fan's instantly kicked out and Qu Xiang Gae fell to the ground.

"Boss, are you okay?" The surrounding minions immediately went forth.

Qu Xiang Ge waved his hand, enduring the pain as he stood up, "Well, it seems if I don't bring out my true strength, you won't know who exactly I am."

Lin Fan looked towards Qu Xiang Ge and began sneering.

"What are you laughing about." Qu Xiang Ge's heart burned in rage upon seeing the other party laugh him off, an impulse of wanting to slice and dice the other party rising in him rapidly.

"What am I laughing about?I am laughing about how you all will kneel down and surrender to Yours Truly." Lin Fan roared out, raising the broadsword and swinging it down upon his own body.

Qu Xiang Ge froze, believing the other party was crazy. The person was trying to commit suicide.

His Tiger Blade was an upper graded weapon almost a legendary weapon, utterly invincible. Many masters had fallen prey to his blade. But the next second, Qu Xiang Ge and his group became dumbfounded.

The blade had shattered into three pieces upon touching Lin Fan's body.

"My blade…" Qu Xiang Ge stared stunned at the shattered Tiger blade on the ground.

"If you don't want to die, kneel down and surrender to Yours Truly now. Otherwise, you will all meet the same end as this Tiger blade." Lin Fan built up his breath and roared out.

In his opinion, cutting down upon them all was a troublesome matter. He would just cut down upon himself and then see if they would submit or not. Qu Xiang Ge came back to himself. The person in front of him was very strong, immensely strong.

The Tiger Blade wasn't an ordinary weapon. A human body couldn't possibly endure its power, let alone shatter it.

"Senior…have mercy." Qu Xiang Ge caved at that moment and dropped to ground kneeling. The remainder weaklings then followed Qu Xiang Ge's footsteps.

Qu Xiang Ge was an insightful person. He didn't think that such a violent person existed in this world, to actually cut down upon himself and destroy his Tiger Blade.

Lin Fan smiled at this moment, his smile extremely brilliant…

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