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"Cut the c.r.a.p! Whoever's fist is larger shall do the talking today! Do the three of you really think that you can control Yours Truly in the palms of your hands? Go back to your dreamland!" Lin Fan stepped forth, his fighting intent unparalleled.

Out of the three of them, the weakest one of all should be Heaven Queen.

Based on his understanding of the conversation between Namo Saint Emperor and Heaven's Will, Heaven Queen was a being of the upper world as well. Besides, there was only a single strain of her consciousness that was present in this world.

Even though he did not know what the two of them were up to, anyone who stood in the way of his revenge would be suppressed without questions!

So what if that was the Heaven's Will of Cangling Continent?

Lin Fan was going to take down the Heavens today!

"Lin Fan, you're too brash. The events of that day are not what you think of them to be." Heaven Queen explained.

"Hmph! If it's not what I think of it as, then what was that? If you had wanted the G.o.d Blood, you could have just gone after the Grandmaster straight up! If he weren't your match and had fallen there, I would have no excuses. But to ma.s.sacre all those senior and junior brothers of weaker cultivation bases? I'LL BEAR THEIR VENGEANCE!" Lin Fan hollered in rage.

"I, the Namo Saint Emperor, have traversed over the ancient times. But this is the first time I've come to face with someone who dares to be so insolent before me! Today, I shall let you understand the true meaning of being a frog in a well! You shall know how puny you truly are!" Han Lu snorted coldly as a mysterious and deep aura burst out from him.

"Heaven's Will, lend me your river!"

Instantly, Han Lu disappeared from where he stood. From the sky, a glittering galaxy river tore through the void and came crushing down at Lin Fan.

"You think that Yours Truly would be scared?!" Looking at the sight before him, Lin Fan hollered, letting loose an immense amount of energy from himself as well.

In that instant, the void tore apart. The sky changed color repeatedly between day and night as countless energy grid line chains covered the sky densely.

"How can that be…?!" The faces of Heaven Queen and Heaven's Will changed immediately. They had not expected Lin Fan to be this strong!

"Hmph, frog in a well! Even though I'm only a single strain of consciousness, I've got more than enough power to suppress something like you!" Looking at the aura that was emitted from Lin Fan, Han Lu replied imposingly.


The moment Lin Fan's ma.s.sive fist collided with that river, a destructive typhoon erupted out.

"How is this kid this strong?!" A look of shock filled the face of the elderly face of Cangling Continent's Heaven's Will. He was in disbelief as well. With three-fourth of his original self being split off, anyone who was cultivating in this world should face an extremely slow cultivation speed!

Even people of greater celestial cultivation states who wanted to gather energy grid line chains would find it to be incredibly slow.

Could this fella have gone over to the Dongling Continent?!

But that was not right either! Even if he had gone over to Dongling Continent, there was no way he could have gathered this many energy grid line chains!

Just what in the world was going on right now?!

"Namo Saint Emperor? Yours Truly will turn you into a b.l.o.o.d.y Dog Emperor today!" Lin Fan's eyes flashed as the Eternal Axe appeared in his hands.


Cutting down with the axe, a bright flash of light appeared. As though it had split everything, the Heaven and Earth began to shake.


As the axe made contact with the river, the river shook as well.

"Kid, you think that you can act so lawlessly just because you've got some capabilities? You're too naïve!" Namo Saint Emperor retreated a few steps back, evidently not expecting this kid to be this strong.

That was out of his calculations.

"Hmph, cut the bull. Yours Truly shall have you kneel today…!" Lin Fan's fighting intent was formidable as it stained the entire sky.


Instantly, the void tore apart as the ground caved in. When someone reached Lin Fan's state of existence, every single move could practically tear down mountains and seas.

"How can the physical body of this lad be this strong?!" Namo Saint Emperor was stunned.

"Hmph…!" Lin Fan had completely given up on defending. He was all on the offensive to kill.

"Heaven Queen, I doubt the Saint Emperor's able to take down this lad alone. Let's help him out!" Heaven's Will spoke out. He truly had not expected this lad to be this strong. Even though it was only a strain of the Namo Saint Emperor's consciousness, he was supposed to be an ent.i.ty that no one in this world should be able to deal with!

After remaining silent for a moment, Heaven Queen nodded her head, "Alright, let's do it."

"HAHAHA…! GOOD! If the three of us strike together, does this lad still think that he can take us down?" The pressure being exerted on the Namo Saint Emperor had turned weaker as he finally had time to take a breather.

"That's good. If the three of you strike together, then Yours Truly can just take down all of you together!" Lin Fan took in a deep breath of air. The power of this Namo Saint Emperor was strong indeed.

Just what sort of existence was the upper world? To think that even a strain of consciousness would be this strong. That was unimaginable.

Now that he had exchanged blows with this Namo Saint Emperor, he had a better understanding of the other party's strength.

He wasn't really that bothered about the Heaven Queen. But the Heaven's Will, Lin Fan was wary about him. Even though this was only one-fourth of his original self, this was still an existence that had survived through the eras. This was no small fry.


Suddenly, the mountains and ground trembled as a ma.s.sive aura erupted out from Lin Fan's body. A rip was slowly torn in the void. From within, countless energy grid line chains appeared, densely packed together and carrying a boundless amount of power with them.

"How can this be? Just how many energy grid line chains have this kid cultivated?!" The Namo Saint Emperor's face changed in disbelief.

If he had to fight alone without the Heaven's Will and Heaven Queen, he might truly not have been a match for this kid!

Losing would then just be a matter of time.

Instantly, Lin Fan activated Stealth.

He disappeared from where he was in the blink of an eye.

"I cant sense his presence!" Heaven's Will called out hurriedly.

"Heaven's Eye!"

With that, a pair of gigantic eyes appeared in the sky.

Nothing in this world could escape from the gaze of these eyes.

"It's useless, Heaven's Will! That kid's invisibility move is too strong! We can only try to feel for his presence through the ripples in the air!" The Namo Saint Emperor's face was focused as he spread out his consciousness throughout the entire training grounds.

It could feel every bit of tremor from the ground and every ripple from the voids.

"Watch out! That kid's around you!" Suddenly, Namo Saint Emperor called out to Heaven Queen.

Heaven Queen frowned as she tried to react to it. But to Lin Fan, it was all too late.

"Heaven Queen, tremble under my hands!" Lin Fan appeared instantly before Heaven Queen.

'Black Tiger Steals Heart!'

Lin Fan's eyes flashed with malice. It's been a long, long time since he had used this skill.

Heaven Queen's face changed as the void around her trembled. But to Lin Fan, everything was as weak as paper.


Lin Fan's fist found their way onto the chest of Heaven Queen.

Instantly, Heaven Queen's chest jerked violently as a deep pain surged through her head. At the same time, there was a sense of shame that accompanied that pain.


Heaven Queen half kneeled on the ground, spitting out a mouthful of blood as her face changed immediately. She was using all her will to bear the pain while her teeth chattered incessantly.

Just what sort of a move was that? How was that so terrifying?!

In fact, Heaven Queen noticed that her chest had grown even bigger!

"Heaven Queen, what's wrong?" The faces of the Saint Emperor and Heaven's Will changed as they asked out in unison. The Heaven Queen was sweating profusely right now. While struggling, she raised her hand, unable to speak.

"Let's help Heaven Queen!" Heaven's Will exchanged glances with Saint Emperor as they both darted towards Lin Fan.

"Heaven Queen, you must pay for your sins of that day!" At this moment, Lin Fan recalled Senior Brother Meng. Meng Yangquan, he was the senior brother who was burnt to ashes by the Heaven Queen's flames.

"You…!" Heaven Queen had not expected Lin Fan to be this strong. But just as she was about to open her mouth to complain, her hair were tugged backward by Lin Fan.

That peerlessly flawless face of the Heaven Queen was tilted up towards the sky. Her dazzling brilliance caused the rest of the world to seem darker in comparison. Suddenly, an illusory image of a gigantic fist appeared from the skies and pummelled down onto her face.


The entire fist landed squarely on the Heaven Queen's face, causing the latter to be stuck to the ground. As though the Earth could not withstand the destructive force of Lin Fan's punch, the ground began to crack out like ripples, extending out a few hundred miles.



In that instant, the fists of the Saint Emperor and Heaven's Will landed together on Lin Fan's back.

'Ding…Eternal Immortality experience points +...'

Suddenly, Lin Fan's blood surged. With a single wild roar, he turned around and retaliated with wrath. The Nine Five Legendary Brick appeared in his palms suddenly as he slammed out towards the brains of the Namo Saint Emperor.

"What's this?!"

The Namo Saint Emperor's face changed. What was this red rectangular looking thing? Just what was it? Even though he couldn't feel any energy rippling from it, an unknown sense of danger surged through his head.

"KID, DON'T GO OVERBOARD!" Namo Saint Emperor raised both his hands to defend against the oncoming brick.

Lin Fan's eyes flashed.



A single kick to destroy the origins of life found its way slamming down at the crotch of the Namo Saint Emperor.

"YOU…!" Namo Saint Emperor had not expected this lad to be this despicable! He tried to escape.

"Running away? No go." Instantly, Lin Fan kept the Nine Five Legendary Brick in his storage and held onto the arm of the Namo Saint Emperor with a death grip.


The sky turned dark and grim. Suddenly, a bright ray of sun seemed to be splitting the Heavens apart.

"Heaven Will's Sharp Weapon!" Looking at the scene before him, Heaven's Will roared in anger as well. A semi-circular heavenly weapon appeared in his hand instantly as he cleaved down at Lin Fan's legs.


Fresh blood sprayed out.

The blood stained the entire sky.

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