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"Senior Brother Ni, Senior Brother Yin, I'll carve tablets for the both of you. You guys just wait and watch the show later on. Your junior brother here is going to give them a good walloping. As for the other senior brothers, I'll not be bothering to create tablets for them. After all, the three of us had the closest relationship back then. Don't be so touched that you guys start crying in the underworld now." Lin Fan took up two pieces of precious Heavenly Crystals. Using his finger as a dagger, he carved and etched their names onto the tablet. He then placed these tablets at one side.

Looking at the tablets, Lin Fan could not help but give a long sigh. To think that they had their hopes and dreams of becoming strong together back then. But now when their junior brother had become so strong, they did not have the chance to see it any longer.

Lin Fan took out a stool from his storage and sat in the middle of the training grounds melancholically. Qian Kunzi and the other six elders were still rolling about on the ground miserably.

That sort of pain was something that no one could imagine. It tormented one's mental self directly. Even though their cultivation states were pretty decent, all of it meant nothing under this kick of Lin Fan, which could sever all possible descendants.

Lin Fan crafted out seven towering pillars that protruded up into the Heavens and propped them upright.

"Qian Kunzi, don't bear any grudge against me. After all, these are all your due desserts." Lin Fan said casually. Flicking his robes, all the clothes on these seven people were torn apart instantly, revealing those nether regions, which were now cruelly desecrated, to be revealed in the open air.

Taking a single glance, Lin Fan could not even bear to look any longer. It did look pretty disgusting.

"You…you're a…devil…!" Qian Kunzi's speech was haphazard right now. By the time he finished stuttering those words, he howled out in pain once more.

"HA…!" Lin Fan laughed coldly. Seven ropes tied them to those pillars before he tossed all of them into his storage.

It was time to wait for them slowly. He would wait for all of these fellas to come together before he took them all down in one fell swoop.

Lin Fan took Chicky out.

'Cuckoo…!' The moment Chicky came out, he cried out loudly. He slapped his wings and looked at Lin Fan in displeasure with those bright sparkly eyes of his. It was as though he was begrudging Lin Fan for keeping him in there for so long.

Looking at the way Chicky was, Lin Fan could not help but laugh exasperatedly, "Alright, Chicky. Head there and be a normal chicken. I'll make sure you get to enjoy a good show soon."

Chicky glared at Lin Fan cautiously. Why did his big brother's expression look so dodgy? But, the thought of being able to enjoy a good show soon struck joy into his heart as he twerked his b.u.m and headed over into the distance. He then became a happy clucky chicken and strutted around casually.

Lin Fan couldn't wait to see how ugly the faces of these people could get later on.

Time pa.s.sed quickly. Chicky had already fallen into a short nap. As for Lin Fan, he was seated down with his eyes closed, thinking about some stuff.

Suddenly, he opened his eyes and looked up into the void.

"Seems like they're here." Lin Fan entered Stealth mode and sat there, quietly waiting for the arrival of these people. He wondered what they would think when they arrived here and saw the huge amount of treasures.

Suddenly, a ripple appeared in the skies.

One by one, the aura that represented the strong of this world appeared.

A few figures appeared instantaneously in the sky above Qiankun Sect. These people exchanged glances with one another, wondering just what in the world was happening right now.

Immediately after, another wave of people arrived through the void. Lin Fan looked at these people in the air and found a few familiar faces. But, not everyone was present yet. He should wait for a while longer…

"Just what in the world's up with Qiankun Sect?"

"I wonder. There's not even a single person around. Strange."

"Guys, look there!" One of them pointed over to the training grounds of Qiankun Sect and exclaimed. The moment everyone's gazes turned over, their faces changed as they hurried down.

As they came to face this mountain of treasures, their breathing became haphazard and hurried. They had never seen so many treasures in their lives before! What an amazing sight!

"Everyone, before the others arrive, lets split this up first!"

"Yes, for sure! With circ.u.mstances as such, it won't be long before more people are attracted here. By then, it'll be difficult for us to even want to get more treasures!"

And just then, a wild laughter rang out from the sky.

"Everyone, you're trying to split up the loot before even my arrival? Now, isn't that a little too much?" A black-robed man appeared in the sky followed by a few elders.

Looking at the mountain of treasures on the training grounds, they were equally surprised.

"Infinite Devil Sect…!" Everyone's faces changed.

"Old Master Wanmo, since that's the case, how about we split it now? What do you think about it?" The Grandmaster of Wind Sword Sect called out. This Old Master Wanmo of the Infinite Devil Sect was well known for his vicious methods.

Old Master Wanmo nodded his head in agreement. He knew as well that the longer he delayed, the more people would arrive. But just as he nodded his head, yet another few figures appeared in the sky.

Infinite Flower Sect.

Black Water Sect.

Et Cetera…

A few other sects had appeared together, and the tables turned once more.

"HAHA! To think that there would be such a good deal from the Heavens! Treasures amounting to a mountain? Seems like they're just waiting for those with affinity to come and collect them!' An old lady clad in green robes laughed brightly.

Even though she was short of an arm, her aura was still pretty formidable.

Lin Fan would never ever forget this old lady.

The Grandmaster of Blue Sea Sect, Old lady blue sea. Her arm was severed by the Grandmaster of Saint Devil Sect back then. But, she did seem to be having a pretty enjoyable life still.

"Anyone who witnesses this has a share to these treasures." Another imposing voice boomed out of the skies. Nine dragons, which were made up of True Energy, streaked through the skies as a man clad in dragon robes descended from the skies.

This pitch-black dragon's robe gave off a chilling aura. Looking at who it was that had arrived, everyone's faces frowned with displeasure.

"Yan Emperor…"

Lin Fan just sat there quietly. But, his heart was elated beyond words.

Here… They were all here! He was now short of just the Heaven Queen.

Looking at the two tablets by the side, Lin Fan's lips curled into a smile. He would wash this place up with the blood of these people. Even if G.o.d himself, the Almighty Father, were to intervene, no one would be able to save them.

Looking up into the vast sky, Lin Fan's face gave off a strange expression.

He had not expected to see the two of them here.

Fang Han and Han Lu.

In order to protect their own dog lives, they had abandoned the sect and bowed down to these other sects.

But, that was not the reason for his strange expression. The cultivation states of these two fellas had grown to that of a greater celestial. In fact, their strength was even comparable to those around them.

Seemed like they've already received blessings of their own back then. In order to utilize these blessings, they did not care anymore for their dignity as long as they survived.

Suddenly, yet another two auras attracted Lin Fan's attention. Seemed like the Heaven Queen was here as well. But, one of the other auras had Lin Fan frowning. It was familiar, yet he could not recall immediately who or what it was.

A rain of flowers appeared the moment the Heaven Queen appeared. The flowers danced around the entire place, bathing everyone in a floral sea. With exceptional features like a fairy, the Heaven Queen appeared before the eyes of everyone with her few female servant guards.

Looking at the Heaven Queen, everyone frowned. This was the last person they wanted to see. After all, even till this day, no one could dispute the fact that the Heaven Queen's strength was number one amongst them.

But no matter, if the Heaven Queen wished to devour all of these treasures for herself, that would depend on whether she had the ability to do so.

Looking at that mountain of treasures, the Heaven Queen's heart skipped a beat as well. It was pretty incredible indeed.

This was the territory of Qiankun Sect. Why would there be these treasures here?

This entire thing reeked of a fishy ruse.

Her features were peerless as she looked down on them with a look of contempt for the entire world.

"Everyone…" The voice of the Heaven Queen boomed out.

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