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"Senior, what are you doing?"Qu Xiang Ge wanted to cry, the actions of this person were really strange. He had brought them into the forest then tied them to the trees using vines.

"Stop talking, it will be finished soon." Lin Fan directed the remaining minions to find a tree themselves and stand there without moving.

Since their boss had been tied up, they didn't dare to defy him. Thus they could only beg for mercy.

Qu Xiang Ge had been a bandit for some time now. He was cynical and knew how to protect himself under dangerous situations. His Tiger Blade was no ordinary weapon, although it wasn't comparable to a legendary weapon it was still an upper graded weapon. He had stolen it from a teacher from the Sky Heaven School. It was still a powerful high-cla.s.s weapon. But now, the upper graded Tiger Blade had been destroyed by this person with just his mere body, and that too with no injuries. This had left Qu Xiang Ge speechless.

The person in front of them was a master. To escape from the hands of a master was simply an idiotic dream.

"Senior, I know I was wrong, please let me go." Qu Xiang Ge begged. The strange actions of this person frightened him and left a nasty feeling. Just what was he planing to do by tying us to trees? Also, the person's unnerving smile made Qu Xiang Ge's quake with even greater fear.

"Don't worry, I won't take your life. I just want you to cooperate." After all the bandits had been tied, Lin Fan brushed off his hands in satisfaction.

"Senior, I will cooperate." Qu Xiang Ge hastily said. Since it had become like this, he was now at the mercy of this person. Nothing was important as long as they could survive.

"I say, how much a.s.sets do you all have. You bandits seem pretty capable, so you must have stolen many things." Lin Fan glanced at Qu Xiang Ge, then went forth and started checking himself, not even bothering to wait for a response.

"What's this, just this much money?"Lin Fan had found some money on Qu Xiang Ge's body, but nothing else. A level four postcelestial bandit, at least try to live up to the level.

"Senior, I really don't have any. I am a bandit, but this is our first go in these past few months. I am wanted by the Sky Heaven School, so I didn't dare to come out." Qu Xiang Ge said.

Lin Fan looked exasperatedly at Qu Xiang Ge and shook his head. Trying to be a bandit like this, what a disgrace. Lin Fan didn't say anything more and pocketed the silver, then looked carefully at Qu Xiang Ge.

Qu Xiang Ge became nervous as Lin Fan observed him, afraid of upsetting the person and getting himself killed.

"I want to ask you a question, answer honestly. Do you think men are better or women are better?"Lin Fan wanted to test Twisting Heaven and Earth and Black Tiger Steals Heart.

After Twisting Heaven and Earth had upgraded, he still hadn't used it yet and didn't know its effects. But now, the perfect opportunity had come. A test subject had delivered himself, so Lin Fan wanted to experiment.

But even so, Lin Fan was a professional person. Before experimenting, he would, of course, ask the person's opinion first.

Qu Xiang Ge froze, not understanding why this question was asked. He then though about it and a.n.a.lyzed the current situation.

Why did senior ask this question, what meaning does it hold?

In this world, the strong eat the weak, women either became strong or fall prey to men.

But Qu Xiang Ge couldn't actually say this because he saw a light within the eyes of this senior.

"Senior, I think men and women are equal in this world because, in my opinion, both men and women are good." Qu Xiang Ge said contrary to his true thoughts.

Because Qu Xiang Ge had always treated women as playthings and had never actually properly evaluated them. But he could only respond like this and hope his words could touch this senior's heart.

If he could get the approval of this senior, perhaps he could escape unscathed.

As Qu Xiang Ge saw the senior continually nodding his head, his heart jumped with joy. It seemed his words had been approved by the senior, what a relief.

"Good…" Lin Fan's face lit up. Not bad, not bad… He then looked at the surrounding minions and asked, "What do you all think?"

Upon seeing the boss' words making the senior this happy, they naturally didn't say anything more and all started to nod their heads furiously, "We also think so too."

"Yes, men and women are good."

"Ah, I even hate myself for not being a woman."

Lin Fan nodded in satisfaction. He had initially thought these people would be reluctant, but after seeing them nod their heads in agreement, his heart felt no guilt.

"Alright, then, in that case, I will satisfy all your wishes."

"Senior…" Qu Xiang Ge's expression changed because the senior's eyes had become intensely sharp.

"Twisting Heaven and Earth."

Lin Fan didn't know what effect Twisting Heaven and Earth had, but according to the description Yin and Yang would be reversed, perhaps men would also change to women?

When Lin Fan's hand reached out, he suddenly realized it was a bit different. An inexplicable idea instilled into his own hands as if it were changing the very rules of heaven and earth.

'Ding… congratulations "Twisting Heaven and Earth" experience+ 100.'

Lin Fan knew a level four postcelestial wouldn't provide much experience, but he didn't think it would give one hundred experience. But this time, Lin Fan suddenly realized the ferocious face of Qu Xiang Ge was slowly changing.

The previously ferocious face became weak, and even the Adam's Apple had begun shrinking.

"Twisting Heaven and Earth."

Lin Fan then once again attacked, and the experience went up by 100 again.

Lin Fan then realized Qu Xiang Ge's previous weakened appearance began changing again, but this time, the appearance had turned back to normal.

Lin Fan froze upon seeing this.

'Is it possible that I can also change him back?'

To confirm his conclusion, Lin Fan attacked several more times, but each attack was accompanied by Qu Xiang Ge's screams.

After numerous tests, Lin Fan was positive. Twisting Heaven and Earth could change yin and yang, thus changing a person's gender.

Lin Fan sighed. To be substantive, Twisting Heaven and Earth was rather disappointing, as its damage paled compared to Monkey Steals Peach.

"Senior, what did you do to me?"Qu Xiang Ge asked with a pale face.

Lin Fan shook his face, "Nothing, just testing out a move. Alright, next up is Black Tiger Steals Heart."

Currently, Zang Tianhao and his party had long escaped the danger zone and stopped gasping for breath.

"Senior, will he be alright?"

"He should be, senior looked confident." Zang Tianhao trustfully said.

"Brother Zang, let's wait here for senior." Han Mengmeng said.

"Alright." Zang Tianhao nodded. They had no other options but to hope senior would be alright.

"Hey look, it's senior."

Zang Tianhao, Han Mangmang, and the rest looked over, their expressions in joy as they immediately went forth, "Senior are you alright?"

Lin Fan walked over slowly, his mind still on the experiment. He had discovered that the usage of Twisting Heaven and Earth and Black Tiger Steals Heart were both strange. Lin Fan concluded that Black Tiger Steals Heart could cause a person's chest to swell up, but he didn't know what it would be like when upgraded.

Upon hearing the voices of Zang Tianhao and the rest, Lin Fan raised his head while smiling, "I am fine, let's go."

Seeing that senior hadn't mentioned Qu Xiang Ge and his party, Zang Tianhao didn't pursue the topic. They set off toward the Great Yan dynasty in peace, about to reach it finally with their current increased speed

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