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The t.i.tle of this chapter makes me feel the pain.

At this moment the world fell apart and turned dark, the seas dried up and the rocks decayed, people jumped up and down and advanced wave after wave….

"Monkey Steals the Peach."


"Monkey Steals the Peach."


Waves of screaming suddenly travelled over from the originally magnificent training ground.

These voices were as soft as cotton, as though the delicate breathing of a female. But upon listening carefully there was a sort of boundless grief and sorrow.

At this moment Lin Fan repeated the same movement, bending his waist, extending his hand, crushing with his fingers.

Again and again, even if the world was falling apart right now it couldn't stop Lin Fan's yearn for experience.

"You vulgar rat, actually using such a dirty move." Right now the outer sect examination disciples were all greatly terrified, they covered their crotches with their hands and felt a cool air rise up from the bottom of their feet straight to the top of their heads.

Terrifying, truly terrifying.

"Ding, trivial technique 《Monkey Steals the Peach》 upgraded to LV3."

"Ding, defeated one trivial side character disciple, EXP+5."

"Ding, defeated one trivial side character disciple, EXP+3."

Hoho, hearing these notifications Lin Fan was ecstatic in his heart, To think that this was how the experience for his character to level up came.

Looks like this was like playing a game, killing monsters to level up.

Not bad, not bad.

At this moment those outer sect examination disciples who had suffered big time at Lin Fan's hands all looked at this sc.u.mbag with looks of despise. But right at this instant, they suddenly noticed a strong light that struck fear into their hearts suddenly burst forth from this sc.u.mbag's eyes.

As though in a bit something even more brutal was about to happen.

The group of outer sect examination disciples surrounded Lin Fan in the middle. Even though this sc.u.mbag used very dirty attacks that were impossible for them to defend against, if they just left like this with their tails between their legs this was something they couldn't stand.

Even if they had to pay a heavy price they would make this dirty sc.u.mbag fall here.

Right now Lin Fan was staring indifferently at his own two hands.

This was a pair of hands that were about to be tainted, but for experience what did a mere pair of tainted hands matter.

"Look you guys, his eyes." This was an outer sect examination disciple at the front who exclaimed in surprise. They were observing this dirty sc.u.mbag at all times, the instant Lin Fan's eyes flickered it was caught by them.

Lin Fan raised his head, that pair of profound eyes as though full of guilt looked at this group of outer sect examination disciples.

"You pure little lambs, you guys are about to be violated by this pair of evil hands of mine. But don't worry, I will have mercy." Lin Fan stared pa.s.sionately at this group of outer sect examination disciples.

"Dirty sc.u.mbag, what are you saying."

"You think you alone can deal with the hundreds of us?"

"Get on your knees and apologize, we'll spare your life."

"Hmph, don't be too presumptuous…"

"Monkey Steals the Peach."



"Ding, defeated one trivial side character disciple, EXP+5."

"Ding, defeated one trivial side character disciple, EXP+2."

"Ding, congratulations character has levelled up."

At this moment Lin Fan was like a wild demon. He used both of his hands together and 《Monkey Steals the Peach》 was used with perfection, as though he had already cultivated a law of the universe from 《Monkey Steals the Peach》.

A guaranteed hit with every strike, no matter how you blocked you couldn't block the invasion of Lin Fan's Hand of G.o.d.

"Apprentice-brothers, this sc.u.mbag attacks despicably and dirtily, we may be members of a dark sect but we are ashamed to be seen together with him, don't hold back."

Right now the outer sect examination disciples were retreating one step after another. Amongst them, one outer sect examination of whom it wouldn't have been an exaggeration to call him a peerless pretty boy raised his arms shouting, wanting to rally his apprentice-brothers together to take down Lin Fan.

Lin Fan weaved like a wandering dragon between the outer sect examination disciples. Seeing this outer sect examination disciple being so arrogant he also became interested.

And that peerless pretty boy who shouted with his arms up in the air suddenly noticed an extremely invasive gaze staring straight at him. His heart tightened and he had an ominous feeling.

When his eyes made contact with Lin Fan's gaze, the peerless pretty boy immediately cowered back a bit.

If Lin Fan didn't attack that embara.s.sing spot when he attacked then that would have been one thing. Even though he couldn't match him in strength, at least he wouldn't have been scared.

But right now he really was scared.

Seeing his numerous apprentice-brothers fall at the hands of this dirty b.a.s.t.a.r.d, especially that tragic gaze of his apprentice-brothers, he knew that it definitely hurt a lot.

Seeing Lin Fan unconsciously clenching his hands there, he instantly broke into a cold sweat and his legs slightly trembled.

"Monkey Steals the Peach."


"Ah… It hurts…." The peerless pretty boy's eyes instantly blurred, he let out a soft cry and then fell to the ground shaking.

At this moment the scene was too tragic to look at.

When all of the outer sect examination disciples were collapsed on the ground, Lin Fan no longer had any peaches to steal.

Name: Lin Fan

Level: 9 (Mortal stage waiting to be unlocked)

EXP: (0/1000)

Skills: 《t.i.tanium Demon Body》 LV5 (3000/10,000)

 《Monkey Steals the Peach》 LV10 (1000/10,000)

Looking at his own stats, Lin Fan nodded his head in satisfaction.

Right now his character level had risen to LV9, amongst these outer sect examination disciples in front of him he was an invincible existence.

These outer sect examination disciples all had numbers floating over their foreheads.

Some were LV5, some were LV6, and some were also LV8.

These outer sect examination disciples definitely hadn't reached the Mortal stage.

Lin Fan had witnessed before the attack of a Mortal stage disciple, when he attacked it absolutely wasn't like these outer sect examination disciples.

Three days later was the day of the outer sect examination. Even if he didn't have a compet.i.tive spirit, he had to become an outer sect disciple. This place was ultimately too small for Lin Fan, to become stronger he needed a bigger stage.

Lin Fan turned around and left, but after taking a few steps he stopped his tracks.

"I'll be back again tomorrow."

Originally when they saw that this dirty sc.u.mbag was about to leave they all slowly stood up, but when they heard this line their legs all buckled and they once again collapsed to the ground.

After today's matter, they no longer had the heart to fight with him again.

Dirty, vulgar and shameless, how could such a person appear in this world.

Lin Fan sighed, he understood in his heart why these outer sect examination disciples were so afraid of him, but it wasn't his complete fault. Who told him to only know the move 《Monkey Steals the Peach》.

There's a saying that is well said.

"Take a skill to the extreme and you can conquer the world."

At the moment where he only knew one martial art, it was better to not think too much about it.

And Lin Fan also discovered that the body training technique was different from martial arts.

After 《t.i.tanium Demon Body》 advanced to a certain level, it needed the help of even stronger external forces to help it level up.

And with fighting enemies using martial arts, regardless of strong or weak they would all be able to add experience. Even though there was also a difference between someone stronger and someone weaker, no matter how weak the person there would still be experience.

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