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"This kid's body is pretty tough! To think that he's still not dead after enduring so many of our hits! That must be a Heaven graded skill that he's using!" The disciples of the Hunyuan Sect were now filled with greed. They wanted to force out the way to cultivate this skill through this person.

The young man's body was filled with blood. The hand which was wielding the longsword was beginning to tremble once more. Blood began to slowly slide down from the hilt of the sword to the ground.

"Kid, hand over the skill that you've learned, and we'll grant you an easy death!" One of the Hunyuan Sect disciples glared at the young man coldly.

"Hmph, keep dreaming on!" The young man snorted coldly. This skill was handed down to him personally by his teacher. How could he pa.s.s it to anyone else?

In the past two years, this skill had saved his life countless of times.

"Senior brother…!"

Just then, the young man heard the cries of his juniors. His face changed as he looked around. He couldn't help but scream out, "Why are you guys back here again?!"

"Senior brother, how can we let you face this alone! We'll die together if we must!" The remaining disciples of the Scarlet Rainbow Sect called out.

"Hais…" The young man sighed exasperatedly. His face turned resolute, "Fine then. If that's the case, we'll fight them to the bitter end!"

"Loyal indeed. But what a pity! You guys have no way out today. You can consider handing this skill over. Maybe we might feel merciful and let you guys off because of that." The leader of the Hunyuan Sect disciples jeered. He was really interested in this skill.

"Impossible…!" The young man hollered.

"Hmph. Asking for it! Kill them…!" The Hunyuan Sect leader's face turned cold. Flicking his robes, he darted towards the other disciples of Scarlet Rainbow Sect.

The young man huddled together with the rest of his juniors. His face was grim at the scene before him.

Seemed like this was it for them.

Even though his cultivation state was at pericelestial level nine right now, all his enemies were people who had cultivation states above his. If not for his physical body state, he would have died long ago.

"Juniors, the next time we meet may be down in the afterworld." The young man said.

"Senior brother, we're not afraid! We'll kill as many as we can before we die! We'll let them know that we from the Scarlet Rainbow Sect are not pushovers!"

"That's right!"

Looking at these vicious looking disciples who were lunging at them, the ma.s.ses were quivering as they gripped their weapons tighter.

It would be a lie to say that they weren't afraid. However, no matter what, they must let these guys from Hunyuan Sect pay the price.


Just as everyone was prepared to fight back, the sky suddenly crackled with lightning and a loud boom.

"Eh, what's happening?"

Everyone's faces changed, wondering what was happening. How could thunder start rumbling in the initially clear sky?

Everyone from Hunyuan Sect halted in their tracks as well. Looking up at the sky, they could not figure out what was going on. The same went for those from the Scarlet Rainbow Sect. Everyone was bewildered.

Why was this weird phenomenon happening in the sky?

"Senior brother, look over there!" Suddenly, a disciple of Scarlet Rainbow Sect pointed over into the distant sky and exclaimed. Everyone looked over with his exclamation. All they saw was a ripple in the nearby sky that was spreading out in all directions.

This ripple expanded rapidly, tearing through the void wherever it touched. With that, a surge of energy began to flow through the torn void.

Under everyone's frightful gaze, a figure stepped out from the torn void.

He stood there, floating silently in the sky.

Experiencing the change in his surroundings, Lin Fan opened his eyes gently. His heart thumped excitedly as he looked at the scenery.

'Cangling Continent, I'm back…'

This familiar scent... This familiar land… It had been a long time since he had seen this.

But Lin Fan was puzzled. Why did he reappear back here? Was the location he was sent to randomly selected from the entire place? Floating there silently, Lin Fan's mind was in a mess, wondering what he should do.

Should he head out for the nine great sects?

Should he head over to the Yan Dynasty and kill the Yan Emperor?

Or should he start looking for the Heaven Queen?

All of this... All of this floated around Lin Fan's mind back to back.

"Senior, save us…!" Just as Lin Fan was deep in his thoughts, a cry pulled him out from his stupor.

'Someone's screaming for help? Who is it?'

Within the forest…

Everyone from Hunyuan Sect and Scarlet Rainbow Sect glared at the mysterious figure in astonishment. Who the h.e.l.l was this guy? How the h.e.l.l did he appear suddenly in the sky?

But they had all witnessed him coming out through a gap in the void!

That was the power that belonged only to a greater celestial being!

Breaking out from his blank stupor, one of the Scarlet Rainbow Sect disciples decided to scream for help first. No matter who that other party was, now that the situation was as such, he could only give it a gamble!

If that man decided to leave this place just like this, then there would be no hope left for them at all.

"Senior brother, fellow disciples! This is our final chance! If that man is willing to help us, we may be able to survive this!" The disciple remarked.

Listening to his words, the other Scarlet Rainbow Sect disciples nodded in agreement before shouting out towards the sky as well.

"Senior, save us!"

Looking at these b*stards seeking help from an unknown stranger, the Hunyuan Sect disciples were worried momentarily. If this was a busybody here, then their operations might be disrupted.

However, they considered the fact that they were Hunyuan Sect disciples. Perhaps the other party may be wary of their sect's name and leave because of it.

"Sinners! Do you guys think that you can escape the grasp of Hunyuan Sect?" The Hunyuan Sect leader lashed out loudly into the sky. Of course, these words were not meant for their prey here. It was meant to be 'accidentally heard' by the man in the sky.

One should consider their position when interfering with Hunyuan Sect affairs.

The moment the Scarlet Rainbow Sect disciples heard this, their faces froze up. How could they not get what this man meant? They then looked up at the figure in the sky nervously.

What if the other party decided to leave them alone after hearing these words?

But to their excitement, the figure began to approach closer.

The moment the Hunyuan Sect disciples saw this person approaching, they glanced at one another furtively.

Upon hearing those calls for help, Lin Fan headed over slowly. He had a strange feeling that he knew someone there. But yet, he could not recall who it was.

After all, it had been a really long time, and his memory was fuzzy right now. Hence, he decided to head over to take a look.

Upon hearing the words of the other party, he chuckled.

'Threatening Yours Truly? That's a first, eh?'

'Hunyuan Sect... Sounds familiar. Sounds like one of the nine great sects, eh…?'

Slowly, Lin Fan approached from the void steadily. As he landed, he looked at both sides.

The Scarlet Rainbow Sect disciples looked at Lin Fan with great hopes. As for the Hunyuan Sect disciples, they glared at him warily.

But just then, the young man from Scarlet Rainbow Sect shuddered violently. He could not believe his very eyes.

He then headed up slowly.

He wanted to get closer.

He had to confirm who this man was!

"Senior brother…!" Looking at their senior brother heading forth, all the other Scarlet Rainbow Sect disciples called out in astonishment, wondering what was happening.

Their senior brother stood in front of the mysterious man.

And suddenly, something shocking happened.

Their senior brother knelt down in front of the mysterious man!


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