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Next day…

The Manhuang Area was always in a state of bad condition. Dust clouds and storms were common occurrences.

After an entire day, the Mythical Parasol Tree had recovered entirely. As Huang Linger said, it had proceeded to the second phase indeed.

With that, Lin Fan could also clearly feel the changes brought to him by the Mythical Parasol Tree.

The speed of absorbing True Energy from the surroundings was hastened. The lifeforce that came along with it was also stronger by a few times compared to the past.

Inner Heaven and Earth…

The roots of the Mythical Parasol Tree were like a coiling dragon right now, stretching out within the inner world of Lin Fan.

This inner world of Lin Fan was like the Heavens and Earth outside, where the sky new no limits, and neither did the abyss.

"My grat.i.tude for the help this time round. Once you think the time is ripe, let me know of your request from me." Lin Fan thanked Huang Linger.

"Yes. Even though the Mythical Parasol Tree is the one and only, it is still a seedling as of now. Hence, it should not come to any greater harm. Otherwise, even I might not be able to help you when that time comes." Huang Linger cautioned Lin Fan earnestly.

At the same time, she was filled with curiosity towards Lin Fan. Just what sort of occurrences had he undergone for the Mythical Parasol Tree to turn as such?

If not for the Life Fluid that was left behind from the ancient times, it would be of paramount difficulty for the Mythical Parasol Tree to recover.

"Yes, understood." Lin Fan nodded his head. This Mythical Parasol Tree was just a seedling. Even if it could produce its own lifeforce, its capabilities were limited, and its speed was slow. Seemed like he had to groom it further for it to blossom before he could truly understand its potential.

But Lin Fan was puzzled. Just what sort of nutrients were required for the tree to grow? Even Huang Linger had no clue about that. He could not help but admit that this was a troubling affair indeed.

Lin Fan left into the distance…

Looking at Lin Fan's departure, Huang Linger's eyes shimmered with a look of thirst. At the same time, she revealed a look of deep sorrow towards this world.

After leaving the Manhuang Area, Lin Fan stood in the void and pondered.

What should he do now? Should he return to the sect first or head straight towards the barrier boundaries?

This was a question that was worth pondering over.

However, the thought of being able to return to Cangling Continent had Lin Fan's blood boiling. To think that he had to be sent off like a cowardly tortoise back then. Now that he was already a heaven-defying existence, it was time to have those people pay the price!

"No. d.a.m.n it. The more I think about it, the more I can't wait. I better head to Cangling Continent right away. Vengeance waits for no one. Now that it's already been two years, how long more can I drag this for?" Lin Fan mumbled to himself.

With his current cultivation state, he only needed ten days to reach the barrier area. This was equivalent to him crossing half of the entire Dongling Continent.

Thank goodness that he was an utmost celestial upper level right now. Otherwise, he would require months before he could arrive at the location.

Instantly, Lin Fan delved into the void and headed west.

Ten days later…

Looking at the sight before him, Lin Fan smiled. He had arrived.

Before him stood a light barrier that stretched all the way into the Heavens, blocking everything before his path. This was the barrier that was set up by the Supreme Being.

Without the Supreme Being Token, there was no way one could pa.s.s through this place.

Time seemed to be slipping and flowing through the barrier. Lin Fan stretched out his hands and touched it gently.

'Ding…discovered Heavenly Barrier. Unable to trespa.s.s.'

The moment Lin Fan took out the Supreme Being Token, everything changed.

'Ding…discovered Supreme Being Token. Traverse to Cangling Continent or remove the Heavenly Barrier?'

Lin Fan was shocked momentarily. To think that something like this would happen! Based on the words of the Supreme Being, he would help Lin Fan to cross over upon activating the token.

To think that these options would come out immediately as he took out the token.

Seemed like the system was invincible indeed. Nothing could run away from the effects of the system.

But, Lin Fan knew the meaning behind the words of the Supreme Being. If there were indeed people as strong as he had mentioned in the other world, there was no way Lin Fan would be egoistic enough to a.s.sume that he could take them down.

But fair enough. Since he didn't require the help of the Supreme Being now, he could save that amount of energy to learn some skills from the Supreme Being.

But at the same time, Lin Fan was hesitant. What if he activated the Supreme Being Token and used it to learn his skills. If the consciousness of the Supreme Being disappeared after that, wouldn't the token disappear as well?

Without the token, even if he were to head to Cangling Continent, how would he ever return to Dongling Continent then?

Lin Fan did not want to take the risk for now. He would rather wait for everything to be settled before activating the Supreme Being Token.


Lin Fan commented casually. He had already prepared for everything.

Instantly, he was covered by a beam of bright light. It beamed Lin Fan into the Heavenly Barrier. With that, Lin Fan's figure disappeared entirely from the face of Dongling Continent.

Cangling Continent…

Within a dense patch of forest, the killing intent was chilling…

Two groups of people were running about, one being pursued by the other.

The group that was running ahead was filled with injuries. Each time they were struck with an attack, blood sprayed up into the air.

"Junior brothers and sisters! I'll distract them! Take the chance and run away! No matter what, you guys must live on!" A young man faced their pursuers while wielding a longsword, with anger burning through his eyes. He was infuriated.

"No, senior brother! We must escape together!"

"Together? We'll all die if we run together…"

Just as the young man was talking, a flash of bright light shot out from a distance. This light was filled with killing intent. Mixed with True Energy, it was targeted at one of the disciples ahead.

The disciple who was sprinting in escape turned around and looked at this flash in utmost horror.

Just then, the young man who was speaking earlier shifted his body and stood in the way of his junior brother and the attack.

"Senior brother…!"

Looking at his senior brother covering him, the disciple let out a look of shock. The flash of light struck out at the back of the young man. At the same time, the sound of metal clanging could be heard as the light struck.

"Don't worry, I'm alright. Don't get distracted. Continue running." The young man could feel the blow on his back. Thankfully, he was able to withstand it still.

Looking at their senior brother blocking the blow with just his physical body, all the juniors let out a look of surprise. However, they recovered quickly. They were used to it.

Looking at the long sword that had flown away in the distance after deflecting the blow, the young man heaved a sigh of relief as he reminisced.

"Teacher, you've saved my life again once more…"

They continued running from their pursuers. They did not know how long it had been. The one thing they knew was that they would be killed if they had stopped.

"Juniors, don't turn back! Your senior brother will block the path here for you!" The young man shouted.

"Senior brother Cao…!"

"Words will not help us in this situation. All of you must survive!"

The young man stopped in his tracks and took in a deep breath. With a look of firmness in his eyes, he glared at his pursuers. With a longsword in his hand, he blocked the path forward.

"Hmph, you can't run anymore, can you?" The pursuers surrounded the young man and jeered coldly.

"To think that Hunyuan Sect is a proclaimed righteous sect, and you guys would do something like this such as exterminating the other sects…" The young man hollered.

"Ho? You're a remnant sinner of the Scarlet Rainbow Sect. How dare you stand in our way. What a dreamer! Attack him!" The leader of this group from Hunyuan Sect ordered, waving his hand gently.

The young man took in a deep breath, "Even if I shall die today, I'll bring you guys down with me!"

Multiple men surrounded the young man and leaped on him.

As time pa.s.sed, the young man was finding it hard to withstand the blows anymore. If not for the fact that he had his physical body's toughness, there was no way he could even withstand till right now…

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