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Listening to the Supreme Being, Lin Fan gradually began to see the importance of having the Heavenly Barrier continue existing. However, at the same time, he felt a deep sense of sorrow towards mankind.

Were they really just comparable to beasts with their lives and deaths depending on the will of others?

"In the end, there was only me, the G.o.d of War, the G.o.d of Battle, and the Reincarnation Emperor... The four of us were powerful beings on all fronts. We sealed ourselves up in seclusion for many years, hoping to create a sanctuary for humans. But what a joke it all was. The other party was just a single person who managed to take down all of us…" The Supreme Being continued in a dejected manner.

"Huh, for real?" Lin Fan was startled as well. How did it sound so much like fiction? Could the Supreme Being be saying that just to scare him a little?

But, Lin Fan knew that the Supreme Being was an absolutely powerful being. With a single move, he managed to split the world into two. Even his current self couldn't possibly do that!

But, if a being such as the one the Supreme Being mentioned existed, then Lin Fan would definitely stand no chance against him at all!

"But that's not right either, Supreme Being Senior. If you said that anyone stronger than you can destroy the Heavenly Barrier by themselves, how come those horrific fellas you were talking about couldn't do so?" Lin Fan asked in bewilderment.

Looking at Lin Fan, the Supreme Being sighed, "That's the reason why the highest cultivation state one can achieve in Dongling Continent is greater celestial full cultivation. Once you go beyond this point, you would be on the path which most people refer to as 'Road to eternity.' From there, some source from the unknown would act as a medium to connect you over to that world. That's the reason why the four of us used everything we could to build up the barrier and seal the entire Xuanhuang World. With this, no one can make that connection and the barrier shall never be removed."

"Now, do you still wish to remove the barrier?" The Supreme Being asked solemnly.

Lin Fan was stunned momentarily, helpless. "All I want to do is return to Cangling Continent."

"Alright. Regarding that, I will help you. Once you reach the boundaries of the barrier, activate me once more. I'll help you get through it." The Supreme Being continued. Everything was fine as long as the barrier wasn't destroyed.

"Alright, Supreme Being. We're pretty much done with what we need to talk about. How about you impart me some peerless skills as well?" Lin Fan asked with antic.i.p.ation.

"Can't-do. This is only one strain of my consciousness. If I were to demonstrate once more, I would disappear entirely. Then, I can't possibly send you back to Cangling Continent anymore." The Supreme Being replied regrettably.

"The f*ck?!" Lin Fan rolled his eyes back. Wasn't he forced to make a choice between the two then? But on second thought, he decided to forget it. After all, returning to Cangling Continent was of utmost importance.

After that, Lin Fan continued to ask the Supreme Being some questions. Of course, he wasn't too clear about the situation in that other tragic world right now, but it did sound like that other party was having a really rough life.

Next day…

Huang Linger came to the place Lin Fan was residing at.

"Everything's prepared. Whether or not the Mythical Parasol Tree revives would depend on this." Huang Linger continued.

"Okay." Lin Fan nodded his head and followed behind her. Her attire was really formal, as though she was preparing to welcome something.

The Manhuang Tribesmen followed behind as they headed towards the deeper parts of the Manhuang Area.

Not long later, everyone came to a stop at a place.

It looked to be a cave that was ahead, with two guards of Manhuang Tribe standing on each side. Upon the arrival of Huang Linger, they naturally stood aside and gave way.

"This is the forbidden ground of the Manhuang Tribe. It has existed for a really long time now." Huang Linger explained gently. She then came before this tightly shut stone doors and knelt down respectfully. Taking out a small dagger, she made a cut on her palm before smearing the doors with her blood.

Creak. BOOM!

After absorbing the blood, the stone gates opened gradually with a loud sound. Lin Fan looked at the pitch-black inners of the place. There was an aged aura that was emanating from within.

"You guys stand guard outside." Huang Linger then turned and nodded to Lin Fan.

The two of them stepped into that darkness. As they walked in, the walls on both sides lit up with flames, brightening the entire pa.s.sageway.

Lin Fan looked at the pictures on the walls and frowned. If he had seen these pictures before yesterday, he might be lost and confused. However, after conversing with the Supreme Being for the entire night, he had gained a new knowledge about tons of stuff.

The pictures depicted a grand tree that pierced through the Heavens. It was swarmed and attacked by demons. Eventually, the tree collapsed into a seed and floated down…

"Just what sort of existence was that to wield such a horrifying power? Even the Supreme Being lacked in tons of details. This may be because he was only a strain of consciousness." Lin Fan was curious in his heart, but as the saying went, 'curiosity killed the cat'. If he could avoid meeting those bunch of strong beings, he would choose to do so.

Not long after, they reached the end of the pa.s.sage. Before them was a gigantic secret chamber.

A pool laid in the middle of the secret chamber, white mist emanating from it. It was beautiful, pure white; a beauty that was unparalleled.

"What a strong lifeforce!" Lin Fan could feel the immense amount of lifeforce that was being emitted by the pool. Even the Mythical Parasol Tree might not be able to catch up with this.

"This is the Life Fluid. This is the fluid that is secreted by the Mythical Parasol Tree when it matures. Perhaps this is also the answer to its revival." Huang Linger started.

Lin Fan stepped forth and placed his hand within.

'Ding…congratulations on discovering Life Fluid.'

'Life Fluid: The essence of the Mythical Parasol Tree. Possesses boundless lifeforce.'

This was good stuff indeed. But of course, one had to take precautions against everything. Naturally, Lin Fan had to have the system check it out first. Otherwise, if this were a trap by Huang Linger, he would have a really tragic outcome.

Flipping his palm open, the withered Mythical Parasol Tree floated into the air.

Just then, the white mist began to gather around the Mythical Parasol Tree. As though it had discovered something good, the withered branches of the Mythical Parasol Tree seemed to have gotten a new life and began to absorb in the white mist thirstily.

"It's working." Seeing this, Lin Fan was extremely elated. He then placed the entire Mythical Parasol Tree into the pool.

The moment it entered the pool, the roots of the Mythical Parasol Tree began to grow rapidly while absorbing this Life Fluid frantically.

"Seems like my guess was correct." Looking at this, Huang Linger broke into a smile.

Lin Fan chuckled. If the Mythical Parasol Tree could continue growing, it would only serve to benefit him more.

But with that, Lin Fan turned around to look at Huang Linger once more, "What's the purpose of everything you've done so far?"

Lin Fan could not believe that there were these many kind souls in this world. There were not many people in this world who were as kind as he was. This Mythical Parasol Tree was nothing ordinary. There must be a reason why Huang Linger pa.s.sed this to him.

"Don't tell me you can see the future. I don't believe that."

Huang Linger broke into a smile. It was a dazzling wide beam indeed, "I truly can see the future. However, the reason why I handed you the Mythical Parasol Tree was because I require a favor from you. However, now's not the time. I will let you know when the time is ripe."

"Deal. I'm someone who loves deals. However, I have to let you know that if the deal is way too impractical, I will reject it." Lin Fan chuckled.

Just as Lin Fan and Huang Linger were conversing, something was happening to the Mythical Parasol Tree.

An ancient aura began emanating from the tree.

"It's the second phase!" A look of glee streaked through Huang Linger's eyes.

Those withered branches of the Mythical Parasol Tree began to sprout new leaves. The leaves were exuberant with energy. It was as though it was reborn entirely.

The pool was so shallow now that one could almost see its depths. The Life Fluid was being absorbed clean by the Mythical Parasol Tree.

Looking at all of this, Lin Fan was elated. Seemed like it succeeded!

Not only did the Mythical Parasol Tree recover, it even evolved, and its branches were filled with green leaves now!

This was truly a sign of an exuberant lifeforce.

Now that the Mythical Parasol Tree had recovered, it was time to return to Cangling Continent.


He would never forget that in his life.


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