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"Are you like r.e.t.a.r.ded? How is it that you only know those few words? It's either b*stard, dumb, or puny. What? You can't even hold a proper conversation? Are you indignant? If you've got guts, then show yourself and fight Yours Truly one on one!" Lin Fan taunted the Heaven's Will as he willed, not giving him even the slightest bit of respect.

"Why? Are you mute now? No matter how vast this entire world is, nothing is vaster than the heart of Yours Truly! Now, Yours Truly is giving you the chance to call for reinforcements to whack me! If you don't even have the guts for that, then scram along now! Heaven's Will? Heaven's Aura? You're just a little piece of sh*t!"

Huang Linger was absolutely astounded right now. She looked at Lin Fan blankly.

"That's…the Heaven's Will you're talking to…" Huang Linger muttered dazedly.

The fear she had from earlier on had long disappeared.

"So what if it's the Heaven's Will? That's all he amounts to." Lin Fan twitched his mouth with a look of extreme disdain. At the same time, he was doubting whether or not this fella was the real Heaven's Will.

After all, through everything that had happened showed that there was more to this than what met the eye.

"Human, you're just courting your own death…!" The voice from the void boomed out once more. At the same time, half of the sky turned red, as though the clouds were on fire.

This was the rage of the Heaven's Will that had stained half the skies red.

"That's right. Yours Truly IS courting his own death. If you've got guts, then show yourself instead of running your mouth loose! Heaven's Will? PUI! You're just a b.l.o.o.d.y tortoise! Just because you've got some skills, you think that you're the number one in this world? In the eyes of Yours Truly, you're not even comparable to those spirits from before!" Lin Fan mocked.

Lin Fan was a man well versed in novels. How could he not know what all these BOSS characters thought? All of them had a huge ego, that wouldn't allow anyone to insult them as such.

But this guy here though, other than running his mouth loose, he didn't dare to take any concrete actions at all. Even that so-called Heaven's Eye was just so-so to Lin Fan.

Good to look at, but functionality? Not so great.

But still, Lin Fan maintained his wariness towards this fella. The only reason why Lin Fan was putting so much effort into taunting him was because he had seen through his tricks.

If this guy truly had the powers to take him down harshly, there was no way he would let Lin Fan run loose while humiliating him as such without fighting back.

Even then, Lin Fan was not afraid of this sheep in wolf's skin. Since he dared to insult him so thoroughly, he definitely had come up with a plan earlier on. If he truly couldn't beat this guy, he would just seek refuge within the Heaven and Earth Smelt to hide from this disaster.

"Human, don't you dare go overboard!" The voice was now booming even louder than before, along with the crackling of thunder in the sky.

"So what if Yours Truly wants to go overboard! It's not like as though you can whack me, eh?" Lin Fan taunted with an extremely obnoxious looking face. Anyone who had any feelings would definitely find this intolerable.

Within the unknowns of the voids…

Two forces were locked in struggle. But the rainbow colored energy was already at its limits, and was about to dissipate entirely soon.

As for the domineering force, it was howling nonstop.



Looking up at the sky which had completely no reaction at all, Lin Fan was exasperated. Just what sort of a BOSS was this?! Now that Yours Truly had rained insults all over his face, how could he not have any single bit of reaction? What a disappointment!

"Are you still there! Come out if you've got the guts! Stop wasting time! Yours Truly's time is really precious!" Lin Fan hollered into the skies.

"Human! Stop being insolent! I'm the Heaven's Will! You shall suffer Divine Retribution!" The voice rang through once more, filled with boundless hatred.

"Hmph, you b.l.o.o.d.y dumbf*ck! I've told you! Yours Truly is a man who is brazen! Heaven's Will my a*s! You're just a cowardly tortoise! Trash! No, you're worse than trash!"

Lin Fan would not stop his hurling of insults as he spewed them out without a single bit of mercy. He hoped that the other party would find this intolerable and start his attacks once more.

Lin Fan could tell of the usefulness of the Heaven's Consciousness that was smelted from the Heaven and Earth Smelt. But with only two strands of the Heaven's Consciousness, he could barely retrieve any good understanding out of the entire story.

After raining insults for a good long period of time, Lin Fan was getting thirsty and tired. This Heaven's Will was simply a big wimp!

At this moment within the unknown void, the Heaven's Will, which was being humiliated by Lin Fan, was fuming with rage.

How dare a puny human look down on him as such! d.a.m.n it! d.a.m.n IT!


Just as Lin Fan was prepared to stop his insults which were reeling in no rewards, something happened to the sky.

A tremendous amount of energy began to gather.

"Eh? Seems like he's finally out, eh?" Lin Fan was elated as he raised his head. Seemed like this fella finally had enough of his insults and was out to fight him!

"B*stard human! How dare you insult the Heaven's Will! I'll make sure you pay the price today!" The voice in the sky boomed.

A colossal illusory figure began to gather up in the sky. This was a figure formed by energy itself. Or rather, it would be more accurate to say that this was an incarnation of the pseudo-Heaven's Will.

In the blink of an eye, the illusion was complete. This was a t.i.tanic and imposing giant whose aura flooded the sky, looking way stronger than those eyes before.

"Human, how dare you completely rile the Heaven's Will?" The giant spoke, crushing down from the sky with a single palm.

Looking at this scene, Lin Fan could feel his blood racing as well, 'HAHA! Good…just in time!'

With a war cry, he leaped up into the skies with a tremendous amount of energy, welcoming the illusory giant.

He gathered the energy grid line chains on his body. His physical body state was even stronger than the Eternal body parts right now. In fact, even if all the Eternal body parts were to fuse and come together at him, he might even stand a chance.


With a single palm strike, Lin Fan ripped the void apart. The palm strike which was pummelling from the skies broke apart instantly without any resistance.

"Impossible…!" A voice of disbelief came out through the void. He had not expected this human being to be this strong!

"Nothing's impossible. Good for a show, but useless. Did you think that you were invincible just through sheer body size? Yours Truly will let you understand today that even a small built person could produce a formidable amount of power!" Lin Fan lashed out wildly. A surge of energy burst out from his surroundings.

"There's a palm skill that strikes down from the Heavens. Do you know what's that? Let Yours Truly school you. It's called Buddha's Palm! SLAP…!" Within the skies, Lin Fan had flown to the head of the illusory giant before slapping down.


The giant formed by the pseudo-Heaven's Will rocketed down towards the ground. Eventually, it collapsed, kneeling on the ground.

The pseudo-Heaven's Will who was hidden within the void looked at all this in absolute disbelief. He had not expected a human to be this sick! But right now, he could not afford to exert any more strength than this. If he did, the Heaven's Will might steal the chance to retaliate back. That would cause all his previous efforts to go to waste!

"Not even worthy of a single strike. A piece of sh*t! Totally useless!" Looking at the scene before him, Lin Fan laughed coldly.

'Heaven and Earth Smelt.'

With that, the giant was absorbed within the Heaven and Earth Smelt as well.

'Ding…congratulations on obtaining 1 strain of Heaven's Consciousness.'

"Eh? I imagined how strong you would be. But to think that this is the extent of your capabilities." Lin Fan tossed out a look of disdain before looking up into the sky, "Are you still coming? I told you, I'm agreeable to you looking for reinforcements. After all, everything you've summoned so far is weak as sh*t!"

By now, the sky was silent. It was as though everything had disappeared entirely.

Lin Fan waited for a while more before shaking his head helplessly. Seemed like it had left.

At the same time, this affirmed the suspicions in his mind. This fella should be trying to devour the Heaven's Will. That was the reason why he could not afford to expend any more energy.

But what sort of a being was this to be able to devour even Heaven's Will itself? This was absolutely horrifying.

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