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Looking at Chen Xuan poking the floor with every bit of energy he had, Lin Fan could not help but laugh out loud.

These 60 energy grid line chains were good stuff, man!

With that, he could probably summon out the Heart Demon Emperor and mutilate his five limbs to convert into essence blood. Fusing those into his Blood Sea, he could boost the speed at which he would attain the state of rebirth through a single drop of blood.

If he could get to that stage, it would probably be hard for him to even want to die.

People in the Dongling Continent had practically reached the bottleneck of cultivation itself. With that, their speed of gathering energy grid line chains was really slow. It was practically the speed of a turtle, to gather only tens of energy grid line chains after 100 years of cultivation.

But to people of Dongling Continent, someone who could do even that could be considered a heaven-defying existence already.

The energy grid line chains were the wildest source of power in this world. They had to gather the energy grid spots into their bodies slowly before arranging them and finally forming a complete energy grid line chain through it.

But for someone like Lin Fan who had a BUG, gathering energy grid line chains was practically as easy as drinking water. To be able to gather 438 chains by just sleeping for an entire year? That was practically an absurd defiance of even the heavens itself.

"Well, Chen Xuan, it's already a bargain for you to be able to live that additional year. It's time for you to die obediently." Lin Fan looked at Chen Xuan, having no intentions of letting this man go.

Chen Xuan, who was poking the floor comfortably, felt his heart cave in when he heard Lin Fan's words.


How could he die? He was a man blessed by the Heavens!

But, he could sense the killing intent overflowing from that man's gaze.

"NO! I'M A MAN BLESSED BY THE HEAVENS! YOU CAN'T KILL ME…!" Chen Xuan screamed out madly, green tendons popping out of his head.

"As someone who's approaching death, I even took the effort to allow you to experience the epitome of life. Where else could you find someone as benevolent as me in this world? Alright, no more nonsense now. Just be obedient and pa.s.s on…" Lin Fan raised his hand gently. This Chen Xuan had a decent cultivation state. Of course, he would take the experience points… AND the energy grid line chains… AND the possessions that he had inside his storage rings.

Indeed, the way to get wealthy was by killing a powerful enemy.

But, given his current strength level, there might not be too many people in Dongling Continent whom he could have an eye on soon.

"HOW DARE YOU?" Chen Xuan looked at the immense energy gathering in Lin Fan's palms with frightful eyes. If that amount of energy landed on him, he was definitely dead for sure!

"NO…HEAVEN'S WILL…SAVE ME…!" Chen Xuan howled and struggled, seeking his last chance at life.

"Heaven's Will? Hmph!" Lin Fan snorted coldly.


Just then, the sky rumbled. The moment Chen Xuan said those words, the skies changed color, as a ma.s.sive amount of energy encompa.s.sed the entire Manhuang Area.

"INSOLENT…!" From the unknown came a terrifying, authoritative voice. This voice boomed like the mighty bell, causing everyone's attention to waver.

Everyone from the Manhuang Tribe immediately coughed out a mouthful of blood. That voice had caused their blood to rumble uncontrollably.

Lin Fan threw a casual glance at the sky. Not bothered in the least bit, he threw his palm down.

"YOU…!" When Chen Xuan saw the Heaven's Will appearing to save him, he was overwhelmed with joy. However, he was absolutely flabbergasted that the other party would still dare to strike despite that.


That palm strike was enough to devastate the entire Heavens and Earth. With that, the tremendous amount of energy extinguished any last bit of hope for life that Chen Xuan had.

'Ding…congratulations on killing greater celestial full cultivation Chen Xuan.'

'Ding…experience points +10,000,000'

Lin Fan frowned. 10,000,000?! Why was it that little! No matter what, Chen Xuan was somebody who had gathered 60 energy grid line chains!

But the moment he considered his current cultivation state, it all made sense.

Right now, Lin Fan was someone who had broken through the barriers of the Heavens and had gotten to an utmost celestial upper level being state. This was a cultivation state that no one else in Dongling Continent was able to obtain.

For someone of his cultivation state to even obtain 10,000,000 experience points from killing a greater celestial full cultivation being was already something remarkably decent.

"HOW DARE YOU KILL SOMEONE BLESSED BY THE HEAVENS? THAT'S AN UNPARDONABLE CRIME AGAINST THE HEAVENS!" The voice in the sky grew ever more violent. It was as though the voice was getting furious that Lin Fan had disobeyed its will and had gone on to kill Chen Xuan.

Huang Linger stood blankly on the tribute altar, being swayed by the wind. Raising her head into the sky, she muttered in disbelief, "Heaven's Will?! How can that be?"

"Don't f*cking come here and act with your bullsh*t in front of Yours Truly. Come out if you've got the guts and Yours Truly will smash your head right in!" Lin Fan's lips curled. 'F*ck this Heaven's Will again! Whoever comes shall be walloped.'

If the Heaven's Will were truly this obnoxious thing, Dongling Continent would have been long ruined. How else could it have remained that peaceful in the past?

"INSOLENT…!" The Heavens and Earth shook, and the sky changed color rapidly. It was as though doomsday was approaching the world.

"Hmph, you think that you're the only one who can act? Yours Truly can too!" Looking up at the skies, Lin Fan was displeased that the other party seeming to be getting too comfortable with his act of bullsh*t. With that, he turned 450 energy grid line chains into a gigantic conical megaphone. Channelling from his diaphragm, he hollered.


'Well, there's always someone stronger than you out there in the world. Yours Truly's enhanced boosted version of 'insolent' would definitely be able to take you down.'

Suddenly, the sky rumbled fervently with its colors changing rapidly. The entire Earth trembled violently. Under Lin Fan's roar, the voice of the Heaven's Will broke up and was drowned within Lin Fan's voice immediately.

"HMPH…! I've allowed you to act with your bullsh*t, but how dare you go overboard? If you're indignant, come out and face Yours Truly so that I can smash your head right in! If I don't do that, my surname will no longer be Lin!" Lin Fan shouted to the skies in disdain.

"Human, you have completely riled me up! You must receive your punishment!" The voice of the Heaven's Will rang out once more. This time around, it was accompanied by the rumbling of thunder, as though he was preparing some ultimate move to strike down.

"CHEY…!" Lin Fan laughed contemptuously. 'If one wants to take down Yours Truly, one has to have what it takes.'

And even if he couldn't beat it for real, so what? If he pushed Yours Truly into a corner, Yours Truly could call out the Heaven and Earth Smelt to hide within. He would just hide for a long period of time, say, maybe ten years. By then, he could automatically continue to gather energy grid line chains. With a few thousand energy grid line chains, Lin Fan did not believe that he couldn't kill anyone instantly.

Suddenly, a rainbow colored light burst out from the sky. The light seemed to have the energy of thunderbolts mixed within.

Lin Fan frowned. There was this really unpleasant feeling…

"That's the Heaven's Eye…!" Looking up into the skies, Huang Linger exclaimed out in shock.

"The Heaven's Eye belongs to the Heaven's Will! It can see through any deceitful illusions. Each time the eyes open, it's the beginning of yet another new era! Could that truly be the Heaven's Will?!" Huang Linger could not believe everything that was before her eyes.

In her eyes, the Heaven's Will was impartial. But why would it come forth to try to rescue that evildoing man just now?


"Sinful human, you have to suffer the consequences!" The voice of the Heaven's Will boomed out once more. Those mighty looking eyes glared down at Lin Fan fixedly.

For a pair of gigantic and horrifying looking eyes to appear in the skies, one could not deny the horrors of this scene right now.

"Heaven's Eye? Hmph, seems like this is stronger than the Divine Retribution that you've employed last time, eh?" Lin Fan replied with naught a fear.

So, what if this truly was the Heaven's Will? Should that cause Lin Fan to feel fear?

Seeing the scene, everyone from the Manhuang Tribe prostrated on the ground, quivering in fear.

To them, this was an existence that was equivalent to G.o.d…

"No, that's not the Heaven's Will! His future is filled with bloodshed!" Looking properly at the skies, Huang Linger screamed out in horror once more. It was as though she had witnessed something terrifying.

"Whether or not he's the Heaven's Will, Yours Truly shall duke it out with him today!" Lin Fan squinted his eyes and looked at the Heaven's Eye.

"Fine! There was once Houyi who shot down the Suns. Today, Lin Fan shall shoot down these eyes! Yours Truly shall shoot your thievery eyes down!" Lin Fan took in a deep breath, preparing himself for a great battle.

'So what if it was the Heaven's Will? How dare it act so brazenly? WHACK AS NORMAL!'

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