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Within the void, a dazzling brilliance brightened the grounds. That fiendish aura that was encompa.s.sing the airs began to dissipate under the warm cover of this bright flash, causing it to disappear like dust.

A white-clad figure could be seen, with his hands behind his back as he gave off an aura that seemed to be looking down on the world in disdain.

It was as though the Heavens and Earth were cheering in welcome for this figure in the skies.

Suddenly, two bright flashes of thunder streaked across the clear skies. Those thunderbolts were like agile snakes, coiling with one another, exorcising all of the demonic aura in the area.

The spirits were shivering uncontrollably under the impact of the thunderbolts, seemingly afraid.

"Do you want to f*ck the ground again?" Lin Fan threw a contemptuous side glance at Chen Xuan on the ground before asking.

He had not expected to meet something like this at the Manhuang Area.

Those things below which were floating above the ground, weren't they spirits?!?

Lin Fan's memory of these spirits was still fresh as day. After all, he was nearly done in by these things back in Tuodi Shrine.

But when he saw the person behind these spirits, he was equally astonished. To think that he would meet Chen Xuan, who had f*cked the ground in front of the ma.s.ses!

When Huang Linger saw the figure in the skies, she let out a bright smile. However, her forehead slowly creased back.

When she handed over the Life Seed to the other party, it was because she could see this man reappearing in the Manhuang Area in the future. However, the circ.u.mstances of his reappearance in her foresight were different from right now!

The more she looked, the grimmer her face turned.

To think that she could not see through the future of the other party! How was this possible?

One year ago, she could clearly see the future from him. But now, that image was murky with thunder crackling, as though it was forbidden for her to peek any further beyond.

As for the Manhuang Tribesmen, they were waiting with bated breath seeing the person who appeared in the sky as well, wondering if this was a friend or foe.

"It's you…" Chen Xuan was gritting his teeth as he glared at Lin Fan. He couldn't wait to crush this person to death harshly.

"Of course, it's me! Who else do you think it is?" After landing from the skies, he looked at Chen Xuan and continued, "Wow, you're a pretty decent fella eh? Seems like your cultivation state's improved by quite a bit as well."

Lin Fan was elated right now. This man was whisked away to safety by that mysterious hand a year ago. Now that they met again, this was absolutely fated to Lin Fan. If he allowed this person to run away again, then he would have definitely wasted his year sleeping!

"Hmph, it's all thanks to you…" Chen Xuan's reply was sinister. Those eyes which, were filled with disdain as though everything was under his control, were now filled with hatred instead.

"Oh, don't mind the thanks! It's all in a day's work. I love to help people! That's something that Yours Truly has spent his life working on: the good of others! It's all good as long as you're happy!" Thinking back of that scene a year ago, Lin Fan could not help but giggle out.

Chen Xuan glared at Lin Fan, his fists clenched so tightly that they were getting white. How piercing did that laughter sound? And of course, he knew why this guy was laughing.

To Chen Xuan, what happened back then was a humiliation of a lifetime. He swore on his entire life that he would seek vengeance.

"Well, it's pretty much affinity for us to meet today once more. Let me ask you again, do you want to f*ck the ground? After all, I'm sure you enjoyed that feeling, didn't you?" Lin Fan asked.

"You…!" Chen Xuan looked at Lin Fan, his face flushed red. d.a.m.n it! He couldn't deny Lin Fan's words.

Looking at Chen Xuan's expression, Lin Fan smiled calmly.

After all, Biggra was crafted by Yours Truly. How would Lin Fan not know the wondrous effects it produced? After consuming Biggra, one's life would be tranquil and stress-free. It was as though they had entered Heaven.

Forgetting about every pain and sorrow, the only thing left would be bliss.

All the numerous benefits could not even be labeled out in words.

Ever since Chen Xuan had entered the Nine Spirits Realm and communicated with the source, his cultivation state had received a tremendous boost. Within the short span of a year, using the core of the Nine Spirits Realm, he had gathered 20 energy grid line chains.

To anyone in this world, that was an absolutely horrifying existence.

Who else in this world could gather energy grid line chains at his speed?

Naturally, no one else.

Chen Xuan had always believed that he was the one and only, a man who was endowed with the blessings of the Heaven.

"You've gathered 60 energy grid line chains. Not bad eh?" Lin Fan remarked casually.

The moment these words came out of Lin Fan's mouth, Chen Xuan's face changed drastically.

'He can see through my strength?!'

Didn't this just mean that the other party has a higher power level than himself? But how could that be?!

He was a man who was blessed by the Heavens with an immense fortune. Hence, he was able to gather 60 energy grid line chains so quickly! But what about the other party?

Suddenly, an ominous feeling surged through Chen Xuan's heart, as waves began to form in his heart. He wanted to leave this place immediately. He could sense the danger right now.

Standing on the tribute altar, Huang Linger had been listening in on the conversation of both men. The moment she heard that Chen Xuan had 60 energy grid line chains, she shuddered in fear.

Even though Huang Linger wasn't exceptionally strong, she was the holy lady of the Manhuang Tribe. As such, she knew about many things more than most other people.

Even the Grandmasters of some great sects only had tens of energy grid line chains at the most. How could this man possess 60?!

Impossible. Definitely impossible…!

"Oh, you want to run?" Suddenly, Lin Fan noticed the weird actions of Chen Xuan. This fella seemed like he wanted to run off once more.

"Spirits, attack!" Chen Xuan hollered before tearing a gap through the void immediately, preparing to escape from this place. But just as Chen Xuan was about to step through the void, a tragic cry rang out.

"B*stard! What have you done!" Just as he had stepped into the gap, Chen Xuan fell out of it back onto the ground. His face was flushed red as his skin was peeled.

"Oh, nothing much. I've just sealed your exit with energy grid line chains, that's all." Lin Fan shrugged his shoulders.

"Impossible…!" The moment Chen Xuan heard this, he was stunned momentarily before shouting out once more.

The moment he had entered the gap, he was scared silly by the sheer number of energy grid line chains that were coiling around the void before him. With a loud crack, those energy grid line chains struck on his body, sending him flying out.

Other than himself, how could someone else gather that many energy grid line chains?!

"Nothing's impossible. Oh, since you're here, I can't let you return without gaining anything, right?" Lin Fan sn.i.g.g.e.red. Slapping his storage, countless Biggras danced in the skies, covering Chen Xuan within them.


Suddenly, all the Biggras exploded and turned into a thick mist. The mist entered Chen Xuan through his nose and skin.

"NOOOOOO…!!!" Chen Xuan cried out pitifully. In fact, he could even imagine the horrors of what was about to happen.

But it was all too late…

"Y-you…!!!" Chen Xuan's face was a flushed tomato red right now. His eyes were dazed as he pointed a trembling finger at Lin Fan. A fiery flame surged through his body, as though it was looking for an urgent release.

Those spirits who had no physical bodies lunged over at Lin Fan.

With a single sweep of his arm, he destroyed all the spirits entirely. He had a Spirit Crystal within his bag as well from Tuodi Shrine. That was an item used to communicate with the Nine Spirits Realm. But as of now, Lin Fan had no idea how to play around with it.

Now that this Chen Xuan could command these spirits, did this mean that he had been to the Nine Spirits Realm before?

Looking at the sight before them, everyone from Manhuang Tribe was utterly stumped. They had not expected those formidable enemies they had trouble dealing with earlier to disappear just like that.

And the thing that was breaking their minds right now was not just that. The man from earlier, what was he doing sprawled on the floor! Why was he moving up and down up and down? What was he doing?

On the impregnable grounds of Manhuang Area, a hole began to form…

Scary. Absolutely horrifying…

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