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And with that, the Seven Saint Treasure Map came to an end. Lin Fan had not expected the Seven Saint to b.l.o.o.d.y be able to find a fated person. He did not know who this person was, to be so unlucky and misfortunate to meet with such a tragedy.

But to Lin Fan, perhaps that old Seven Saint had been pushed to the edge by him. As such, he just took anybody who pa.s.sed by, regardless of their potential or luck, dragging him/her into cultivation immediately.

Seemed like it was the right move for the Seven Saint to split up his consciousness and spread them across the various forbidden grounds. After all, this ensured the highest rate of success.

But to Lin Fan, none of these mattered. So what if he managed to find someone to devour for himself? If he were to b.u.mp into this person, Lin Fan would still slap him to death easily.

But, looking at the Mythical Parasol Tree, he couldn't help but sigh.

The aura of this thing was still really vibrant just a while ago. But as time pa.s.sed, it was now withering. If he couldn't find a way to save it, the tree might really die in his hands.

And of course, Lin Fan was more than satisfied with the mystical effects of the Mythical Parasol Tree.

Absorbing the True Energy of Heavens and Earth automatically and converting them into experience points, causing him to gain experience points on the go.

'Seems like it's time to head to the Manhuang Area.' Exiting the underground, Lin Fan floated in the air and looked over the entire Earth.


Suddenly, a weak and feeble voice appeared within Lin Fan's mind.

This voice seemed to have appeared once before. But now that it was reappearing, Lin Fan was definitely wary about it.

'Just how in the world do you expect me to save…'

Lin Fan was at a loss for what to do. Ever since he had received that little strain of consciousness of the Heaven's Will, he would always feel a strange ominous feeling in his heart from time to time. It was as though something big was about to happen.

'Oi, oi! You're a really irritating fella! Stop saying things halfway all the time! How do you expect me to help you like that?' Lin Fan was really exasperated. He wasn't interested in things like these that kept giving questions as though they were part of a big puzzle.

But no matter how much Lin Fan called out to it, that voice that had appeared never replied.

Shaking his head helplessly, he then opened up a s.p.a.ce in the void and headed towards the Manhuang Area.

The Manhuang Area existed on the boundaries of Dongling Continent. It was a reclusive place where hardly any humans could enter.

"Holy lady, everyone's having troubles holding them back anymore…"

At this moment, an exceptional young lady was standing atop a gigantic tribute altar. On the tribute altar laid a humungous statue, that seemed to be looking over the rest of the world.

The holy lady looked at her tribesmen before nodding her head gently and looking into the distance.

It was a ma.s.sacre out there. The rise of the blood aura has stained the entire Heavens and Earth.

The Manhuang Tribesmen were gathered at this instance, looking at the evil beings in front of them with a solemn expression. These evil beings had no body of their own, looking at the tribe with l.u.s.tful eyes. Within those evil beings stood members of the Manhuang Tribe who had been slain. These people were holding on to their weapons, targeting their own tribesmen.

Spirits. These were evil beings of the 9 Realms. They specialized in absorbing the soul and essence of a man before possessing and taking control of them.

Huang Linger stood atop the tribute altar. Looking at these evil beings, she looked pretty dejected.

"Will the future hold true?" Huang Linger was a little lost right now. She could look into the future and see what would happen.

Yet, she had failed to predict this scene right before her.

"Hand over your holy lady, and I shall spare the Manhuang Tribe! Otherwise, all of you shall be leveled into the ground!" Just then, a man of an elegant disposition was standing behind these spirits, looking down at everything in disdain.

If Lin Fan were here, he would definitely be shocked. Wasn't this b.u.g.g.e.r Chen Xuan?! The man who had thought that he was the strongest in this entire universe, yet was whipped like a little girl by Lin Fan!

Looking at the situation before him, Chen Xuan's lips curled into a smirk.

His past year spent in the Nine Spirits Realm had been especially nourishing. With his power level, he was practically unrivaled in his time there, taking down anyone he met.

He had already retrieved the two Supreme Being Token Shards there. At the same time, he had ruled over the entire place and had recruited countless spirits for his own use.

And even more exhilarating was the fact that he had incidentally communicated through to the source of the Nine Spirits Realm. He even obtained the recognition of the source, and as such, his cultivation state rose even higher.

Upon returning to Dongling Continent, the first thing he wanted to do was to seek revenge on the man who had humiliated him. However, he was ordered by that fella who referred to himself as Heaven's Will to bring back the holy lady of the Manhuang Tribe.

To Chen Xuan, what was the Manhuang Tribe? With his current strength, he could annihilate them with a flip of a palm.

But things would get too boring if they happened too quickly at times.

Thus, Chen Xuan summoned out those evil spirits and had the Manhuang Tribesmen kill one another. All he did was sit quietly to observe. This was simply enjoyable to Chen Xuan.

In Chen Xuan's eyes, he was someone who was chosen by the Heavens.

Boosted by the luck of the Heavens, he was mighty and unparalleled. To him, the failure one year ago was nothing but a trial.

"Tribesmen, do not be afraid!" Looking at the situation before her, Huang Linger revealed a look of worry. She then closed her eyes gently to chant.

Suddenly, the sky rumbled. A mysterious force gradually began to take shape from the unknown.

A mysterious well appeared in the sky.

This was a mysterious ancient well which could boost the power of the Manhuang Tribesmen. However, Huang Linger discovered in shock that the well floating in the skies suddenly crumbled into dust, before disappearing entirely.

How could the mysterious ancient well that she had obtained through prayers disappear just like that?! That was impossible…!

As long as the Heaven's Will lived, so would the ancient well!

Looking at the scene before him, Chen Xuan sn.i.g.g.e.red, "Oh, holy lady. Let's not waste time on these futile struggles. Just surrender and stop your needless struggles."

Even though Chen Xuan did feel suspicious about the Heaven's Will's orders to bring back the holy lady of the Manhuang Tribe, he did not bother himself too much with this.

If he had any bit of concerns towards this shadow who had referred to itself as Heaven's Will in the past, it was now converted into complete faith.

Thinking back, he used to be a really ordinary man. However, ever since he was chosen by this Heaven's Will and trained for 100 years, he had obtained this incredible cultivation state. This was practically unbelievable.

"If you want to take away our holy lady, you'll have to do it over our dead bodies!" The brutish looking Manhuang Tribesmen formed a circle around the tribute aura and protected the holy lady within.

Looking at their dead tribesmen who had revived, they were filled with terror as well. However, they would have to protect their holy lady no matter what, and not allow the other party to have their way.

"Hmph, a bunch of ants. Kill…!" Chen Xuan laughed coldly before sweeping his robes and ordering casually.

Looking at the sight before her, the holy lady could no longer maintain her composure.

At this moment, she saw the future…

Bodies laid streaking all over the place. The Manhuang Tribe had disappeared entirely from the face of the world.

"Oh ho, you want to get to f*ck the ground again?"

And just then, a loud voice boomed out through the skies.

Huang Linger looked up into the skies. The moment she saw who it was, her heart skipped a beat. The moment Chen Xuan heard this voice, he was equally puzzled, wondering who it was.

But when he saw the figure in the skies, he was totally incensed.

'It's him again…!'

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