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After finishing the medicinal pills and raising his cultivation base, Lin Fan pursed his lips in a bit of dissatisfaction. It would be so great if he could have more medicinal pills; that way, he could just rely on eating medicine to become invincible.

After checking through the bag, he couldn't find any more medicinal pills, so Lin Fan switched his focus onto the martial skills.

He remembered seeing several manuals earlier and wondered what kind of martial skills they contained.

Lin Fan didn't expect much from Mo Yi Xuan, as he didn't seem to be a good person. So the martial skills he possessed were most likely useless.

But Lin Fan repented quickly. He shouldn't be so discriminating as a person. Although Mo Yi Xuan wasn't a really great person, he was still able to become that strong, so his martial skills should be sufficient.

Lin Fan took out a manual as he glanced through it, and smiled.

'Ding… congratulations, discovered upper heaven cla.s.s mental cultivation, "Faceless Sky Devil".'

'"Faceless Sky Devil" is the Infinite Devil sect's founding skill. The founder of the Infinite Devil sect had visited h.e.l.l, worshiped the Faceless Devil, and cultivated this technique after hundred of years, only those who possess the Sky Devil Body can cultivate it.'

After seeing the description, Lin Fan cackled,' How far-fetched! But whatever, a powerful person can lie all he wants.' Since he just so happened to lack a mental cultivation skill, he might as well fix that.

'Learn "Faceless Sky Devil"?'


What a joke, he was troubled over not having any mental cultivation skills, now that one came on its own, how could he not learn it?

'Ding… congratulations, learned heaven cla.s.s mental cultivation, "Faceless Sky Devil" level 1, experience(0/100000).

"Ding, congratulations learned "Faceless Sky Devil", true energy+1000."

Lin Fan was joyful that after learning the mental cultivation "Faceless Sky Devil", his true energy had increased by 1000. It was quite strong, and going from the description in the manual, "Faceless Sky Devil" had a total of nine levels. But he was curious how far he could cultivate it to.

At the same time, Lin Fan discovered a problem; since he had the system, if he upgraded"Faceless Sky Devil", would that mean he would also level upgrade?

But it was likely not that easy. When other people trained their own mental cultivation, their cultivation stage would also rise. But since he had a character level, he needed to rely on leveling up through experience, which was a rather sad thing.

Lin Fan's head began hurting when he thought about it, not giving it any more thought in the end. As long as he continued gaining experiences crazily, he would have nothing to fear.

Then Lin Fan began searching, finding some basic secret scrolls as he wondered what they could be.

'Ding… discovered upper heaven cla.s.s mental cultivation "Will of the Sword".'

'd.a.m.n it…another heaven cla.s.s mental cultivation! It seems this mental cultivation belongs to Ni Mantian's righteous sect.' Lin Fan sighed, strong people were really infuriating. It seemed both Ni Mantian and Mo Yi Xuan were quite important within their sects.

'"Will of the Sword", the highest sword will cultivated by the founder of the Linglong Sword sect, only those who possess the Will of the Sword's Body can cultivate it.'

'Ding… learn?'


'Ding… congratulations, upper-cla.s.s heaven mental cultivation"Will of the Sword" level 1, experience (0/100000)."

'Ding… congratulations, learned "Will of the Sword", true energy + 1000.'

After learning two top tier mental cultivation skills, Lin Fan's heart began swelling up with a sense of invincibility. Of course, it was only maintained for two-three seconds before he stopped himself.

Although he obtained these two skills, he still needed to slowly raise their levels, so it would be a long road up ahead. Then, Lin Fan began checking the remainder martial skills.

'Ding, discovered upper earth cla.s.s martial skill "Deflowering Finger".'

'"Deflowering Finger", a powerful self-cultivated skill of the Infinite Devil sect, one finger dominates the entire world, can only learn, may not be spoken of.'


"Wait, something seems up." Lin Fan's previous joyful heart felt like cold water had been dumped over it.

'"Twisting Heaven and Earth", "Black Tiger Steals Heart", and now a "Deflowering Finger", won't I end up just becoming a human developer like that? Deflowering Prince or Deflower Thief? No, no, absolutely not… as a person of justice, how can I learn such a lowly technique?'

"Don't learn, definitely don't learn."

Lin Fan then rubbed his chin in thought, his expression a little hesitant after finally obtaining a martial skill but not learning it.

'That's right, there are no good or bad martial skills, it just depends on the person who uses them. Yes, this is the truth… I can't be scared by just the martial skill's description.

"Learn." Lin Fan then learned it without any hesitation.

'Ding… learned "Deflowering Finger" level 1, experience(0/1000)

Then Lin Fan looked towards the last manual. Since he had even learned "Deflowering Finger", what other skills would he not learn? But this manual was a bit disappointing. This was Ni Mantian's martial skill "Wind Chasing Sword Tactics"

Lower earth cla.s.s.

"Wind Chasing Sword Tactics"was presently the only proper attack skill Lin Fan encountered so far. But since he didn't use a sword, this was a rather awkward situation.

He had essentially checked all the items, and the only things left were the equipment. Lin Fan wasn't really interested in these equipment.

All of the defense gear was essentially unnecessary for Lin Fan, "Eternal Demon Body" being more than enough.

Then, Lin Fan took all the collected clothes, shoes, and one sword, and tossed them all into the furnace for forging.

'Ding… profession advance blacksmith level not high enough, unable to melt for forging.'

When Lin Fan threw them into the furnace, this notification came up. Lin Fan sighed in exasperation; it seemed this area still wasn't sufficient enough. Not continuing any further, he then placed the items back into his bag and decided to wait for another chance in the future.

After finishing everything, Lin Fan began relaxing.

After the sky had darkened, Lin Fan found a large ancient looking tree and leaned on it while closing his eyes, and began cultivating "Faceless Sky Devil"

Lin Fan felt an energy flow within his body and began expanding.

'Ding… "Faceless Sky Devil" experience + 10.'

'Ding… "Faceless Sky Devil" experience + 10.'

Lin Fan opened his eyes, a bit confused. The cultivation of this skill was so slow that it didn't make sense. Then, he began cultivating the "Will of the Sword" as an experiment to see what was going on.

'Ding… "Will of the Sword"experience + 1.'

'Ding… "Will of the Sword"experience + 1.'

Just what was going on? Both were heaven cla.s.s mental cultivation skills, yet the experience gained was different. Perhaps, the upper-cla.s.s mental cultivation "Will of the Sword" didn't suit him.

Lin Fan was feeling exasperated. Leveling up required 100,000 experience, and with this speed, just how long would it take?

'There must be a problem, it definitely shouldn't be like this.'

Although these two skills required proper specifications, since the system allowed him to train them, it must have eliminated those needs. Yet, it was still being cultivated so slowly. So there must be another reason, it was just that he hadn't discovered it yet.

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