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With the silence of the entire place, the sounds of wallops were ever more piercing.

All the Grandmasters felt as though they were lying down on a bed of thorns. They couldn't even bare to look properly at the two men who were being walloped on the ground right now.

At the very least, those two were Grandmasters of Heaven and Earth Sect and Mountain Sea Sect! To think that they would be rained with punches by a junior without even daring to retaliate at all? That would definitely be a laughing joke if this spread out!

"This…!" Looking at the scene before her, Xuan Yunxian was caught at a loss as well. No matter what, those two were Grandmasters of a sect. Wasn't this a little…inappropriate?

"It's alright, let them be." Lin Fan waved his hand dismissively. Something like this wouldn't result in any deaths. In fact, Liu Linfeng probably wouldn't leave any bit of damage on these two at all.

Huang Yuanlong and Li Cangmang were totally dumbfounded right now. They could not understand what in the world was happening. How could this d.a.m.ned guy be whacking their Grandmasters to roll on the ground?

On the main seat, Lin Fan stood beside Xuan Yunxian. He then looked down at the ma.s.ses below and coughed gently, "Yunxian is my wife. And me? I am Glory Sect's Lin Fan. Now that Yunxian has become Xuanjian Sect's Grandmaster, I hope that you guys can take care and watch out for them in the future. Lin Fan offers his thanks in advance."

Lin Fan knew that Xuanjian Sect could neither be considered extremely strong nor weak. They were stuck in an awkward position of power. The sects in Dongling Continent were as many as the hair on a cow's body, uncountable. Well, people might not know of many other sects, but they would have definitely have heard of Glory Sect.

Lin Fan knew that he couldn't possibly keep watch over Xuanjian Sect all the time. Hence, he had to have these people submit to his power and understand their positions. That way, they would think twice before making any decisions at all.

And evidently, Lin Fan had looked down on the power of his own name.

The moment he said 'Glory Sect's Lin Fan', everyone's jaws dropped apart.

What was the hottest news that has been spreading across the entire Dongling Continent for this entire year? Of course, it wasn't about any sects becoming stronger or any sects getting destroyed. It was all about Glory Sect's Lin Fan sacrificing himself to take down the big ancient demon and saving the entire Dongling Continent in the process.

"Glory Sect's Lin Fan…! Isn't he dead?!"

"That's right! But what's this all about right now then?"

"I don't know. I don't get it at all!"

"But to think that Xuanjian Sect would have ties with Glory Sect! In fact, Grandmaster Xuan can be considered someone of Glory Sect right now!"

Everyone was deep in whispers. The news was like a hurricane, tearing apart the peace in their hearts. Their faces were filled with disbelief as well.

As for whether this was a bluff, they obviously guessed not.

No matter what, Xuanjian Sect was a medium sized sect. There was no way they would dare to take out something like this as a joke.

The Grandmasters of Heaven and Earth Sect and Mountain Sea Sect, who were being walloped by Liu Linfeng right now, were equally stupefied by the news.

After that, their hearts were filled with helplessness. If that was truly the case, this was someone they could never hope to offend in their entire lifetime!

Listening to these words, Xuan Yunxian's cheeks flushed pink. At the same time, her gaze at Lin Fan was ever more loving and adoring.

The previous Grandmaster of Xuanjian Sect sighed helplessly. Since things had come down to this, what else could she say?

For some of the newer disciples of Xuanjian Sect, this was astonishing. They had not expected Xuanjian Sect to have such a backing! Even though they had entered later than the others, who didn't know of Glory Sect's name? This was practically a household name!

With such a backing, all of the Xuanjian Sect disciples were excited beyond words.

And with that, the ascension ceremony came to a fruitful closure.

After being walloped by Liu Linfeng, the Grandmasters of Heaven and Earth Sect and Mountain Sea Sect sat there quietly and obediently. Each time they crossed looks with Lin Fan, their hearts sank downwards as they gave him an awkward chuckle.

Night time…

Xuanjian Sect's disciple residences…

The disciples who stayed near to Xuan Yunxian had all moved elsewhere for the night. Some of the disciples could not figure out why their senior sisters would move around and not sleep at their own places. This was really interesting indeed.

But, if they had experienced the events a year earlier, they would understand the reasoning behind these actions.

Within the house, a dim light lit up the place…

"Eh, Yunxian. Why have all the disciples outside left their own places?" Within the house, Lin Fan was soaking his feet in a bucket of water. The warm water was extremely comfortable right now.

Even though Lin Fan did not take a look outside personally, he was at a state of being where he could sense any and every bit of happening outside, down to the gra.s.s swaying with the wind. There was absolutely nothing that could be hidden from him.

Yunxian was stunned for a moment, not understanding either. However, when it finally hit her, her peerlessly beautiful face blushed with embarra.s.sment.

Lin Fan had yet to understand, "Truly weird indeed. Yunxian, I can do it myself."

The moment Lin Fan caught sight of Xuan Yunxian washing his feet for him, he couldn't help but feel embarra.s.sed. It did seem a little unbecoming for a Grandmaster of a sect to wash his feet for him.

"It's okay, I'll do it." Xuan Yunxian's tender fingers ma.s.saged Lin Fan's toes gently. Her eyes looked at Lin Fan melancholically, as though she wanted to imprint his face right now into her heart forever.

"What's wrong? Is there anything on my face?" Lin Fan asked densely and curiously.

"No, I just want to look at you properly and clearly and carve your looks into my heart. If you leave me one day, even if it takes a thousand years, I will search through the end of the world and find you." Xuan Yunxian replied with a blossoming smile and a loving tone.

Lin Fan smiled without saying anything.

Taking time to accept, growing something from nothing... Emotions could blossom over time. This was something that Lin Fan firmly believed in.

Even when things might feel wrong at times, on second thoughts, they might not be that wrong after all. Perhaps, everything might have just been fate that was arranged by the Heavens.

The night turned darker as Xuanjian Sect fell entirely silent.

The lights in the house dimmed gradually as well.

Lin Fan laid at a corner of the bed quietly without budging an inch. What happened back then was a special circ.u.mstance. Now that he didn't pop any pills, he did feel awkward to make any bold moves.

Xuan Yunxian laid at another corner silently, waiting patiently as well.

"Are you asleep?" Lin Fan asked.

"No." She replied tenderly.

"Can you fall asleep?" Under the dim night sky, Lin Fan's face blushed redder as well. He felt like he was the Big Bad Wolf, digging his way closer and closer each time.

"Yes." She replied gently.

Shuffling his leg, Lin Fan slowly inserted his leg into her warm blanket and slowly budged ever closer. The moment his feet made contact with Xuan Yunxian's tender skin, he stopped, as though waiting for something to happen.

"Oh, I'm just checking to see if you're cold under the blanket." Lin Fan explained.

As if.

If someone of a greater celestial state could be afraid of the cold, he or she could just jump down straight to h.e.l.l…

"It's actually pretty cold." Yunxian continued shyly.

"Ah! I'm actually pretty warm right here! Let me go over and give you some of my warmth. I'll leave once you feel better!"

One leg.

Two legs.

The entire body.

And with that, the both of them were snuggled under a single blanket.

To Lin Fan, this was a great improvement.

The previous Grandmaster of Xuanjian Sect had been pondering.

"That's strange. Why's there no sound this time round? But oh well, that's good as well. We can finally get a good night's rest. Seems like our sect's going to tread on the fast track and soar from here on forth." She thought rea.s.suredly.


"Ahhhhh…! AHHHH…!!!"

And just then, a series of sounds rang through.

The previous Grandmaster sighed exasperatedly. Seemed like this was going to be yet another sleepless night…

"Gentler...that's a little too deep…!"

"Ah, right. Right. It's my bad."

"Yup, just like that. That's very comfortable. Are you tired up there? Do you want me to be on top so that you can lie down and rest?"

"It's alright. This way, you'll feel better."

"Actually, I read a book previously..."

"What book?"

"Erm..., well, there's actually a picture within the book of…of you behind me..."

"Behind? What behind? Oh, oh! Then let's give that a try!"


Piak piak...


Under the night skies, two figures meld together into one. Long hair swaying, sweat pouring down like rain... They were filled with whispers as they moved into all sorts of positions and poses...

The way of the Yin and Yang was innumerable. Tonight, it went all the way to the climax...

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