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"These girls from Xuanjian Sect are truly beautiful indeed! Even those junior sisters of our Heaven and Earth Sect pale in comparison to them!" A young man, who was elegantly charming, looked at these girls of Xuanjian Sect who were pa.s.sing by with a gleeful look.

"Brother Huang, you’re the Big Senior Brother of Heaven and Earth Sect! If you’re interested in any one of them, you can let your Father know and have him propose a marriage. What issue would there be with that?" Another equally suave young man was checking out these female disciples keenly as well.

"HAHA! Brother Li, your words make sense indeed. The both of us are young. It shouldn’t be an issue for us to propose anyone and take in concubines of our own." Huang Yuanlong laughed.

Both of them come from distinguished backgrounds, and were both the young masters of great sects. They were practically second in authority of the entire sect.

And that, of course, was due to the fact that their fathers were the Grandmasters.

"Well, Xuanjian Sect is an all-female sect after all. If they don’t look for any backing soon, they might truly not make it in the long run. I heard that they were trashed by an evil being just recently. In fact, their entire defense formation was destroyed! If not for the fact that a mysterious man had appeared to aid them, they might not even exist right now!" Huang Yuanlong continued.

"Is that true, Brother Huang? But then again, it wouldn’t be strange if you think about it. While the Grandmaster of Xuanjian Sect is pretty old right now, she doesn’t have to choose the next Grandmaster right here and now. Well, I think that she must have been injured gravely during that battle, and has no choice but to stay behind the scenes." Li Cangmang replied.

The two of them stood outside the Main Hall of Xuanjian Sect. As though they were picking these girls for themselves, their eyes flared fervently with l.u.s.t.

They had no intentions of entering the Main Hall at all. To them, everything that was going on inside was extremely boring. Or rather, it was even a waste of time.

They might as well stay here and admire the beauties.

"Hey, Brother Huang. Don’t you think that guy looks extremely arrogant? To think that he’s surrounded by this many beauties!" Looking in the distance, Li Cangmang was displeased.

They had been standing around for quite some time, yet, they didn’t even get to hit on any chicks. To see that guy being surrounded by this bevy of beauties was definitely frustrating.

Looking over, Huang Yuanlong frowned as well. He then curled into a smirk, "Brother Li, let’s go and size him up. We’ll see his background."

"Senior brother, today’s the ascension ceremony of senior sister! The rouges that you handed us last night were absolutely brilliant! They’re of much higher quality than those I used to use!" A female disciple who was circling around Liu Linfeng called out.

"Of course! That was made for me by my Daddy! He says that that’s called a perfume, not rouge!" Smelling the fragrant scent on his body, Liu Linfeng’s face was filled with happiness. However, the thought of his Daddy who had pa.s.sed away saddened him.

"Brother Liu, since when did you have a Daddy?!" Lei Yifeng of Daozhong Sect was absolutely astounded. Back in the past, he always knew that Liu Linfeng was a sissy boy. So be it if he were feminine, but to think that he was still so c.o.c.ky even while being a sissy.

And what was with this dead father and all now?! Lei Yifeng was totally exasperated.

"Brother Liu, you’re really fabulous! This perfume is simply too good!" Xing Yueyu was a disciple of Daozhong Sect as well, and had always been following around Lei Yifeng. However, ever since she used Liu Linfeng’s perfume, it was as though she had turned completely and betrayed Lei Yifeng, acting like complete sisters with Liu Linfeng. In fact, she even got a few bottles from him.

"That’s of course! Oh, right, Brother Lei. Do I need to report to you that I’ve got a Daddy? Oh, you’re really big now, eh?" Liu Linfeng tossed Lei Yifeng a side glance and said in his sissy tone.

The surrounding junior sisters began to giggle. It was as though Liu Linfeng and Lei Yifeng had born grudges for their past eight lives or something, and had to quip at one another the moment they met.

Lei Yifeng twitched his mouth, not wanting to argue back.

"Oh, I wonder how do I address all of you. I am the young master of Heaven and Earth Sect, Huang Yuanlong. This here is the young master of Mountain Sea Sect, Li Cangmang."

The both of them cupped their fists and called out with a confident smile, as though they wanted to be a part of this group. At the same time, they couldn’t stop nodding in approval as they cast their gazes at the surrounding female disciples.

Not bad. Really decent indeed.

Looking at them once, Liu Linfeng ignored them entirely and continued conversing with his junior sisters, heading towards the Main Hall.

Huang Yuanlong and Li Cangmang frowned, evidently displeased.

Looking at the two of them, Lei Yifeng hurried over to Liu Linfeng, "Brother Liu, you’re totally not giving them any face! These two are not the young masters of just any weak sects! You might get into trouble for this!"

"Huh…trouble? I’m afraid of nothing. Daddy is watching over me. No matter where in this world, no one would dare to bully me! Look at you living like a coward! How pathetic!" Liu Linfeng replied.

Lei Yifeng was thoroughly exasperated right now. This b.l.o.o.d.y r.e.t.a.r.d! But then again, this should be nothing much, so he didn’t put it in his heart.

"Brother Huang, isn’t that guy being too brazen?" Li Cangmang said fuming.

"Hmph, I know the guy beside them. That’s the Big Senior Brother of Daozhong Sect, Lei Yifeng. As for the other guy, his cultivation state is only so-so, nothing spectacular. But I wonder what’s his background. THAT is what we’ve got to check." Huang Yuanlong’s eyes were sinister, evidently bearing a grudge over this. However, it didn’t matter. There was no rush about this. He would take his sweet time.

The ascension ceremony of Xuanjian Sect was spectacular indeed. After all, this was a grand affair for the sect. Even poor sects would try their best to make this event as grandeur as possible.

Outside the Main Hall, they were having a tribute ceremony to pray for good fortune from the Heavens.

"Yunxian, from here on forth, you will be the 138th Grandmaster of Xuanjian Sect. Everything would depend on you in the future." The previous Grandmaster handed a symbolic ceremonial saber over to Xuan Yunxian.

"Yes." Xuan Yunxian nodded her head.

Looking at all this, the previous Grandmaster heaved a sigh of relief.

The ceremony was about to end soon.

All the Grandmasters of different sects who had arrived for the ascension ceremony were gathered as well, deep in discussions.

Liu Linfeng stood behind Xuan Yunxian, looking evidently bored. He was especially displeased with the fact that all the other Grandmasters seemed to be looking at his Master with eyes that were far from friendly.

"Grandmaster Xuan, congratulations on your ascension. Oh, my dear son has mentioned something to me earlier that I think would greatly boost the relationship between our two sects. But I wonder if Grandmaster Xuan would give her blessings." The Grandmaster of Heaven and Earth Sect spoke up.

"Please continue." Xuan Yunxian was all smiles.

A sect’s position and strength were not only determined by their talents, but also by their relationship with the other sects.

Heaven and Earth Sect and Xuanjian Sect were situated not too far from one another. Besides, their previous generations had a pretty chummy relationship.

"Yuanlong, tell Grandmaster Xuan about it yourself." The Grandmaster of Heaven and Earth Sect said casually.

Huang Yuanlong, who was standing behind his father, cupped his fists together and greeted.

"Grandmaster Xuan, I’ve taken a liking to that junior sister, and would hope to take her as a partner. I implore you to give us your blessings." Huang Yuanlong pointed to a female disciple who was talking with Liu Linfeng earlier on.

The moment Li Cangmang heard his Brother Huang speaking up, his eyes sparkled as he headed up as well, "Grandmaster Xuan, I’ve taken a liking to THAT female disciple and would like to implore you to give us your blessings as well."

Liu Linfeng, who was standing behind Xuan Yunxian, was startled for a moment, before he flew into a rage. His face was especially flushed red when he saw the gleeful and smirking faces of these two.

As for the two female disciples who were chosen, they were completely caught dumbfounded. They had not expected something like this to happen at all!

Xuan Yunxian was stunned for a moment as well, apparently taken aback by the matter and confused by it, "Yunling, Yunyan… the both of you, come out."

"Grandmaster…!" The both of them stood out, an innocent and dazed look on their faces. How did this happen? They cast their glances at Liu Linfeng, hoping he would take a stand for them.

The previous Grandmaster patted the back of Xuan Yunxian’s palms unknowingly.

Xuan Yunxian looked at her Master before asking, "The two of you... Do you agree?"

"We…we…!" The two of them were panicking right now. Even though they were living a carefree life in the sect, they did know of some affairs here and there.

And just as the two of them were caught at a loss, Liu Linfeng stood out.

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