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Lin Fan raised his hand gently. In the boundless void, the energy grid line chains swirled around in a circular motion like agile snakes.


Suddenly, Lin Fan’s house seemed to be encompa.s.sed by a ma.s.sive energy barrier.

Everyone on Nameless Peak’s faces changed immediately as they turned towards the Master’s house immediately.

"That energy…!" With the highest cultivation state, Mie Qiongqi’s sensitivity towards energy levels was the strongest as well. The moment Lin Fan summoned his energy grid line chains, he could already sense this boundless sea of energy.

At this moment, the house where their Master was residing within seemed to be contorting gradually. This was a mirage that was formed by the explosive amount of energy.

"Master, what’s wrong?" Zhang Ergou asked in extreme bewilderment.

"Nothing. This is the Master’s powers. To think that Master would be this strong. All of you, look up." Mie Qiongqi pointed above the house.

The sky was being distorted as well, forming a black vortex of energy whirlpool. Within it, the energy grid line chains swam like eels.

"Energy grid line chains…" Looking at the scene, Mie Qiongqi was stupefied.

Within the black vortex, the amount of energy grid line chains was so dense that it was beyond anyone’s imaginations.

Strong. Simply too strong!

Just how did Master do it?!

As a greater celestial, Mie Qionqi’s comprehension of energy grid line chains was already pretty deep right now.

The more energy grid line chains one possessed, the stronger the person was. As for him, he could only congeal energy grid line chains of ‘Unkillable Indestructible’.

There was just a total of two chains.

But for him, he had been gradually strengthening the power of those two chains.

He understood the difficulty in all of these. Even with that peerless inheritance of Unkillable Indestructible, the grand path of the energy grid line chains was still an extremely tough one to partake in.

But looking at the ma.s.sive amount of energy grid line chains in that vortex right now, how could he not be shocked at it?!

Suddenly, the entire Glory Sect shook.

Looking in the distance, Grandmaster Yan’s face was solemn as well.

"Grandmaster, look at that…!" Senior Elder Wuya exclaimed in astonishment. The black vortex that was gathered above Nameless Peak was giving him a repressed feeling.

This was the suppression of absolute power.

"That lad is getting more terrifying than ever. That simply isn’t human at all!" A deep shock could be seen through Senior Elder Wuya’s eyes.

All the other Senior Elders nodded their heads in agreement. But at the same time, they were heartened. After all, this lad was a disciple of Glory Sect. The stronger he was, the better for them.

"I’ve never ever once looked at him as a human." Grandmaster Yan lamented, "How else could anyone gather this number of energy grid line chains? Look at us. How many have we gathered over a hundred years?"

Hearing this, all the other Senior Elders nodded helplessly. Comparisons would definitely just serve to kill them. It was most appropriate to say that this lad wasn’t human at all.

Within the house…

Lin Fan smiled. His smile was more radiant than ever.

"Holy sh*t. This system is indeed getting sicker and sicker!" Lin Fan remarked. To think that he would gather this many energy grid line chains just by sleeping for one year. If he had slept for eighteen years, wouldn’t he be out of this world right now?!

"All of you, come over." Lin Fan curled his finger as the void trembled violently. One by one, those wild energy grid line chains turned extremely obedient and gentle, swimming around Lin Fan.

"438 energy grid line chains?! How the h.e.l.l should I handle them?"

After contemplating for a moment, Lin Fan decided.

He would fuse them into his body to strengthen his physical body to an extreme point.

The Eternal Arm only had a mere 100 energy grid line chains, yet its powers were impossible to deny. In fact, it was practically an invincible existence.

‘100 energy grid line chains fuse to left arm.’

As he curled his finger, the energy grid line chains swimming around Lin Fan surged towards Lin Fan’s left arm as though they had found a home.

Coiling around one by one, they entered Lin Fan’s arm.

"Feels alright…" Stretching out his left arm, he drew a line gently in the void, causing a gap to tear open instantly.

‘Fuse to left leg.’

‘Fuse to right leg.’

‘Fuse to body.’

Every single part of his body had now been fused with 100 energy grid line chains. With the remaining 38 chains, Lin Fan thought of the Eternal Donger. Should he strengthen his own donger? But that was just a thought. If he had to use that portion of his to attack someone, he might as well kill himself.

‘Fuse to brain.’

Suddenly, Lin Fan’s body was wrapped around by the energy grid line chains. The countless energy grid line chains flew orderly to all parts of his body.

At the same time, the black vortex in the skies began to disappear gradually.

Lin Fan sat down cross-legged, closing his eyes and slowly sensing the changes in his body. 438 energy grid line chains had fused with all parts of his body. Each of these parts were filled with incredible power.

In fact, Lin Fan could not help but think that if he didn’t control his power while using True Origin Crushing Kick on an enemy, he would definitely smite the opponent to dust immediately. That didn’t seem like an impossible scenario at all.

‘If that’s the case, then I might be able to just stand a chance against the onslaught of the Beast Spirit World.’ Lin Fan had a lot of things on his mind right now.

Beast Spirit World. Heaven’s Will. All of these unknown things were filling his mind with doubts. He had an inexplicable feeling that it wouldn’t be long before all of these things would arrive at Dongling Continent.

But, Lin Fan wasn’t afraid. Now that he had fused with 438 energy grid line chains, wouldn’t he be wasting his year of sleep if he didn’t crush all these enemies?

The pressing matter on Lin Fan’s mind right now was how to grow this Mythical Parasol Tree completely.

The Mythical Parasol Tree had successfully evolved into a seedling with Chicky’s Nirvana. But due to the battle with the big ancient demon, which had caused it to expend way too much lifeforce, its development had been stunted. In fact, it still hadn’t fully healed up even after an entire year.

Perhaps, it was time for him to make a trip to the Manhuang Land to check out if there was any way to salvage this.

The girl who had pa.s.sed him the Mythical Parasol Tree, Huang Linger, had seen this coming. The look in her eyes when she handed him the Mythical Parasol Tree was clear as day.

Night and day exchanged places.

Next day…

Everyone on Nameless Peak was extremely joyous. This was because the Master they had long thought of to be dead has revived.

"Master, there’s still one last dish! It’ll be here in a jiffy!" Feng Bujue shouted out from the kitchen. Lin Fan was pretty stunned right now. Since when had Feng Bujue turned into a cook?!

"Ergou, what’s up with this guy?" Lin Fan asked.

"Master, what?" Chomping down on the dishes, Zhang Ergou looked at his Master in bewilderment, not knowing what he was referring to.

"I’m asking you how does he know cooking now?" After picking up some of the food, he found that the taste was pretty decent when it entered his tummy. If he had not witnessed this for himself, he would not have believed this.

"Junior Brother is really skilled in cooking! Ever since you pa.s.sed away, everyone had been in a really bad mood. Hence, he started picking up cooking. Everything else aside, his skills are really nothing short of superb. The thing we look forward most to daily other than cultivating is definitely mealtime." Zhang Ergou replied with a look of happiness.

Lin Fan did not reply, but accepted the fact silently in his heart.

As for Gong Bingye, he too did not know what to do with her. However, he noticed that she didn’t seem to be harboring any plans or intentions, so he just let her be.

After all, he had two little disciples here right now. There would be some things he would require Gong Bingye to teach them in the future. Otherwise, a man such as himself would find it difficult to raise up those issues.

"Master, when are you bringing your wife back?" Munching on her meal, Cai Zhiqiao turned to Lin Fan with her big, innocent eyes.

"Eh?" Lin Fan was stunned. Before he could even recover, a single person entered his mind.

Xuan Yunxian.

"That’s right, Master! In the year you’ve been dead, she has always come by every single month. Each time, she would linger for a pretty long period of time. I don’t think she even knows that you’re revived as of now." Zhang Ergou continued.

Lin Fan fell into deep thought immediately. That was right! His revival was only known to Glory Sect right now. She probably had no idea.

"Let’s just eat first." Lin Fan waved his hand dismissively, shaking off the topic. Seemed like he would have to make a trip there eventually.

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