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The candidates who had arrived for the entrance test were entirely stumped right now. They did not know what was going on. Why the h.e.l.l did a loud sound come out from above the tribute sculpture? And whose voice was that?! This wasn't a haunting, was it?!

This voice rang through the entire Glory Sect, down to the very last stone of it.

"...I'M BACK..."

On Nameless Peak, Zhang Ergou was wondering if he should head down the peak to pick out a few good seedlings. And just then, the voice rang over.

He stood rooted at the spot, looking at the distance in disbelief. His eyelids were twitching furiously. This voice was familiar, yet foreign at the same time, as though he hadn't heard it for a really long time.

Was it a hallucination?

Standing there silently for a moment, Zhang Ergou dashed down the peak immediately.


Following tightly behind him were Tian Yu, Feng Bujue, Cai Zhiqiao, and everyone else.

From a secluded corner in Nameless Peak, a ma.s.sive aura erupted out. After that, a figure broke through the void and flew towards the tribute sculpture.

The inner regions of Glory Sect were practically going insane right now.

Grandmaster Yan, Senior Elder Wuya, and all the other elders... Inner sect disciples, and outer sect disciples alike... Everyone... Every. Single. Last. Person... All of them ran out and headed towards the tribute sculpture.

"Holy sh*t. How long has it been? My entire mind feels like it's in a daze!" Lin Fan sat up within the crystal coffin. He looked around at his surroundings, but he realized that a single glance was the entire sect's scenery below.

"EH?!? How am I so high up?" Lin Fan shrugged his head, his mind still foggy.

"Chicky, it's time to wake up." Lin Fan looked around and saw Chicky, whose head was tilted with his tongue sticking out. He hoisted Chicky up and slapped his cheek left and right.

'Cuck…cuckcuckoo…???' Chicky struggled to open his eyes as well, confused and blur about his surroundings.

Chicky hopped onto Lin Fan's shoulders and plopped his b.u.m down immediately. He then looked around this world blankly like Lin Fan.

Perhaps they had been asleep for too long, that their brains had yet to wake up completely.

Time pa.s.sed by the seconds and minutes as Lin Fan sat stilly without budging an inch in the crystal coffin.

By now, everyone was gathered below the tribute sculpture.

"Grandmaster, did Junior Master really revive?!" Zong Hentian's body was quivering, his voice filled with antic.i.p.ation. Grandmaster Yan and the others were equally stupefied, wondering just what had happened.

Zhang Ergou and the others held on to their hands tightly. They were patiently waiting, but they could not hide the look of excitement on their faces.

"M-MASTER…IS THAT REALLY YOU!!!" Zhang Ergou yelled at the top of his lungs with teary eyes.

"MASTER…!!!" Cai Zhiqiao screamed below as well.

"Everyone, don't rush. Hold on first." Grandmaster Yan spoke up. He then took a step forth, as though he was protecting everyone else behind him.

All the Senior Elders followed suit. Even though they were filled with longing in their hearts, this entire matter was simply too strange.

Lin Fan DID die. They had checked it out for themselves. But now that he was revived and was sitting there without moving at all, it just seemed too suspicious.

As he sat there in the crystal coffin, Lin Fan's brains began to tinker back.

"Yours Truly had prepared to fake my death for ten days! But how long had it been since then? And, I've been lying here above my own tribute sculpture all this time?" Lin Fan touched the crystal coffin and looked at that gigantic tribute sculpture. Hearing the shouts below, he stood up and leaped down immediately.

Everyone stared at this familiar figure with a fixated gaze as they started getting emotional.

Grandmaster Yan stood there. Even though he looked calm, his heart was thumping furiously.

Lin Fan did not speak. He just stood there, looking at the crowd silently as well.

One by one, the familiar faces etched back into his mind.

Zhang Ergou had gotten uglier.

Feng Bujue looked more mature. But why were his eyes so red right now?

Oh, look at Cai Zhiqiao! She seemed to have grown taller quite a bit.

Eh? Who the h.e.l.l was this? Oh, that's right. He had adopted a new disciple. You Jiuling or something?

At this moment, everyone awaited with bated breath. Patient, hopeful…

The inner sect disciples were clutching their palms nervously. That was Junior Master! That must be Junior Master!

As for the candidates who had arrived from all over the continent, they were thoroughly confused right now. What the h.e.l.l? Why did this guy look so similar to the tribute sculpture?

Lin Fan looked at the ma.s.ses warily. What? Why wasn't anyone speaking? Did they not recognize Yours Truly anymore?

Eh? Seemed like he had to open up with the greetings first, eh?

These guys were simply way too disrespectful towards a hero. But, it was alright! Lucky for them, Lin Fan was a man with a magnanimous heart. Since he loved them so much, he would forgive them for this.

"Yo, yo! Long time no see, eh…?" Lin Fan waved to everyone and spoke

And the moment these words came out, something shocking happened.


"That's right! Only Junior Master would speak in that manner! It's been an entire year! To think that I could witness Junior Master's smile once more!"

"I told you right, Junior Master wouldn't die! How could someone as powerful as Junior Master die!"

"Every night, I dream of Junior Master still being alive. I knew it! He was definitely alive!"

Suddenly, all the inner sect disciples clamored out excitedly while wiping away tears of joy from their eyes.

"M-MASTER…!!!" Zhang Ergou, Mie Qiongqi and everyone else rushed forth and hugged Lin Fan tightly immediately.

"MASTER, I'VE MISSED YOU TO DEATH!" Zhang Ergou hugged Lin Fan tightly. Snot and tears flowed out at the same time, as his heart felt like it was about to explode. He pouted his mouth and kissed towards Lin Fan's cheeks.

Lin Fan had heard all of this commotion. The moment he heard the term 'one year', he was stunned. To think that his faking death act would last an entire year! He was in disbelief himself.

Looking at the faces of everyone right now, Lin Fan did feel like he let them down a little. But, he hid all of these feelings in his heart. It was fine as long as he and Chicky understood.

Seemed like unknowingly, Yours Truly became so well-liked.

Perhaps his path to growing stronger shouldn't be to seek revenge, it should be to protect these people. These smiling faces right now should never disappear ever.

Lin Fan seemed to have been enlightened gradually. However, the moment he caught sight of Zhang Ergou's actions, he exploded once more. b.l.o.o.d.y h.e.l.l! What the h.e.l.l was this Zhang Ergou doing?!

"Ergou, what are you trying to do? If you dare to kiss me, I'll peel your d.a.m.ned skin!" Lin Fan was going to go mad.

"Master, as long as you're alive, I'll be happy even if you peel my skin daily!" Zhang Ergou struggled, trying to kiss Lin Fan's cheeks.

"Ergou, what happened to you! Why have you turned as such? Are you still the same Zhang Ergou as before?!"

"Mie Qiongqi, Feng Bujue! What are the two of you trying to do as well? Don't you dare go overboard…!" Being hugged by 3 men was causing Lin Fan to feel some fear.

"Master, we've truly missed you too much! It's been an entire year…!"

Listening to these words, Lin Fan's lips could but help but curl into a smile, "Alright, alright, gosh! I'm alive now, aren't I? You men can go scram one side! I've got to take a look at my darling disciple."


Lin Fan carried Cai Zhiqiao into his embrace with both arms. He fondled her head gently, "You've grown taller eh?"

Cai Zhiqiao's eyes were flushed red right now. Her tiny hands were cupping Lin Fan's neck as she sprawled herself onto his shoulder.

You Jiuling stood there looking at her Senior Sister enviously. She had only met her Master once. Would he still remember her?

"Jiuling, why aren't you here to hug your Master?" Lin Fan beckoned to You Jiuling.

Stunned for a moment, a bright smile beamed on You Jiuling's exquisite features. She scurried over shouting happily, "MASTER…!!!"

Carrying each of his disciples with one arm, Lin Fan laughed out happily.

This feeling right now was simply too great.

What else could bring about such happiness and bliss other than having disciples as such?

To Zhang Ergou and the others, the revival of their master was as if they had once again found their pillar of support.

Gong Bingye stood there in the crowd, wiping the tears from her eyes silently as well.

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