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The skies were especially bleak right now. Even though there weren’t many casualties in the battle this time around, Glory Sect had lost someone of unparalleled importance.

"Hais…" Grandmaster Yan gave a long sigh. He looked as though he had aged considerably. Flicking his robes, a crystal coffin with light swirling like a liquid appeared on the ground.

"This was a crystal coffin I had prepared for myself. To think that…" He shook his head, evidently pained.

Even though the big ancient demon had been taken down, this wasn’t anything really joyous for Glory Sect.

Grandmaster Yan looked at Lin Fan, who laid lifelessly within that coffin. He couldn’t help but wipe the side of his eyes. Why did he feel like crying all of a sudden?

Mie Qiongqi lowered his head, carrying the crystal coffin on his back. Two energy grid line chains coiled themselves around the crystal coffin.

"Let’s keep the crystal coffin in our storage ring." Grandmaster Yan suggested.

Mie Qiongqi shook his head, "No. My Master doesn’t like the darkness. As his disciple, I ought to carry his remains back to the sect."

Grandmaster Yan did not insist any further. Flicking his robes, he opened up a void in the s.p.a.ce and brought the disciples to traverse through it. As for those battle arks, they had long been destroyed in the battle with the big ancient demon.

Lying quietly in the crystal coffin, Lin Fan frowned. Why the h.e.l.l was Chicky acting dead along with him?!? But thinking once more about how similar Chicky’s personality was with his, he understood clearly.

Chicky must have definitely sensed the benefits awaiting this act.Hence, he followed Lin Fan for the funeral.

The experience points obtained from killing that big ancient demon was simply far beyond anyone’s imaginations. A full 60,000,000,000! This amount of experience points even exceeded Lin Fan’s wildest expectations.

Greater celestial middle level.

Greater celestial upper level.

Greater celestial full cultivation.

With the surge of the ma.s.sive amount of experience points and the help of the system, that invisible barrier which had hindered and restricted countless martial artists in Dongling Continent was destroyed instantly.

At that moment, Lin Fan seemed to have entered a suspended sort of cultivation state. In the mysterious unknown underworld, there seemed to be a towering door that was sealing the Heavens and Earth.

Lin Fan floated gently towards this door. Using his hands, he pushed gently as the doors opened themselves for him.

This was a new world… A new state of being.

Gradually, Lin Fan’s consciousness was lost within the confines of that door.

His mental energy and soul floated off gently too, wandering off to an unknown, indescribable state.

Glory Sect…

Countless disciples stood guard outside the gates of Glory Sect. They too knew of the horrifying news of the big ancient demon’s descent on this world.

The Grandmaster had led all the elders out for this war, and no one knew of their life or death.

Especially when the Grandmaster’s last words to them were like his final will for the sect, how could they not be filled with worries and fear?

And just then, the void rippled gently. Like a stone being tossed into a lake, ripples began to spread out, causing most disciples to hold their breath in worrying antic.i.p.ation.

One by one, their desperate gazes were fixated on the void. They wished that everyone would come back safe and sound, bringing some exhilarating news of positivity.

They wanted to know that the big ancient demon had been subdued.

Even though everyone’s hearts bore hope, they were worried as well. They feared that there would just be a few people who would exit the void.

"That’s the Grandmaster…! The Grandmaster’s alright…!"

"That’s Senior Elder Wuya!"

"That’s Senior Elder Lu Mingyang…!!!’

Looking at the number of figures exiting the void increasing, the disciples were gradually getting more excited.

The current Peak Master of Jialan Peak, Mu Bingyan, gripped her fists tightly as well. Before the Grandmaster had left with the Senior Elders, he had handed down arrangements for the sect to her.

Perhaps to Grandmaster Yan, these were needless arrangements. After all, if the big ancient demon did not disappear, no one would be able to escape the final fate awaiting them.

Death was only a matter of time by then.


Gradually, the disciples of Glory Sect began to notice that something was wrong. There was not a single person less that had returned. But why was it that all their expressions were especially somber and grim? Did something huge happen?

Looking at the safe return of Mie Qiongqi, Zhang Ergou and gang heaved a sigh of relief as well. They had been resistant to the idea of Mie Qiongqi taking part in the operation this time around. It was simply way too dangerous.

But he heeded none of their warnings and headed forth along the steps of the Grandmaster.

"Whew. It’s great fortune that he’s back safe and sound!" Zhang Ergou heaved out in relief. But the thing that puzzled him was that coffin that Mie Qiongqi was carrying behind him.

After Grandmaster Yan and the others floated down from the skies, all of the disciples gathered around them excitedly.

"Grandmaster! Has the big ancient demon been vanquished?!" The disciples asked enthusiastically.

"Yes." Grandmaster Yan nodded his head.

Upon hearing this, all of the disciples broke out in exhilaration. But it wasn’t long before they noticed that there wasn’t a single crease of joy on the Grandmaster’s face. In its place was just a look of grief.

Did something truly happen?

Or were there any elders who had lost their lives?

But checking out everyone carefully, they found no such thing! Some of the elders might have sustained injuries but there were definitely no fatal wounds!

Then why was it that the Grandmaster and the rest were behaving as such!?

"It’s good that you’re back, junior brother." Zhang Ergou and the rest gathered around Mie Qiongqi, patting him on the shoulders.

"What’s wrong, junior brother? Why do you seem so unhappy when the big ancient demon has been defeated?" Zhang Ergou asked in bewilderment.

Even though Junior Brother Mie had always been more on the cold side, he has never shown such a sorrowful look.

"What is it? What’s this coffin thing?" Zhang Ergou was extremely confused, not knowing what was going on.

Tian Yu was equally curious. Hence, he took a peek within the crystal coffin. But the moment he saw what was within it, his blood turned cold.

"B-big Senior…Brother…" Tian Yu was unable to stand still, his voice quivering.

"What’s wrong?" Zhang Ergou asked doubtfully. What was wrong with Junior Brother Tian Yu now? Did he see something strange within it?

Zhang Ergou headed forth and gave his Junior Brother Tian Yu a nudge, but the latter wouldn’t budge a single inch. He turned his gaze towards the coffin.

The moment even his side glance caught sight of it, he collapsed onto the ground in despair. He stretched out his hands trembling. That flushed red face of his turned pale as a sheet immediately.

"M-master…!" Zhang Ergou could not believe his eyes. He then shot up immediately and threw himself at the coffin, hugging it and screaming at the top of his lungs, "MASTERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR…...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Within the crystal coffin, Lin Fan laid there lifelessly. Chicky laid by his side peacefully as well.

At this moment, Lin Fan had long drifted into the mysterious unknown and did not have a single clue about anything that was happening here.

"MIE QIONGQI! WHAT HAPPENED! JUST WHAT HAPPENED?!?!?!?" Zhang Ergou grabbed at Mie Qiongqi’s collars and screamed and screamed and screamed.

He had just not seen his Master for a few months. He had not expected that the next time he saw his Master would be his lifeless, cold body in a coffin.

"In order to take down the big ancient demon, Master has sacrificed his life along with the demon." Mie Qiongqi bit down on his lips while gripping his fists uncontrollably.


With that, Zhang Ergou spat out blood violently. It was as though he had just received some impossible impact.

‘H-how could this be…!’

‘Master is…is dead…!’

If Lin Fan had any bit of consciousness remaining here right now, he would definitely be flabbergasted.

He had really done it this time around.

Was he truly that important in their hearts?!

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