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Looking at the vast sky, Lin Fan felt like he had been given an upgrade.

He took Chicky out of his bag. The man and chicken duo looked at one another in the eyes without the need for verbal communication, before nodding their heads respectively.

It was as though they were telepathically connected, and could understand the thoughts of the other without the need for words.

"Grandmaster, this is my pet Chicky. I hand him over to your hands if I die. Please take good care of him." Lin Fan tossed Chicky over.


A look of reluctance shone in Chicky’s eyes. Turning back three times for every step he took, he eventually arrived by the side of Grandmaster Yan. Burrowing his small little head deep into the embrace of Grandmaster Yan, his body shivered gently, as though he was unwilling to witness the scene that was about to happen.

"It’s okay…" Grandmaster Yan said with a firm look.

This was a dying man’s will. No matter what, he had to comply.

"ANT! HOW DARE YOU DO SUCH AN OUTRAGEOUS ACT TO ME? I’LL KILL YOU!" The big ancient demon was now beyond the brink of insanity. His purple eyes shone with fiery blazes, as if they were intent on destroying everything in this world.

"Hmph. Big ancient demon. You’ve sinned gravely. Today, Yours Truly shall suppress you for all eternity and smite you down!"

"Once upon a time, there was a heavenly defying item. Enduring countless battles through the ages, it blocked out all sorts of evil from penetrating what it was guarding."

"Just the name of it alone was proof of its remarkable past."

"Countless people want it, but yet they were unable to get it. And it is the one item that all males wish to become as well."

"Stained with all the blood in the world, it is an object that was worth bearing. Today, Yours Truly shall let it reappear on the Earth once more."

"Come on out…Seven Realms."

Suddenly, the Heaven and Earth shook. It was as though a ma.s.sive beast was about to break free from its cage in the void of the sky.

Covering the sky, it was like a gigantic battle ark. This snow-white body of Seven Realms opened its two flaps.

Lin Fan’s aura had now reached an epitome, as boundless lifeforce flowed from him towards Seven Realms.

A piercing light covered the entire sky.

"What’s that?"

"To produce such a frightening aura, that must be something extremely strong!"

"What sort of mythical weapon is that?! It seems to be looking through into one’s soul!"

Everyone’s gazes were turned upon the skies. Seemingly ordinary, a single look of it was enough to send shivers down one’s spines.

"Ant! Do you think that this thingy is enough to take me down?! Stop your dreams!" The big ancient demon’s voice was rough and deep at first. But right now, the voice was really high pitched and sharp.

This caused everyone to feel really awkward listening to it.

"You need to stop talking. Can’t you tell how disgusting you sound?" Lin Fan pointed his finger at the big ancient demon and hollered.

Lin Fan was more than satisfied with the legendary item Seven Realms.

Indeed, this was the right path for him to take.

The only thing was that this was a one-use item, which would disappear afterward.

Or perhaps, he could try to craft out the same thing again?

Timing and geographical and societal circ.u.mstances were all required for that to happen. And luck. Yes, none of these could be missing from the equation.

"B*STARD…!" The shame of everything caused the big ancient demon to feel extremely angry. Now that he looked like a she, this was an utter humiliation. He was a peerless existence that had conquered over all of the ancient times. To think that his entire outlook would be changed by this ant!?

How could he bear to endure all of these?!

"Seven Realms bring you comfort."

Lin Fan did not want to say anything more. Flicking his robes, his aura exploded through the entire skies. As though that it was searching for its true solace in its home, Seven Realms flew out towards the crotch of the big ancient demon.

"Hmph…GET DESTROYED!" With a snort of disdain, the big ancient demon threw out a punch towards this strange oncoming object.

But suddenly, a bright flash shimmered out as the Seven Realms disappeared under his fist. When it next appeared, it was already on the crotch of the big ancient demon.


A boundless amount of energy shot out from Seven Realms as it enlarged giganormously.

Lin Fan stared at the whole thing wide-eyed as well.

He had no idea what sort of powers Seven Realms would exhibit either.

But based on the system’s introduction, Seven Realms disregarded cultivation state and everything else, causing death through menorrhagia.

"WHAT IS THIS?" The big ancient demon roared in shock.

This thing that had enlarged had stuck itself tightly at his crotch!

Silky smooth, it was as though there was some magical power on both sides that was causing it to have perfect adhesive powers.

"GET…LOST!" The big ancient demon wrapped his palms with demonic energy as he peeled furiously at Seven Realms. But no matter how hard he tried, Seven Realms refused to come off.

"B*STARD! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ME?!" Suddenly, the big ancient demon had an ominous feeling.

This was the ominous feeling of death.

"Oh, nothing much. This is just to let you know that there is no room in this world for you to wreak havoc and act so brazenly." Lin Fan replied calmly.

As though he had used up all the energy in his body, he continued, "ABSORB…!"


The moment Lin Fan’s words came out, something horrific happened.

As though it was filled with immense suction power that was fuelled from some unknown otherworldly source, a bright beam of red light filled the world.

"NO…WHAT’S THIS…!!!?!?!?"

The big ancient demon realized in terror that the demonic blood within his body was rumbling furiously, as if it was boiling up. And even more frightening than that was the fact that the blood seemed to be flowing downward like a river, sucked in by that mysterious thing.


In the blink of an eye, the colossal body of the big ancient demon shriveled up like a dried-up leaf.

At the same time, the bright red light in the skies was piercing through everyone’s eyes blindly.

Lin Fan took a look at the ma.s.s audiences. Realizing that they couldn’t see what was going on, he hurriedly kept the body of the big ancient demon in his storage with the flick of his robes.

Scary. This was simply way too horrifying!

To think that the legendary weapon Seven Realms would be so strong! To be able to kill even a big ancient demon in a split second?! What a heaven-defying existence!

‘Ding…congratulations on killing big ancient demon.’

‘Ding…experience points +60,000,000,000’

‘Ding…cultivation state levelled up.’

But this was not the time to be bothered about stuff like this just yet. Based on the play he had crafted out, he was supposed to die.

He had already kept his aura within himself, and his heart stopped beating entirely.


Rolling his eyes back, Lin Fan completely faked his death.

The red light slowly dissipated as everyone’s vision recovered. All of them were dying to know just what had happened. When they finally saw clearly the sight before them, they were in complete shock.

The towering colossal figure of that big ancient demon had disappeared entirely. At the same time, a figure collapsed onto the floor.

"Lin Fan…!"

"Junior Master…!"


Everyone from Glory Sect rushed over immediately. All the other Grandmasters followed closely behind with a grim expression. The moment everyone from Glory Sect looked at the person who laid there lifelessly, they were filled with sorrow.

Grandmaster Yan was the first to head up to check everything before shaking his head helplessly.

Mie Qiongqi staggered into a kneel beside his Master’s body. Lowering his head, his face was filled with grief, "MASTER! HOW CAN YOU LEAVE US…?"

He had not expected this to be the final ending.

Hugged tightly in Grandmaster Yan’s embrace, Chicky suddenly leaped down. He ran over to Lin Fan. Using both wings, he tried to push Lin Fan awake.

‘CUCKCUCKOO…!!!’ Chicky’s voice was filled with misery. After that final cry, a stream of fresh blood flowed out from his beak as he laid down lifelessly on Lin Fan’s embrace as well.

Chicky had realized that his Master was definitely faking his death. But with Chicky’s intellect, he garnered that there must be benefits to be gained from his Master doing so. Hence, as a younger brother partner of Lin Fan, how could he not get some spillover of the benefits?

Since his Master was faking his death, Chicky might as well fake his death as well.

Senior Elder Wuya’s face changed immediately as he headed up to check.

"His…pulse is dead. He’s dead…" Wuya’s heart was choking up as well. To think that there would be such a pet in this world.

"This is a pet which has the utmost loyalty…!"

"This might perhaps be his true home, with his Master."

"Grandmaster Yan, don’t worry. The matter is sealed. All of our sects will definitely fulfill our promises. The tribute sculpture must be crafted. And it must be the grandest one ever crafted. We’ll head back to prepare now."

Finally, the sky cleared up. Even though the big ancient demon had been defeated, everyone’s mood right now was solemn.

Lu Yan stood there all the while. Placing his palms together, he muttered a few prayers for Lin Fan. Zong Hentian’s face was streaming with tears right now. How could such a good man like his Junior Master Lin die just like that…?

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