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With that, the faces of everyone from Glory Sect turned pale immediately. No matter how strong Lin Fan was, there was no way he could possibly survive under the fist of the big ancient demon!

"MASTER…!" Mie Qiongqi watched in a daze as he saw the deep trench that was caved in due to the big ancient demon’s fist once more. He wanted so direly to get up and duke it out with the demon, but his entire body felt as though it had shattered to dust.

Grandmaster Yan, Senior Elder Wuya, and the others let out a look of anguish as well. Lin Fan was Glory Sect’s hope! How could he just die right here?

Now that their only ray of hope has been extinguished, they could only wait for death.

Even though the boost of the Heavens was strong, they were still far too weak in the face of the big ancient demon.

Lu Yan laid their silently. He had laid down a n.o.ble wish that was destroyed by Lin Fan. And now, his only reason to continue fighting on had disappeared as well.

The big ancient demon looked malevolent. His towering body stood above this world, as though he was bent on destroying everyone. A single look was enough to drain away their hopes for life.


Just as everyone was on the brink of despair, a booming voice filled the Heavens and Earth.

This voice was filled with anger and indignation.

"How dare you whack me the moment I came out! Don’t you have any conscience?!"

"Do you know just how much I had suffered?!"

"My mental will was almost exploding moments earlier! And just as Yours Truly thought he could enjoy the warmth of the world once more, you landed yet another punch on me you little, puny, weak a*s demon! d.a.m.n it. d.a.m.n IT!"

As this voice rang out across the world, everyone from the other sects were bewildered, not knowing who the owner of the voice was.

But to Glory Sect, this was an all too familiar voice.

That was…Lin Fan.

He was…not dead…!


Lin Fan, who was walloped into the ground just now, broke out from it once more as well. His figure looked ever so magnificent, so dazzling, so mighty!

To everyone from Glory Sect, they felt like they had just seen the Messiah.

"How could this be…Just who is he?!"

The other sects were all flabbergasted. This man could still be safe and sound after taking a punch like that from the big ancient demon?! This was incredible!

But to everyone from Glory Sect, no one could be more emotional than they were right now.




Everyone from Glory Sect screamed out at the top of their lungs.

Even to Senior Elder Wuya, this magical lad was simply a walking miracle. Perhaps everyone might just be safe with him around.

The moment everyone from the other sects heard Glory Sect exclaim out, they were all astonished. To think that the man who had survived the punch of the big ancient demon was a disciple of Glory Sect!

"Grandmaster Yan, who is he?" The other Grandmasters started asking one by one.

Looking at everyone squarely, Grandmaster Yan finally spoke up softly.

"He…is the strongest man in our sect....As well as our final hope…"

The moment they heard this, they were rooted.

Strongest man?

Final hope?

Did he really have that sort of capabilities?

But why did it not seem that way at all? After all, he did look way too young. And this big ancient demon was just too strong indeed. So strong that they had lost all hope entirely.

Standing in front of the big ancient demon, Lin Fan looked like nothing but the size of an ant in the eyes of the demon.

"Ant. You’re not dead?" Looking at this figure, the big ancient demon could not help but feel astonished as well. He had not seen an ant with such a stubborn life before.

"Hmph. Kill Yours Truly? You ain’t got what it takes, man!" Lin Fan pointed his middle finger and jeered at the big ancient demon happily before turning around to the crowd.

"How are you guys here?"

"Junior Master, we were led here by the Heavens! They gave us directions to head here to suppress this thing or Dongling Continent would face extermination!" Zong Hentian replied.

Zong Hentian did not receive any form of inheritance from any ancient powers. He got to where he was today through sheer grit and determination.

With a solemn face, Lin Fan shook his head. "You guys are no match for this fella here. You shouldn’t have come here to sacrifice your lives for nothing. But fair enough. Now that I’m here, you’re all safe."

The moment everyone from Glory Sect heard this, those tumultuous hearts of theirs were eased immediately.

But why did these words sound so irritating as well? After a moment, everyone broke out into bouts of laughter. This lad had not changed at all. He was still the same person he was, haha.

But to the other sects, their impression of Lin Fan dipped greatly after that.

Spouting nonsense all around, overly brazen.

The big ancient demon was this strong! Did this lad really think that he alone could take down this big ancient demon?!

Even after the boost of the Heavens, they were still no match for the demon. And HE could?

"B*stard…" Lu Yan laid on the ground motionlessly. Looking at this darned fella acting with his bullsh*t once more, he was filled with indignation.

Everything that Lu Yan had achieved earlier about seeing through everything and letting go of all attachments was all destroyed with this one single scene.

"ANT! This time, you MUST die…!" With a loud roar, the big ancient demon sent a fist pummelling down. He was determined to crush this ant to death this time around.

"CAREFUL…!" Looking at this ma.s.sive punch of the demon, everyone was startled back to reality and screamed out in reaction.

Lin Fan threw a side glance at the demon before gripping his fists tightly, "B*stard, how dare you try to kill Yours Truly again? Do you know just how much Yours Truly had to go through just to try to kill you?! How can you even begin to understand that sort of pain and torment and torture?!?!?"

"You wanna fight? Yours Truly will oblige." Gripping his fist, he threw out another punch to welcome the punch of the big ancient demon once more.

"Little Fan! Don’t try to go head on with him!" Senior Elder Wuya screamed at the top of his voice. The strength of the big ancient demon was simply too formidable.

But just then, a shocking scene happened.


As both fists collided, a boundless amount of energy erupted out from within it.

"Huh?" The big ancient demon was wide-eyed, as though he could not believe what had just happened.

How could this ant of a human have enough power to match him?!

"How could this be?"

"Grandmaster Yan, just what is that fella?!"

"The s.h.i.t?! Bravo, Junior Master!"

"Junior Master, steady!!!"

Zong Hentian and the others were completely astounded by now. To think that their Junior Master could withstand the punch of the big ancient demon with just his physical body state. That was simply too scary!

"Grandmaster Yan, if you had someone like this in your midst, why didn’t you call him out earlier?! Did you want to wait till we were all crippled before showing off how mighty Glory Sect was!?"

Listening to these grumbles and complaints, Grandmaster Yan was at a loss for words as well.

This wasn’t the case. It truly wasn’t…!

Lin Fan’s mouth curled into a cold grin at this moment. Even though his Physical Body State had already broken through the barrier, he was still no match for the power level of the big ancient demon.

But humans didn’t just know how to cultivate. The edge that mankind had was a thing called brain.

Using five pieces of Heaven graded upper armor to take away some of the power from the punches, he could absorb the rest of it with his body.

‘Ding…Eternal Immortality experience points +400,000,000’

Lin Fan stood where he was firmly. He wasn’t sent flying like how he was before.

"Big ancient demon! Your punches are now neither painful nor ticklish to Yours Truly!" Using a domineering gaze, Lin Fan looked at the big ancient demon before revealing a cold smile.

‘All of this right now, every single last bit, it was all exchanged with plenty of pain of torment from Yours Truly. And it was all for the sake of defeating YOU.’

"Big ancient demon, your body… Yours Truly shall take it today." Lin Fan had now taken an eye on the body of the big ancient demon.

‘Demon City in a Palm’ required some fresh new energy…

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