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30 battle arks floated gently in the skies.

All of these powerful beings of the different sects stared at the colossal body that arched into the clouds blankly. They were at a loss for how to start their attacks.

This was the first time they had seen a creature like this before.

Big ancient demon. This was a ruler of the ancients.

"Demon Lord! These are no longer the ancient times! There’s no reason for you to be awake right now!" Looking at the big ancient demon, Grandmaster Yan of Glory Sect hollered out.

"Haha, a bunch of ants who are controlled by the Heavens and you dare to teach me what to do? I am an existence that defies even the Heavens, and have conquered over all the ancient times! Today, I shall regain my glory once more!" The big ancient demon’s voice boomed like a gigantic bell, causing everyone’s ears to go numb. How were they supposed to fight something like this?

"Everyone, I implore all of you to let go of any grudges we ever had today. We have to join forces against this demon lord, or Dongling Continent shall be annihilated with no one left standing!" Grandmaster Yan called out.

And none of these words were empty scares. The big ancient demon sucked one’s soul and essence blood. No one could escape from him at all.

"Alright, everyone! Let’s go…!"

With that, all of the 30 battle arks glowed brightly.

Instantly, each of these battle arks shot out a bright beam of their own. This was a method used to use up every single last drop of energy on the battle arks.

Since they were here to lay down their lives, there was no longer any point in keeping the battle arks.

"Ants…!" Looking at the beams that were shooting over, the big ancient demon laughed coldly. With a single slap of his hand, he blocked all of these beams with his palm.

And there wasn’t even a single scratch on the palm of the big ancient demon.

This was the difference in their strengths.

Even if the big ancient demon weren’t at his peak form right now, he was still an existence that even current greater celestials could not deal with.

"All of you go and die…!" He yelled out. There were too many ants, and that was causing him to feel frustrated.

A single palm strike descended from the skies at a random disciple from a random sect. His face changed as he brought out all his energy grid line chains to defend against it.

But under the absolute power of the palm, the disciple still got disintegrated instantly.

Looking at this scene, everyone from every single sect were visibly shaken. One by one, they unleashed their rage and paid even more attention towards their cooperation.

Otherwise, there was the chance that they’d die in front of the big ancient demon in a single blow.

"Why are you guys here?" Just then, Senior Elder Wuya caught sight of those disciples.

"Elder, we do not wish to die sitting idly." Meng Hao replied.

"That’s right." Jian Wudi, Lu Yan, Zong Hentian and the others echoed in unison. Even though they weren’t at a greater celestial state right now, no matter what, they did not want to just await their death.

Looking at all of them, Senior Elder Wuya nodded his head eventually. He then followed behind Grandmaster Yan and called out to them, "All of you take care on your own."

Suddenly, the skies burst out with crackling lightning. Energy grid line chains covered the entire skies. Right now, the True Energy of the world was about to truly go berserk.

Everyone from the different sects took out everything they had up their sleeves, not daring to withhold anything.


‘Roc’s Descent.’

Suddenly, a dull aura permeated the entire skies. A crack appeared on the skies suddenly, as though something frightening was about to be born from within it.

"Everyone, I’ll tribute to summon the Roc’s help in containing this demon lord. Please grab the chance."

"Yes. Roc Sect’s Ultimate Skill!"

"As long as we don’t die, all of the sects shall share the burden for the tribute of the Roc."

Looking at the ma.s.sive amounts of treasures and valuables that the Grandmaster of the Roc Sect was sacrificing, everyone’s heart shuddered as well.

"Haha, very well then. Thank you for all your help…"

Every though all of these sects had their differences, these were all small little squabbles. Now that they were in the face of true danger, naturally they had to band together as one.

Instantly, a gigantic Roc’s head began to appear slowly from the crack in the skies.

"Hmph, just a Roc and you expect to pit yourself against me?! Oh, you really don’t remember who it was who destroyed your entire race during the ancient times?" With a great guffaw, the big ancient demon slapped out, covering the entire skies as the claw darted out to grasp at the Roc.

The Roc who was being summoned had no idea who it was who had summoned it initially.

But at this moment, the Roc finally felt the aura. This was an ancient aura! When it turned over and looked at who it was, the Roc howled out in anger as though it had gone berserk.

"Demon lord…!!!"

Suddenly, the Roc spoke in human language, causing everyone from the Roc Sect to turn pale in shock. They had a deep affinity with the Roc, but yet they had never known that the Roc could speak in human tongue!

The gigantic Roc was taking on the form of a big bird right now. Flapping its wings, it flew up into the skies before transforming into a gigantic Leviathan. Opening its large mouth, water from the rivers of the Nine Skies gushed out.

The Nine Skies River was glittering like crystals, and was surrounded by white mist. Every single drop of water seemed like a world of its own.

The energy grid line chains of all the sects flew through all the voids and landed on the big ancient demon’s body.

But to the demon, these were nothing but the attacks of ants.

With a single palm, he blocked the Nine Skies River as well.

"Roc, you dare to be so insolent in front of me? A pity that your cultivation is still too weak." The big ancient demon hooted. Suddenly, a ma.s.sive amount of demonic energy surged into that palm. Flicking open his fingers, he dispersed the Nine Skies River entirely.

For a Roc that had cultivated itself to its peak, every single drop of the Nine Skies River was equivalent to a world of its own.

But to summon a Roc of that caliber, the Roc Sect’s current core was far from enough.

In fact, even a hundred, thousands of the current Roc Sect was far from enough.

With a single palm, the big ancient demon grabbed hold of the Roc. Suddenly, the Roc transformed into a bird and the mixture of Yin Yang powers coiled around its body.

"Hmph, I’ve already said that your strength is far from enough. There’s no need to struggle futilely." Catching hold of the Roc’s wings, the big ancient demon pulled.

A sorrowful cry rang out across the entire world. Using his demented force, the big ancient demon ripped out the wings of the live Roc.

‘Buddha Land’s Descent!’

Suddenly, the skies turned golden.

Om. Ma. Ni. Pad. Me. Hom.

Like the sounds of a gigantic bell, these sounds rang out, as a vision of Buddha’s Land appeared from the clear sky.

Lu Yan did not bother hiding and withholding anything as well. Holding on to prayer beads in front of his chest, True Energy surged through his body. This was the strongest move that he could summon right now.

"Oh ho! To think that the Ancient Buddhist Monk has a successor as well! HAHA! I’m gonna die of laughter!" Looking at the illusory Buddha’s Land that was descending, the big ancient demon roared with laughter.

"Zone of the G.o.d of War!"

Meng Hao roared out in anger. Surging with his True Energy, an illusory figure stood in the skies as well. The aura of the figure was extraordinary. Clad in golden armor, his scythe broke through the voids.

‘Sword Realm!’

Jian Wudi was like a peerless Sword G.o.d right now. A pair of black and white swords coiled around his body as a pitch-black vortex appeared above his head.

Pschhhhh. Pschhhhh.

One by one, ancient swords filled with Sword Wills broke out from the skies, stabbing the lands fully.

‘Unkillable Indestructible!’

Mie Qiongqi’s eyes flashed with boundless fighting spirit. The two energy grid line chains he had wrapped themselves around his body. A mysterious power broke out from the void and boosted Mie Qiongqi’s body.

This was the will of Unkillable Indestructible, a fighting will that bypa.s.sed even the Heavens.

Mie Qiongqi and the others were not the only ones bringing out their full strength. Every last person from all the sects brought out everything as well.

"HAHA…! You’re all still alive eh? But a pity you’ve all appeared far too soon! I have been through the entire ancient ages! There’s nothing I would fear!" Looking at Mie Qiongqi and the others, the big ancient demon laughed cruelly.

Everything…everything would disappear!

With that, multiple sources of ma.s.sive powers surged towards the big ancient demon.

These were all the strongest powers that Mie Qiongqi and the others could summon as of now…

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