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"Ant, you have successfully riled me!" The grim voice of the big ancient demon boomed out across the sky. Those purple eyes shone with a cold and cruel light.

Lin Fan’s face crumpled up. The aura of the demon seemed to be changing.

‘Is this guy going to go at it for real now?’ Lin Fan looked up at the big ancient demon. Just this colossal body alone was enough to force nearly everything in this world into submission.

The big ancient demon lived up to his name indeed.

Just what sort of existence was this ‘Ancient’ thing all about? Why did everything that had a relationship to anything ‘Ancient’ turned so b.l.o.o.d.y sick?

While Lin Fan was contemplating all this, a violent aura erupted out of the big ancient demon.

"Demon Skies."

The voice of the big ancient demon was extremely solemn right now. Raising his fist, the skies were filled with boundless demonic powers, way stronger than it was before.

"Ant, I no longer have the patience to fool around with you. You can die off completely under this one punch of mine!" The big ancient demon hollered out.

A formidable force descended from the Heavens. It was a repressing aura, so strong that Lin Fan could hardly breathe at all.

‘Heaven and Earth Smelt, smelt!’

In that instant, Lin Fan tossed every single thing he could smelt into the Heaven and Earth Smelt.

‘Ding…congratulations on crafting Heaven graded upper armor. 20 pieces.’

Lin Fan did not dare to be careless in front of this punch. He had not expected that those punches that the big ancient demon had thrown out earlier on were not his strongest.

He covered his body with all 30 pieces of Heaven graded upper armors.

By now, Lin Fan was breathing and huffing heavily. Life and death was only a matter of chance.

‘Whether or not the barrier can be broken depends on this now.’

‘Come at me!’ Looking up the skies, Lin Fan strut out his chest, fearing nothing as he looked at the descending strike.

As the mighty punch of the big ancient demon glided through the void, it seemed to be containing the whole void within it as it came down. Before the punch even arrived, all the ground below was crumbling and cracking from the tremendous force that it was bringing.

Lin Fan gripped his fist tightly with a fiery fighting will scorching his eyes.

‘Dragon King’s Hegemony. Increase!’

His right arm’s power burst up ma.s.sively as well, reaching its peak status.

"Who’s afraid of whom…?" With a single determined roar, Lin Fan leaped up and faced the incoming punch with one of his own.


Suddenly, the Heavens and Earth seemed to have gone silent.

The void was distorted, and the Heavens and Earth were empty, as though everything had turned into nothingness.

A t.i.tanic shockwave surged out in all directions. Everything in the radius of thousand miles was affected by this resultant shockwave, crushing mountains and rivers, causing everything to turn upside down.


The fist of the big ancient demon merely stopped for a moment before it surpa.s.sed everything after that.

Lin Fan’s figure disappeared from the entire Heavens and Earth as well.

Millions of feet below the ground…

Lin Fan’s body laid there lifelessly.

His body was torn up beyond description.

With just that punch alone, all 30 pieces of armor were shattered, and still they could not block out the damage from Lin Fan.


Laying down below, Lin Fan puked out blood by the gallons.

‘b.l.o.o.d.y h.e.l.l, that’s simply too strong. If not for the protection of the 30 pieces of armor, I may already be dead right now…’ Lying there, Lin Fan was feeling the fear from the aftermath right now.

Quivering, he took a look at the state his body was in right now. Half of his body was entirely gone, and the rest was just a mess of blood and flesh, with white bones sticking out all around.

Even though Blood Sea was heaven-defying, its effects were only limited under conditions as such as it slowly tried to heal up Lin Fan’s body.

‘Ding…Eternal Immortality experience points +3,500,000,000’

‘s.h.i.t…just that bit more…’

Listening to the notification from the system, Lin Fan was exasperated as well.

‘Cultivate pills…’

A large number of precious herbs flew into the flame, after which, the healing pills came out in a stream as though they were free, and flew into Lin Fan’s tummy.

A warm, soothing energy coursed through Lin Fan’s body, rejuvenating him.

At the same time, the Mythical Parasol Tree was giving out a ma.s.sive amount of lifeforce, trying to heal up Lin Fan. But Lin Fan could sense that something was wrong. The Mythical Parasol Tree had reached the limit of its lifeforce.

After all, this was just a seedling.

Even though its powers were heavenly defying, its lifeforce was still not unlimited. Under intense circ.u.mstances as such, the Mythical Parasol Tree was using up its resources dry.

‘This really hurts Yours Truly man…’ Gritting his teeth, Lin Fan breathed in a few breaths of cold air. The pain was almost similar to him being smelted within the Heaven and Earth Smelt right now.

"You b.l.o.o.d.y b*stard, just wait. Once I’m done healing, Yours Truly will take you down mercilessly!" Struggling to raise his head, Lin Fan muttered out down in his deep trench underground.

‘Eh…what’s that light?’

Just then, at the area where all his wounds were, Lin Fan spotted a beam of intensely bright light coming down from above.

‘Sunlight…?’ Lin Fan was shocked, somewhat in disbelief. His face then changed altogether.

‘F*ck! You’re totally not giving any chances at all, big ancient demon!’ Lin Fan was startled. To think that this big ancient demon would know that he was still alive and sent down yet another punch towards him?!

That mighty force penetrated everything else and shot down towards him.

‘b.l.o.o.d.y f*ck.’ Lin Fan was cursing in his heart. This big ancient demon was simply way too ruthless!

‘Yours Truly isn’t someone who will die that easily…!’

Above the ground…

The big ancient demon stood there and laughed out coldly.

"This ant has finally died. But, I have to give it to him that he’s got some substance. However, in front of me? Everyone’s nothing but trash…"

And just then, the big ancient demon raised his head and looked into the distance. ‘Here comes another bunch of ants.’

Far in the distance, fleets of battle arks were floating towards him from the distance.

Glory Sect.

Fengtian Sect.

Taiyi Sect.

Xuanyang Sect.

Roc Sect.

Dozens of the top sects were all gathered together.

The big ancient demon was far from ordinary. Within the records of these top sects, it was written that the big ancient demon had enough power to destroy the entire world.

This was a ruler of the ancients.

This was an existence that broke the barrier.

But having fallen for tens of thousands of years, this big ancient demon’s cultivation state should have been lowered, and he shouldn’t be at his peak right now.

There might be a single strand of hope as long as all these top sects were gathered and worked together.

Glory Sect’s Battle Ark…

Senior Elder Wuya’s face was extremely grim right now. Eventually, he sighed out, "I wonder how many people have to sacrifice themselves in this battle."

Grandmaster Yan stood there without speaking at all, but his eyes could not hide away his worries.

"No matter how many casualties it takes, the big ancient demon has to die. Otherwise, none of these sects will ever survive as well."

The total number of disciples of Glory Sect which were greater celestials and above and came this time around were 38.

This was every single bit of fighting strength that Glory Sect had.

On the battle ark of Glory Sect, Mie Qiongqi looked far into the distance. No one knew what he was thinking about right now.

"Brother Mie."

Deep in his thoughts, Mie Qiongqi was startled into attention by this voice. He then looked at some figures that were hidden in the shadows, and his face turned grim.

"How are you guys here?" He was astonished. He had not expected some inner sect disciples to follow along.

"Brother Mie, life and death is nothing. I don’t want to die with humiliation. Even if I must die, I want to die in combat." Meng Hao said with a smile.

Looking at all of them, Mie Qiongqi broke out into a smile as well.

Since they were here, there was no way out now.

If they won, peace would return to the world.

If they lost, no one would be able to escape the ensuing annihilation anyways.


Suddenly, a ma.s.sive roar rang through the air as the skies changed color.

All 30 battle arks which were floating through the skies could feel the ripple of the force. Even their protective barriers were fluctuating violently.

"The big ancient demon’s location lies up ahead! Everyone be prepared!"

This colossal big ancient demon stood upright on the world. Those purple eyes fixated at these battle arks.

"Ants, I’ve been waiting." He said.

The moment everyone caught sight of his towering figure, their hearts literally skipped a beat. Just that size of his herculean body was enough to have the hearts of everybody freeze up in fear.

But no matter what, this was an unavoidable battle.

‘Win or face total annihilation.’

A big ancient demon like this shouldn’t have ever existed in this era.

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