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Daoran Sect was a small sect in Dongling Continent, a sect which couldn’t be recognized no matter what. However, even a small sect could find enjoyment within itself.

They didn’t have much of a clue about everything that was happening within the Dongling Continent right now.

They didn’t put much heart into the voice of the Heavens. They knew that they were too weak to offer any help even if they sent their entire sect there together. In front of the big ancient demon, all of them would be nothing but cannon fodder.

But today, Daoran Sect was bustling with excitement.

The 23rd selection test for their inner sect disciples had begun, and one of them was especially dazzling in particular. This person was a genius disciple which Daoran Sect had never seen before in a hundred years.

‘Inner Sect Disciple 1st place: Qin Yang.’

At this, the entire Daoran Sect broke into cheers. The position of the Big Senior Brother of the inner sect had been decided.

Qin Yang waved his hand with a look of excitement. Right now, he was the strongest inner sect disciple of Daoran Sect.

For the past 18 years, he had been training hard relentlessly till he was a pericelestial full cultivation being. Even though Daoran Sect was a small sect, Qin Yang knew that his fighting strength was comparable to even those genius disciples of the major sects.

The Grandmaster of Daoran Sect was feeling especially heartened. Finally, Daoran Sect had produced a genius disciple after 100 years.

He had high hopes for the future that this disciple would definitely glorify Daoran Sect, allowing them to be recognized as a major sect.

"Glory be to Senior Brother Qin!"

"Senior Brother Qin is the best…!"

"Daoran Sect is the best…!"

Receiving the cheers and adoration of his fellow junior brothers, Qin Yang had high hopes for the future as well.


Suddenly, an explosion rang out across the skies. A body bolted down like a bullet, crashing with tremendous impact onto the fighting ring.

The large fighting ring now had a deep hole dug in the center.

"b.l.o.o.d.y h.e.l.l, that stings!" Lin Fan grumbled out while spitting out blood.

Along the way, he had exchanged countless punches with the big ancient demon. Because of that, he had found himself flying left and right across the entire skies. Right now, he didn’t even know where he had been sent flying off to.

Blood Sea was working hard at rejuvenating his body. At the same time, he was tossing multiple precious pills into his mouth, boosting the speed of his recovery.

"Who are you?"

"Who’s there?"

Lin Fan suddenly heard voices around him. Looking around, he was stunned. Why the h.e.l.l was he sent flying here?

Lin Fan stood up and looked at everyone around him.

What sort of desolate place was this? And why was there even a sect right here? What a tragedy this was!

"Hurry up and leave or all of you will die here." He said while wiping off the blood at the side of his mouth.

"Hey brother, are you being chased by someone for your life? Do not fear, this is Daoran Sect. You’re definitely safe here." Qin Yang patted his chest confidently. The man before him looked to be the same age as him. Hence, he didn’t really fear the person who was chasing after this man’s life.

After all, he was a genius disciple that the sect had never seen in the past 100 years!

Looking at this man who had fallen from the skies, all the surrounding disciples stepped back a few steps. This man looked really pitiful from the state of his tattered clothes.

"It’s too late." Looking at the big ancient demon who had chased over from the distance, Lin Fan shook his head helplessly.


Like a gigantic mountain, the big ancient demon crashed down. When it landed, the shockwave that it produced destroyed a good half of Daoran Sect’s structures.

"This…!" Looking at this colossal rock-like mountain-like demon before them, everyone from Daoran Sect were completely dumbfounded.

"Ant! Seems like you’ve got a stubborn life eh?" The big ancient demon opened his mouth. He was now pretty excited that this ant could trade a few punches with him.

Lin Fan grit his teeth. He couldn’t let these disciples nearby suffer needlessly. Leaping up, he shouted, "Take a punch from Your Granddaddy!"

Looking at this ant, the big ancient demon laughed malevolently, "I do have to see just how many punches you can withstand!"


As the punches clashed with one another once more, a powerful shockwave rippled out in all directions, causing the entire ground to shudder tremendously.

Every single remaining building of Daoran Sect collapsed under this shockwave.

"Just what sort of force is that?!" Looking at the sight before them, everyone from Daoran Sect were completely stupefied.

Qin Yang dropped to his knees on the ground, looking at the man in the sky. Thinking back at the words he had muttered earlier on, he was completely dazed right now.

"b.l.o.o.d.y sh*t! I’m gonna fly again…!" Lin Fan could feel the energy surging through his body once more as his blood rose up.

The Heaven graded upper armor disintegrated once more. This was his tenth set.

‘Ding…Eternal Immortality experience points +600,000,000’


Lin Fan was sent flying by a fist once more.

The big ancient demon looked down at the ants below. This mighty body of his and those purple eyes which were hidden far up in the clouds were shining through enough to have everyone from Daoran Sect sitting on the ground crippled.

They had no heart to even resist this.

"Hmph…!" The big ancient demon could not even be bothered by these ants as he darted in the direction that Lin Fan was sent flying. The moment he left, everyone from Daoran Sect let out a sigh of relief.

Initially confident, Qin Yang no longer had any shred of that left.

"H-how could this be! How could there be so many perverted sh*ts!?"

Driven to bring Daoran Sect to greater heights, Qin Yang was now entirely crushed by reality.

Lin Fan did not know where he was right now. Crossing mountains and ridges, the seas, desert. All of these were scenes he had seen while flying.

Was the big ancient demon bent on sending him on a round tour of the Dongling Continent?

Lin Fan checked on his Mythical Parasol Tree, wondering if it could still sustain after all these bashings.

But to the Mythical Parasol Tree, this was pretty tragic indeed.

Before Lin Fan could repair his body, the big ancient demon had appeared right before him.

‘Such speed!’

Lin Fan was having a splitting headache right now. This big ancient demon was simply way too sick! He was simply leaving no chance at all!

But, Lin Fan did not have a single grudge against this.

It was in his greatest wishes for Eternal Immortality to level up. Even though the bashings were kinda painful, it would all be worthwhile.

"You little fella, don’t you dare be impertinent! Yours Truly have long said that your punches are like cotton candy. Look! How many punches have you thrown at Yours Truly? But still, Yours Truly is lively like a dragon right now!" Lin Fan pointed at the big ancient demon and lashed out.

"Hmph, ant!" With a loud roar, a fist pummelled down from the sky once more.

Looking at that, Lin Fan frowned as he stood where he was, throwing back a punch in return.


A powerful force burst out into the surroundings.

Lin Fan’s legs sank right into the ground. Under that devastating punch, the entire ground split and collapsed, and his armor broke.

Lin Fan could only feel his entire body as though it was shattering.

‘Ding…Eternal Immortality experience points +700,000,000’

‘Ding…Eternal Immortality level up. Level 8.’

‘Ding…Physical Body State: Greater Celestial Full Cultivation.’

Lying in the deep trench, Lin Fan’s face glowed with joy. His physical body state had finally leveled up!

But just then, Lin Fan could feel a mysterious barrier from the void. This was a barrier that prevented one’s cultivation base from going further. But in front of the system, this barrier was as good as a piece of paper.

No one could stop Yours Truly from leveling indefinitely!

A warm feeling surged through Lin Fan’s body. The wounds no longer required Blood Sea to heal up as well. The warm, soothing feeling rejuvenated every single wound he had.

"HAHA…!" Gripping his fists tightly, Lin Fan leaped out of the hole.

"Come on, Yours Truly awaits you!" Lin Fan hollered. His fighting intent was bursting out right now as well. He wanted to borrow this demon’s strength to break through the invisible barrier!

Looking at this ant before him, even the big ancient demon could not help but feel a sense of incredulity.

Since when had his fists gone so weak that he couldn’t even kill off a single ant?

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