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By now, the Eternal Donger was wielding a power that Lin Fan had never felt before. But even so, he did not have the utmost confidence in it being enough.

Too calm.

The big ancient demon’s face was way too calm. Under a situation like this, the only reason why he could be this calm must be because he couldn’t be bothered by this at all.

But no matter what, this was the strongest move that Lin Fan could employ right now.

If this failed, then he would be truly out of options.

"Ant, is this your strongest move? Even though the aura being emanated is pretty decent, it’s far from ever being enough. I am the ruler who had conquered over the ancient times. I will fulfill what I’ve promised, so that you can die without any hope left!" The big ancient demon looked up at the sky. His face was arrogant, without a single hint of fear.

Even though Lin Fan had no reaction, he was filled to the brim with anger against this big ancient demon’s impudence. This guy was being way too c.o.c.ky!

‘How dare he be even c.o.c.kier than Yours Truly by so many times?’

Even if he weren’t a match for this guy, Lin Fan had to teach him a good lesson.

The Eternal Donger was still channeling. This energy that was churning right now was something that Lin Fan had never ever experienced. Even the Eternal Arm might not be able to withstand this shot that was about to come.

By now, Lin Fan had already made use of Biggra to its best extent. Coupled with the Eternal Donger, the power that could erupt from this was definitely limitless.

‘Take on Yours Truly’s ultimate skill! Shoot!’


The Heavens and Earth shuddered as a thick, white beam of light shot out from the entrance of the Eternal Donger.

This white beam of light pierced through the void layer by layer, causing the entire sky to vibrate non-stop. This was the strongest move that Lin Fan could produce right now.

A devastating move that could destroy the Heaven and Earth.

Lin Fan looked at the big ancient demon. He had to see just how this demon was going to block this.

Even though the Eternal Donger wasn’t exactly THAT presentable, the force that it could exert was definitely something not to be underestimated.

The origin of life. This was something that was no joke.

"An ant is an ant indeed. With just this amount of power, you dare to provoke me? If not for the fact that dozens of thousands of years of hibernation has caused me to lose a large portion of my strength, I could take apart this amount of energy with just a single puff of breath!" Looking at the white shot, the big ancient demon wasn’t frantic in the least. He was exceptionally calm.


Letting out a wild roar, all the black scales on his body shone brightly. Seemingly coming to life, the runic symbols and markings on his arm let out a heart-stopping aura.

Opening his razor-sharp fingers, those incredible black scales began to line his palm.

Slapping out, he caught the entire white shot with the palm of his hands.

Looking at this, Lin Fan’s heart could not help but leap with slight joy.

At the same time, he heaved out a sigh of relief.

If it were truly as he had mentioned himself and this big ancient demon did swallow the entire shot with just a single breath or his mouth, then Lin Fan knew that there was no way he could definitely take down this demon.

But by the looks of it, this big ancient demon was just putting on a strong front. Eventually, he had to take out some real power to block the shot with his palm.

Based on the current situation, the Eternal Donger was definitely not enough to destroy the other party. But even then, there was hope.

"Hmph, go and die…!" With a loud holler, the demonic energy within the palm of the demon expanded out and contained the white shot beam within it.

Lin Fan frowned, sensing something amiss. He then hurriedly phaseshifted out and kept the Eternal Donger within his storage.

"HAHA! What else have you got? It’s my turn now." The big ancient demon laughed coldly and stared at Lin Fan.

Suddenly, Lin Fan could feel the demonic aura locking onto him.

This big ancient demon was no fool. He must have figured out that Lin Fan had some way to conceal himself. Now that he was locked and rooted by this demonic aura, there was nowhere Lin Fan could escape to.

Lin Fan breathed heavily and wiped the sweat from his forehead. This fella was troublesome to deal with indeed.

But even then, so what? At most, he’d just have to fight with everything he had got.

"b.l.o.o.d.y h.e.l.l, Yours Truly will see today just how overbearing you can get!" Lin Fan hollered out at the big ancient demon.

"Craft weapon! Craft!"

Lin Fan took out everything he had obtained from Chen Xuan’s body and tossed it all within the Heaven and Earth Smelt. With his current crafting skills, the defensive armor he crafted would definitely be able to reign over this world.

‘Ding…congratulations on crafting Heaven graded upper armor. Please name it.’

‘Demon Killer 1’

‘Ding…congratulations on crafting Heaven graded upper armor. Please name it.’

‘Demon Killer 2’

‘Ding…congratulations on crafting Heaven graded upper armor. Please name it.’

‘Demon Killer 30’

Lin Fan’s mouth curled. Seemed like it was not so simple to craft out a legendary armor after all. Everything had to depend on luck.

In the blink of an eye, 30 Heaven graded upper armors appeared out of the Smelt.

Lin Fan was prepared to fight this guy to the death.

Even if he couldn’t kill it, he would exhaust it to death!

If anyone from any sect within Dongling Continent knew that Lin Fan had crafted 30 Heaven graded upper armors in the blink of an eye, all of them would definitely die right now puking out blood.

The sub-professions of cultivation pills and crafting armor were all child’s play to Lin Fan.

With the Eternal Immortality, Lin Fan did not feel like he had ever needed any protective armor. But by the looks of things right now, it might not be possible for him to tank through everything with just the Eternal Immortality.

If this big ancient demon were to come out with something formidably vicious, even the Blood Sea might not be able to heal him up after it.

Lin Fan looked at the demon straight into his eyes.

"F*ck your mother! Come at me if you’ve got guts! It’s been a long time since Yours Truly cussed like this. Today, all of these shall be tossed at you!" Lin Fan roared out.

"You dumb f*ck!"

"You r.e.t.a.r.d!"

"You moron!"

"You exhibitionist!"

"You silly bird!"


Suddenly, a devastating strike broke through the void.

Lin Fan took in a deep breath. The thing about cultivation was that it wasn’t entirely dependant on potential. Sometimes it was also about courage.

And right now, he was about to face this big ancient demon head on.

Against this oncoming fist, Lin Fan had gathered up all his courage. With so many pieces of armors, would Yours Truly fear being beaten to death by it?

‘It’d be painful at the most, wouldn’t it? But Yours Truly isn’t afraid of pain.’


Like the size of an ant for an elephant, Lin Fan’s fist collided head-on with that colossal fist that covered the entire sky.

The entire sky seemed to be ripped apart due the resultant force of this ma.s.sive clash.


Against this ma.s.sive force, Lin Fan felt like he was about to crumble as he was sent flying immediately by the punch.


He spat out a mouthful of fresh blood. The armor he was wearing on his body shattered instantly.

Even taking just a portion of the strike’s power was enough to have Lin Fan feeling extremely miserable.

‘Ding…Eternal Immortality experience points +600,000,000’

After flying for G.o.d knew how long, Lin Fan finally found himself embedded in a deep trench once more. His entire skeleton felt like it was turned into dust. In fact, a white bone was jabbing out of his body into the air.


Struggling tremendously, Lin Fan managed to pick himself up. Using a finger, he snapped the white protruding bone away cleanly.

Gulping down a number of pills, he churned out Blood Sea once more. His bone regenerated along with the injuries of his body.

Thankfully, he had learned Blood Sea. Otherwise, even with Eternal Immortality, he would definitely be killed by this big ancient demon.

But with this battle, even his lifeforce would definitely be whittled down by a significant amount.

He wondered how long more the Mythical Parasol Tree could hold on.


The ma.s.sive figure of the big ancient demon crashed down and landed right beside Lin Fan. The monstrous impact of his landing caused the surrounding ground to crack, creating deep trenches in all directions.

"Ant, to think that you’re still alive? But it’s alright, you can die now." Looking down at this ant lying in the deep trench, the big ancient demon called out.

"Die your mother! You think that cotton candy like punch of yours can kill anybody?!" Lin Fan lashed back defiantly. With the previous experiment, he knew that even if he wouldn’t die from wearing a single piece of armor, he had to better wear two pieces now for insurance.

Once again, the ma.s.sive fist of the big ancient demon came pummelling with limitless power.

"Oh, just fight if you’re unhappy! Who’s afraid of whom?!" With that, Lin Fan threw out his fist to collide once more.


A gigantic typhoon hurled out from the center of their collision’s impact. It rose ma.s.sively, causing ripples all around that spread out in all directions, rippling the entire Heaven and Earth.

Once again unable to withstand this ma.s.sive oncoming force, Lin Fan’s body flew off into the distance once more.

The two armors he was wearing now shattered instantly as well.

This was probably the most wasteful way of using armors that the entire Dongling Continent had ever seen.

‘Ding…Eternal Immortality experience points +600,000,000’

‘Ding…Congratulations on Eternal Immortality leveling up. Level 7.’

Pity that his physical body state did not level up still.

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