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The Earth rippled, and the ground collapsed, while a ma.s.sive force was erupting from behind Lin Fan.

After putting on a show of perfect bullsh*t, Lin Fan was now chased hot on his heels by the big ancient demon.

"Little demon, don’t you dare be insolent!" Lin Fan had thoroughly experienced how strong this big ancient demon was. Even though the big ancient demon did not have any energy grid line chains of his own, his power level was still shockingly heaven-defying.

Thank goodness this big ancient demon did not have any energy grid line chains as well though. Otherwise, what fight was there to even put up? Lin Fan might as well have just surrendered right then.

But still, Lin Fan was lamenting over the fact that even his invincible Eternal Arm was not a match for that ancient big demon.

But this still wasn’t a reason to call the Eternal Arm weak. After all, this Eternal Arm was just an arm compared to the big ancient demon who was an entire ent.i.ty.

"Three-headed and six-armed Faceless Sky Demon, go disturb him!"

Appearing in the skies, the Faceless Sky Demon floated nimbly, slashing out towards the big ancient demon.

But the moment the Faceless Sky Demon approached the ancient big demon, an invisible fighting will ripped the Faceless Sky Demon apart like a shredder.

Scary. This was extremely horrifying!

To think that the mighty Faceless Sky Demon would disintegrate without even touching the other party.

Seemed like the big ancient demon was ruler of the demons indeed. That fighting will alone was a killing machine which did not allow anyone close to it.

‘Not good.’

Suddenly, Lin Fan felt a devastating energy surging towards him from the back. With a palm strike, the big ancient demon’s energy seemed to have pierced through the entire world towards Lin Fan.

"Don’t you dare go overboard…!" With a holler, Lin Fan turned around and blocked with both hands.


The ma.s.sive force coursed through Lin Fan’s body as this unstoppable energy surged through his entire body.


"b.l.o.o.d.y h.e.l.l! He’s going at it for real!"

Like a bullet, Lin Fan’s body smashed through countless mountain peaks before finally being buried deep within one.


He wiped the blood that was spurting from the side of his mouth. All the bones in his body seemed to have turned into dust. Blood Sea started churning and working hard to repair these injuries.

‘Ding…Eternal Immortality experience points +600,000,000’

Lin Fan had already expected this spike in experience points, but still, he knew that he couldn’t just take blows like these as and when he liked.


A gigantic explosion boomed out as the big ancient demon’s ma.s.sive body landed amongst the mountains. This colossal force caused all the mountains nearby to be shattered to dust.


Lin Fan entered Stealth mode. It had been a long time since he last used this skill. But it was a pity that even Lin Fan did not dare to say that he had the confidence of taking down this big ancient demon.

Floating in the skies above the mountainous valleys, he looked down at the big ancient demon who was busy looking for him and grinned.

Seemed like he really took on a big s.h.i.t this time around.

Well for him, to leave right now without bothering about anything was a simple task to do.

But the main point was, if he left, who knew how many people would be killed by this big ancient demon in return?

After destroying all the nearby mountains, the big ancient demon stood there without budging an inch, somewhat puzzled over the disappearance of that ‘ant’.

Should he use the Nine Five Legendary Brick to give it a good knock on the head?

Well, no harm giving it a try, right? Lin Fan then took out the legendary weapon and crept towards the big ancient demon.

It had been a long time since Lin Fan has used sneak attacks. But still, he could not deny its efficiency.

Looking at the wide open and defenseless head of the big ancient demon before him, Lin Fan’s heart skipped a beat.

"Little demon, today, Yours Truly shall let you know the power of a brick!" Lin Fan did not dare to make any big movements. Even when he was creeping up, he took slow, wary steps.

Lin Fan did not know how sensitive this big ancient demon was. If there were big movements, he might even be alerted through the motion of the wind.

As for putting this guy into the Heaven and Earth Smelt, that was a thought he dared not even think. If he wanted to do that, he would have to enter the Smelt with this thing. But getting in was one thing. Getting out? That was probably impossible.

And even if they wanted to compete in tolerating the smelt like before, there was this thing’s physical body state to consider. Lin Fan wondered if he could truly outlast this big ancient demon.

As he approached the big ancient demon, Lin Fan’s eyes flashed coldly.

The Nine Five Legendary Brick in his hand smacked right down harshly on the back of the demon’s head.

But suddenly, Lin Fan felt a death aura shooting at him.

‘Not good!’

He bolted backward immediately, looking at the scene before him cautiously.

Indeed, this big ancient demon was not that easy to deal with.

If he had only hesitated slightly moments earlier…he would have been dead right now, pierced by the spikes that extended suddenly out of the back of the demon’s head.

"Ant, you dare to try to sneak an attack on me? That’s definitely worthy of death!" The demon turned around suddenly, its purple eyes staring at Lin Fan who was floating in the air as he let out a malicious growl.

"Don’t you dare be so insolent! Ant here, ant there! Oh, how about you look at how ‘strong’ you are then? Chasing Yours Truly for so long but yet Yours Truly is still here alive and well? And you’re proud of that?!" Lin Fan pointed at the big ancient demon’s nose and lashed out.

This thing was too b.l.o.o.d.y formidable! To think that even his sneak attack would fail to work!

The difference in their cultivation states were simply too great!

He must have been discovered out the moment he struck out!

"Do you dare to stand here for a few minutes to wait for Yours Truly to use my ultimate skill and wallop the s.h.i.t out of you? Don’t tell me you don’t dare to!" Lin Fan remarked immediately.

Ever since he came to this world, Lin Fan discovered that there were a number of people with mental issues and low IQs.

Well, evidently, there were people who were lower than others.

Thinking back of his 2two beloved Senior Brothers who had died, well, they didn’t really have that high of an IQ. If their IQ were higher, they would have realized the meaning of, ‘where there’s life, there’s hope.’

But towards his own IQ, Lin Fan discovered that it was normal at times and pretty low at others.

For example, when he was with his two beloved Senior Brothers, his IQ was evidently lower as well.

Otherwise, he wouldn’t have harbored thoughts of staying behind to accompany them in Saint Devil Sect.

"‘HAHA…! I’ve championed across the entire universe, battling every single bit of heaven and earth. There’s nothing in this world that I would fear. Now that I’m standing here, I would want to see what an ant like you can do!" The big ancient demon hollered out in disdain. He had wanted to smash this ant with a single fist, but to think that this ant would dare to taunt him instead? Intolerable!

The ma.s.sive body was imposing with a fighting will that shot up to the skies. He was like a G.o.d of war that was stepping over everyone else.

"Good! Yours Truly gives you the respect that you’re a man at least." Nodding his head, Lin Fan clapped his hand as the Eternal Donger appeared in the skies.

Lin Fan was floating above the Eternal Donger. Focusing his face, a flame appeared on his right palm. Pills Through Thought appeared as he tossed a large amount of herbs within it.

Suddenly, Biggras shot out one by one into the Eternal Donger.

The Eternal Donger jerked non-stop. With white light erupting, multiple miniature Eternal Dongers appeared in the sky.

"All of you, go crazy!" With a flick of his robes, Lin Fan tossed another wave of Biggras into the sky which were then absorbed by those miniature Eternal Dongers.

By now, Lin Fan could be considered to have tossed out everything.

As those mini dongers spread out their powers channeling towards the Eternal Donger, Lin Fan did not rest as well.

With a True Origins Crushing Kick, he kicked down harshly onto the Eternal Donger.

Oh, but this was not over just yet.


Suddenly, Lin Fan’s True Energy burst out as countless Lin Fans made out of True Energy appeared in front of all the mini dongers. Following this, all of these Lin Fans gave the mini dongers a good kicking together.


A boundless aura shot out across the entire skies.

"‘HAHA! How now? Do you dare to take it?" Lin Fan laughed maniacally at the demon.

"What do I fear? With my mouth, I shall swallow everything in this world!" The big ancient demon’s face was calm as he spread open that huge mouth. Demonic energy gathered in his mouth as though they were sucking out at everything in this world.

Looking at it, Lin Fan was stunned.

This guy! H-how could he do this…!

To think that he wanted everything to come inside his mouth…!

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