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Facing this prehistoric big ancient demon, Lin Fan felt a little apprehensive, not knowing how he should deal with this.

From the looks of those pitch-black scales, it seemed to possess immense defensive capabilities. Even though this big ancient demon had a really bad habit of streaking around naked, some places on his body were pretty decently guarded.

That mighty, baleful face of his caused everyone to have a choking feeling in their hearts.

Cling. Clang.

The chain that was being dragged along glided across the floor, letting out a trawling sound as the earth beneath split apart.

Every single step the big ancient demon took, the earth resonated with vibrations, as though it was accompanying the tempo of that gargantuan body. Every single place he pa.s.sed by, life ceased to exist.

Even up until now, Lin Fan had no idea what this big ancient demon was up to. Was he bent on just trawling around aimlessly?

There were no visible signs of energy grid line chains. So, how was his cultivation state like?

And just then, the big ancient demon began to speed up, as if he had discovered something.

Even though he was puzzled, Lin Fan could not help but speed up along with it.

‘Not good.’ When Lin Fan looked into the distance, he could not help but exclaim out in his heart.

It was an imperial city.

That was the big ancient demon’s target! The imperial city!

At this moment, all the residents within it were going on with their casual, peaceful lives.

Boom. BOOM!

The ground started shaking.

"What’s going on?"

"The ground’s vibrating! Could it be an earthquake?"

"AH…! What’s that in the distance?"

"Just what is that black figure?!"

All the residents within the imperial city raised their heads to look up. All they saw was a black figure, which was so ma.s.sive that it was covering almost the entire sky as it headed towards them.

Even though these residents could not tell what it was, they had an ominous feeling in their hearts.

The closer the black figure got, the more the people started screaming.

"That’s a devil!"

"The devil’s coming for us!"

The king of the imperial city gathered all his men and horses. Looking at the black figure headed towards them, his face was grim and solemn.

Some of the bigger imperial cities would have delegate coaches. When the imperial city faced danger, these delegates would step forth to help guard the city despite their own reservations.

The heart of a righteous martial artist was always towards the innocent citizens.

There were countless delegates that were like this.

"Just what is that?" A lesser celestial delegate asked with a solemn expression. Even though it was quite a distance away, that repressive aura was slamming down in their hearts like mountains.

"Dongling Continent, just what is happening to you? Why have all these weird ma.s.sive occurrences been happening consistently in these 100 years?" Another delegate asked with a concerned look.

"I’ll head forth to take a look." A delegate glided through the sky towards the big ancient demon.

Lin Fan was undecided at this moment. Should he try to attract the demon’s attention?

But just then, a streak of light dashed over from the distance. And the target of this streak of light was the big ancient demon.

The delegate took exceptional care. However, when the putrid mist cleared and he caught a clear glimpse of what was within, his eyes were filled with thorough shock.


The delegate was completely scared witless by the features of the big ancient demon.

"Not good…!"

Suddenly, a sonic boom exploded through the skies as a ma.s.sive hand grabbed out at the delegate.

Immediately, the delegate rushed to throw out every single thing he had got, allowing the True Energy from his body to burst out to a certain extent. But under that ma.s.sive hand, everything was destroyed without a single scratch.

"ANT, YOU DARE TO BOTHER ME?" The big ancient demon’s voice boomed out, using two fingers to hold on to the head of the delegate.


The delegate screamed at the top of his lungs. The tragic cry rang out across the entire skies.

The big ancient demon took in a gentle breath.

Instantly, the delegate’s body shriveled up into a dried up, a wrinkled corpse with only bones and skin.

"HMPH… Weak." With that, the big ancient demon tossed this body of an ‘ant’ far into the distance.

"Holy s.h.i.t! Wasn’t that too overpowered?! Sucking one’s soul and essence blood?" Lin Fan had been watching this demon carefully. To think that it was this malicious!

Seemed like the big ancient demon had just been searching for humans.

Waiting in the imperial city nervously, everyone was shocked when they saw a corpse being flung into their faces. And when the corpse landed on the ground, they were even more horrified when they caught sight of his clothing.

"This is Brother Yang!" A delegate exclaimed out in disbelief.

"Brother Yang is a lesser celestial full cultivation being! He’s just that one step away from being the ultimate state, greater celestial! H-how could this be…?"

Panic spread out instantly amongst the crowds.

Suddenly, a demonic roar boomed out from the distance, shaking everyone’s heart to their cores.

That was the sound that was emitted by the big ancient demon.

"King, let’s leave! We’re definitely not a match for that thing!" A delegate called out.

"Then what would my citizens do?"

"King! If we were to stay here, the only thing that awaits us is death! That mysterious voice earlier that permeated the entire Dongling Continent? This must be the big ancient demon it was talking about!"

At this moment, a delegate who had been watching the distance keenly shook his head, "It’s too late. He’s already here."

The moment everyone heard this, their faces turned pale in shock. How could he be this fast? But when they looked into the distance, they realized that the towering figure was already standing right in front of their city walls.

Lin Fan was watching everything. This majestic imperial city with all its twists and turns looked boundless. This place must have a population of a few billions at the very least!

But with a single suck, this big ancient demon should be able to suck up all their souls and essence blood cleanly!

"F*ck! Now that the situation is like this, how can Yours Truly even act with any more bullsh*t even?!" Floating up in the sky, Lin Fan’s face was pained in a dilemma.

He bit on his lips, "F*ck! F*CK IT! No matter what, I can’t just let these few billion people die for absolutely no reason."

Just as the imperial city was in an utter state of frenzy, a voice boomed out through Heaven and Earth.

"Exhibitionist! You better turn your head around for Yours Truly!" Channelling his True Energy, Lin Fan amplified his voice.

"Huh…?" The big ancient demon called out in anger. It was as though a brazen ant who was courting death had sent itself up to his doorsteps, causing him to feel extreme displeasure.

And the moment the big ancient demon turned his head…

Multiple Sword Wills shot out from Lin Fan into the big ancient demon’s eyes.

Ding. Ding.

"The f*ck? So tough?!" Even striking at this fragile point of the big ancient demon’s eyes, Lin Fan’s countless sword wills could not break his defense.


"Exhibitionist! Take the palm of Yours Truly!" Slapping out with his right palm, a palm strike of boundless force struck down from the Heavens, wreaking havoc on everything.

But Lin Fan could not believe it. This fist which had never lost before had finally met a b.u.mp slamming against this big ancient demon.

That formidable force which caused everyone to shiver had zero impact.


As the slap landed on the big ancient demon’s head, everything did not turn out as Lin Fan had expected it to.

By his expectations, the big ancient demon’s head should be split cleanly into two like a watermelon. But the big ancient demon just shrugged his head, shook it off and glared at Lin Fan with a vengeful death stare.

"Holy f*ck! This is bad…!" Looking at the scene before him, Lin Fan felt like breaking down.

But this was not the moment to falter!

With a single hand behind his back, Lin Fan stretched out his other hand and pointed 2 fingers jointly towards the demon. He then hollered out with a mighty air.

"Little demon! If you’ve got guts, duke it out with Yours Truly for 300 rounds! Yours Truly will surely wallop you so hard your shi*t and pee will shoot out together! You shall leave here crippled! Do you dare to take on the challenge?"

"ANT…!" The big ancient demon was thoroughly riled right now. With a ma.s.sive roar, the chain he was trawling swung in the air and struck out at Lin Fan.

The moment Lin Fan saw this, goose b.u.mps rose all over his body. The void was all split apart under the swinging of the chain alone. With that, Lin Fan immediately turned tail and ran. But as he ran, he rained down insults at the same time.

"What big ancient demon!? In the eyes of Yours Truly, you’re nothing more than a pile of dog sh*t! If you’ve got guts, follow Yours Truly! Yours Truly will teach you how to be a demon, you sh*t!"


Looking at the big ancient demon chasing after that mysterious man, everyone in the imperial city could not help but heave a sigh of relief.

"To think that I, Zhong Han, could he able to witness a man who doesn’t cower in fright in front of the big ancient demon in this life!" A delegate muttered out as he watched stoned at the distance.

Many other delegates nodded their heads in agreement, impressed with this man. But little did they know that for Lin Fan, this was the start of a terrible, terrible event.

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